10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter

If you’re a fan of avant-garde fashion design, then the names Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter should definitely spark interest. This Dutch-Carribean power couple has won numerous accolades for their unique fashion statements, pushing the boundaries of what is usually considered normative attire. But aside from their professional life, there are lots of interesting facts about their personal aspects that might inspire you. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about them.

1. They Studied at the Same Fashion School

Herrebrugh and Botter both attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. This prestigious institution has been the academic home to numerous noteworthy designers, and it is where they started their journey together. Founded in 1663, it is one of the oldest art schools in the world and has vibrant cultural backgrounds.

Their academic life in the same institution allowed them to understand each other’s tastes, preferences, and ambitions better. This probably fermented their unique styles and collaborations to a great extent.

2. They Run the Brand ‘Botter’

In 2017, the couple launched their own brand, Botter. This label is known for its unconventional cuts, strategic use of colour, and oversized silhouettes. The clothing line continues to break traditional fashion norms to a new dimension. Combining both designers’ aesthetic sensibilities, Botter has garnered attention and accolades from the global fashion community.

Botter’s creation is rooted in their Caribbean heritage, which they occasionally visit to find inspiration. The brand is not just about clothes; it’s a compilation of thought, art and a lot of storytelling woven into fabrics.

3. Winners of the Hyères Festival

In 2018, their work on the Botter brand won them the Grand Prize at the 33rd Hyères Festival, a prestigious French competition aimed at boosting the careers of young designers. Their collection, “Fish or Fight,” was applauded for its innovative reshaping of menswear.

The award brought them international acclaim and put them in the spotlight in the fashion world. It also solidified their position as promising new voices in the era of contemporary fashion.

4. Dual Role at Nina Ricci

In addition to Botter, they also serve as the artistic directors of Nina Ricci. When appointed in 2018, they became the first duo to head the famous French fashion house. Here, they have the opportunity to merge their innovative style with Nina Ricci’s traditional aesthetics, giving the label a fresh touch of modernity.

In their role at Nina Ricci, they have introduced their forward-thinking designs to a broader and more traditional audience, opening new pathways for the label. This only further proves their versatility and dexterity in fashion design.

5. Inspiration from Life Experiences

All of their collections are deeply influenced by their life experiences, societal issues, and environmental ideas. While many designers find inspiration in art or history, Herrebrugh and Botter often turn to more personal places for their design ideas.

Botter, for instance, spent his early childhood in Curaçao and the Dominican Republic. Many of their designs reflect the experiences he had growing up there, combined with Herrebrugh’s Dutch aesthetic, creating a unique blend in their designs.

6. Actively Address Environmental Issues

Herrebrugh and Botter are known for using their fashion to address environmental issues. For example, the aforementioned “Fish or Fight” collection highlighted the problem of overfishing in the Caribbean. Using their clothing as an art form, they bring attention to important issues that matter to them both on and off the runway.

The passion to protect the environment is deeply ingrained in their design philosophy. They make conscious choices of fabric and production methods keeping the environmental impact in mind.

7. Lisi’s Background in Women’s Wear

Despite the duo’s focus on menswear, Lisi Herrebrugh has a background in designing women’s wear. She brings this experience to the table when they collaborate on their collections, providing a unique perspective that further adds depth and dimension to their designs.

She graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design. Her graduation collection, “Rhizome,” received significant attention due to its harmonious blend of feminine and masculine elements.

8. Active in Giving Back to the Community

Yet another remarkable aspect of the couple is their commitment to giving back to the community. They have invested time and resources into a number of charities and initiatives, including education for young people who wish to enter the fashion industry.

They are also proactive in creating sustainable practices in the fashion industry, frequently incorporating recycled materials into their work, and inspiring other designers to do the same.

9. Preference for Anonymity

Despite their impressive achievements, the duo prefer to stay out of the limelight. They like to let their work speak for itself, allowing their collections to take the center stage. This unassuming nature speaks volume about their dedication towards their work and their humility.

They avoid the typical fashion industry publicity stunts, preferring instead to focus on their work and continuously push their creative boundaries.

10. Winner of Future Award

In 2021, Herrebrugh and Botter won the Future Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Design Awards. This award recognises designers who take sustainable actions in the field of fashion and laud them for their pioneering innovations in the industry.

It underscores the duo’s work in sustainability, paving the way for future fashion practices. Their victory brought them recognition, while sparking a dialogue about environmental-friendly practices in fashion.

In conclusion, Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter are not just a dynamic duo in the fashion world. They are agents of change, innovating their designs and moving towards a more sustainable future for the industry. By shattering norms and creating bold statements through their creations, they have continually pushed fashion’s boundaries. From their award-winning brand to their unique approach to design, this duo has reshaped and redefined what fashion stands for.

You can learn more about Lisi and Rushemy and follow their amazing journey by visiting their brand’s website www.botter.shop and their Instagram pages, @lisiherrebrugh and @rushemybotter.