10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lev Tanju

For many, Tanju is a figure of curiosity, a giant in the world of skateboarding as an entrepreneur who transformed the skateboard industry with his forward-thinking. Few people in recent history have managed to so completely win both industry veterans’ and enthusiasts’ love and respect. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Lev Tanju.

1. He’s a Londoner

Lev Tanju was not born in some skateboarding paradise like California or Washington state, as you may expect. Instead, Tanju hails from the bustling metropolis of London, England. His upbringing in such a frenetic, diverse, and vibrant city has profoundly shaped his approach to skateboarding and his company.

While it’s not uncommon for skaters to come from urban areas, few have leveraged their city’s character in the way Tanju has. He’s made the concrete jungle his playground, using its grit and grime as the backdrop for his unique brand of street skating.

2. He founded Palace Skateboards

Lev Tanju is actually the man behind Palace Skateboards, one of the most iconic brands in the industry. Originating from London, Palace has become a globally respected and sought-after brand, known for its quality skateboards, distinct aesthetic, and innovative designs.

Palace Skateboards is famous for its triangle logo, which has adorned the decks of skaters worldwide. Its popularity has seen Palace transcend the boundaries of skating, making major inroads into streetwear and popular culture in general.

3. He’s friends with Blondey McCoy

Tanju and Blondey McCoy, another significant figure in the skateboarding world, are more than just business associates – they’re friends. McCoy has been a key player in Palace Skateboards’ success, playing both ambassador and creative influence on the brand.

Their friendship has not only been advantageous to their brand, but it also reflects the community camaraderie that underlies the world of skateboarding. This genuine bond between Tanju and McCoy is one reason for the authenticity many find in Palace.

4. He started Palace out of his bedroom

Like many great companies, Palace Skateboards has humble beginnings. Lev Tanju started the iconic skateboard company out of his bedroom, initially just to provide some high-quality equipment to friends and fellow skaters.

It’s a testament to Tanju’s drive and vision that Palace grew from these humble origins to become a globally-recognized brand, collaborating with big names such as Adidas, Umbro, and Ralph Lauren.

5. He was a part of PWBC

Before Palace came to be, Lev Tanju was a part of PWBC (Palace Wayward Boys Choir) – a British skateboard crew that started a global skateboarding revolution. PWBC was not only the springboard for Palace, but it was also instrumental in shaping modern skateboarding culture.

PWBC’s influence extended far beyond skateboarding tricks and trends. The crew played a significant role in shaping the aesthetics and attitudes of contemporary skateboarding, with Tanju at the helm.

6. He transformed skateboarding style

Lev Tanju didn’t just contribute to the skateboard industry by creating his brand; he effectively transformed the style associated with the sport. Prior to Palace, skateboarding was heavily associated with a punk, guerrilla style. Tanju’s Palace brand brought a more refined, luxury vibe to the skateboarding scene.

From the very beginning, Palace’s clothing and hardware lineups have reflected Tanju’s own taste for both premium quality and exaggerated design, which soon became the mainstream style preference in the skating world.

7. He’s an advocate for mental health

In an industry often associated with a certain machismo, Tanju’s openness about his struggles with mental health is refreshing. He’s been vocal about dealing with anxiety and depression and encourages open dialogues about these issues within the skateboarding community.

He believes that by sharing his experiences, he can help break the stigma around mental health in the skating industry and beyond.

8. He dropped out of school to pursue skateboarding

Like many dream chasers, education was not Tanju’s passion. He dropped out of college to fully dedicate himself to the world of skateboarding, a decision that, while risky, clearly paid off for him in the end.

Though his path may not be conventional, Lev Tanju’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the results that can yield when one wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to their dreams.

9. He has an influential presence on social media

Tanju’s influence extends beyond the tangible world of skateboarding and into the digital realm. His social media accounts are full of his trademark style and give fans an insight into his thoughts, lifestyle, and adventures with Palace.

With thousands of dedicated followers, he has become a respected voice and influential figure in the skateboarding community online.

10. He’s a minimalist

Contrary to the rich and flamboyant lifestyle one might expect from someone at the helm of a globally reputed brand, Tanju follows a minimalist lifestyle. Indicative of his down-to-earth character, he is often seen dressed in simple attire and focuses more on experiences than possessions.

This minimalist attitude is reflected in Palace designs as well, with clean lines and simple patterns often featured prominently, ensuring the brand’s skateboards are characterized by a modern minimalist chic.

In conclusion, there’s much more to Lev Tanju than meets the eye. He’s a visionary, a trendsetter, a minimalist, and a game changer in the world of skateboarding. To learn more about Tanju and his brand, follow these links:

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