10 Things You Didn’t Know About Linda Fargo

Linda Fargo is one of the most influential personalities in the world of fashion. As the fashion director and senior vice president of the high-end department store Bergdorf Goodman, she is known for her tasteful style and keen attention to details. However, there are many things about this fashion icon that many people may not know. In this article, we highlight 10 interesting facts about Linda Fargo.

1. Fargo’s love for art began at a young age

Fargo’s interest in fashion didn’t suddenly appear overnight. Her love for art goes way back to her childhood. Linda noticed and fell in love with her mother’s chic style. Her mother’s simplistic yet elegant fashion sense was absolutely different from other women in Fargo’s hometown, Milwaukee.

From her early days, Fargo was strongly attached to the world of design and art. She spent hours sketching dresses and drawing fashion models rather than ordinary stuff which was the preference for most kids her age. Her strong attraction to beauty and aesthetics started forming the basis for her iconic career.

2. Her educational background did not majorly revolve around fashion

It is surprising to note that the fashion icon we know today didn’t major in fashion during her university years. Instead, Linda received a degree in fine art and women’s studies from the University of Wisconsin. She explored art history, painting, drawing, and contemporary social discourse during her time at the university.

After graduating, Fargo furthered her studies by proceeding to Chelsea College of Arts in London. It was during this period in London that she got deeply engrossed into fashion — visiting various vintage stores and observing European style further intensified her interest in the fashion world.

3. Fargo started her career in Visual Merchandising

Before joining Bergdorf Goodman, Fargo worked in the field of visual merchandising. She started her career at Macy’s as a window dresser. Fargo’s effort in designing elaborate window displays gave her a unique perspective over fashion.

In her subsequent roles at Gap and I. Magnin, Fargo continued to gain experience in visual merchandising. It was her impressive art of storytelling through window displays that caught the attention of Bergdorf Goodman, eventually leading to her role in the fashion giant.

4. Bergdorf Goodman’s ‘Linda’s at Bergdorf’ shop is named after Fargo

It is indeed a unique privilege to have a shop named after you at one of the world’s most prestigious department stores. Bergdorf Goodman’s ‘Linda’s at Bergdorf’ shop reflects Fargo’s indomitable fashion sense.

This store is like a walk into Fargo’s fashion brain. Everything displayed in the shop is handpicked by her. Customers shopping at ‘Linda’s at Bergdorf’ are likely to encounter Fargo’s favorite fashion items, reflecting her exquisite taste for high fashion.

5. She is known for her signature silver bob hairstyle and red lipstick

Fargo is easily recognizable due her signature silver bob hairstyle and red lipstick. The look adds to her personal brand and leaves a memorable image. Fargo’s consistent hairstyle and lipstick choice demonstrates her commitment to individualist style and not being swayed by trends.

Those who have met Fargo would agree that her appearance reflects her fine and exquisite taste in fashion. She is a perfect example of how one’s personal style can reflect their career and personality.

6. She still sketches and has a flair for art & design

Even though Linda Fargo’s career requires her to be on top of the latest fashion trends, she still holds onto her love for drawing and art. She frequently relaxes by sketching and painting. Her skills in drawing have played a significant part in shaping her successful career in fashion direction.

Fargo’s love for art is not confined to the canvas. Her beautiful New York apartment reflects her love for design. Filled with meticulous design elements and a careful curation of artworks, her home is a testament to her artistic flair.

7. Fargo is also an author

Apart from her roles in fashion and art, Fargo is also a published author. Her book, “Dreams Through the Looking Glass,” is a window into her personal and professional life. The book encapsulates her experiences and journey through the world of high-end fashion.

Fargo’s book is beautifully illustrated with pictures and a stunning narrative that portrays her life in the fashion world. It’s as much a piece of art as it is a memoir.

8. She plays a pivotal role in emerging designer supports

Fargo is known for her pivotal role in emerging designer supports. She is often seen attending fashion weeks, scouting for potential talents. Many designers, today, owe their breakthrough to Fargo’s keen eye for talent and fashion.

She nurtures emerging designers by mentoring them and introducing their work to Bergdorf Goodman. Her belief in uplifting the next generation is clear from her continuous efforts to bring in fresh talent.

9. She was diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2015, Fargo faced her one of her toughest challenges when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she saw the disease as an opponent that she had to conquer and came out victorious.

Today, she stands as an inspiration for countless women battling the disease. Fargo’s strength and resilience in facing one of life’s hardest battles is truly encouraging.

10. Fargo was awarded the NRF’s ‘Influencer’ award

In recognition of her contributions to the fashion industry, Fargo was awarded the National Retail Federation’s ‘Influencer’ award in 2019. The award recognizes individuals who’ve made a significant impact in the retail industry, and Fargo is certainly one of them.

Fargo’s unique vision and impeccable taste make her a true influencer in the fashion world. Her recognition by the NRF is well-deserved and a testament to her stature in the fashion industry.

In conclusion, Linda Fargo is not just a fashion icon; she’s an artist, a mentor, an author, a survivor, and a game-changer in the fashion world. Her life’s journey is a testimony of her distinctiveness and influence in the world of high fashion. To know more about her, you can follow her on Instagram at Linda Fargo or visit her at Bergdorf Goodman Bergdorf Goodman. A look into her book “Dreams Through the Looking Glass” would be interesting as well Amazon link.