10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Lorenzo Bertelli’

For many, Lorenzo Bertelli might just be a name associated with the Italian luxury fashion empire, Prada, but there’s more to this private-schooled heir than meets the eye. Here, we bring to you ten nuggets of information about Lorenzo Bertelli that would make you see him as more than just the scion of a luxury brand.

1. Heir to Prada but has his own ambition

Lorenzo Bertelli is the only son of world-renowned fashion moguls Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Bertelli has certainly inherited his parent’s passion for style and fashion. It would have been easy for him to just join the family business directly but Bertelli chose to strike out on his own before returning to the Prada empire.

In 2019, he took over as the head of marketing and communications for Prada. This didn’t just stem from nepotism, as Bertelli, who studied Law and Philosophy, has been working earnestly on bettering his deep understanding of executive roles for years in different organizational structures.

2. A former rally driver

Beyond his roles in the fashion world, Lorenzo is a former professional rally driver. Before joining Prada, he competed in the World Rally Championship representing the Ford team in their Fiesta RS WRC.
This love for speed and adrenaline rush shows a completely different facet of Bertelli’s personality that contrasts greatly with the meticulous finesse required in his professional work in the fashion industry.

Bertelli chose to leave his motor sport career in 2016, deciding to trade in his driver’s suit for a more fashion-centric role. His shift of career was driven by Bertelli’s constant longing to better understand and contribute to his family’s business directly. However, his racing days still influence Bertelli’s speed-driven and risk-taking approach to work.

3. Passionate about sustainability

When Lorenzo Bertelli joined Prada, he brought with him a passion for environmental sustainability. He was instrumental in Prada’s decision to ban fur from its designs beginning in 2020. The brand had been targeted by animal rights activists for years before Bertelli took the helm.

Lorenzo’s commitment to sustainability also extends to how the company operates. In 2019, Prada became the first luxury brand to sign a sustainability linked loan, which sets specific environmental targets that the company must meet.

4. Expert in digital marketing

One of Bertelli’s main focuses since joining Prada has been improving the company’s online presence. With a clear understanding of the power of the digital world, he has made it his mission to strengthen Prada’s digital strategy.

His expertise in digital marketing is evident in how he revamped Prada’s online presence, contributing to a significant growth in online sales for the company. The pandemic certainly tested the effectiveness of this strategy as the vast majority of customers shifted to online shopping, but Prada passed this test with flying colors because of Bertelli’s digital strategy.

5. He admires his mother

Miuccia Prada, Lorenzo’s mother, is not just his parent but also his mentor. He speaks highly of her, citing her creativity and innovative spirit as a major source of inspiration. Despite growing up in an environment filled with fashion, it was his mother’s creative genius, eye for detail and business acumen that truly intrigued Bertelli.

By observing her over the years, Lorenzo has learnt important lessons in leadership, innovation, creativity, customer service, and the importance of staying true to the company’s ethos. These invaluable lessons have certainly played a major role in his leadership style and his vision for the brand’s future.

6. Believes in the power of collaboration

Bertelli has a strong belief in collaborations and partnerships. He understands that no-brand-is-an-island, hence his effort to build bridges of collaboration between Prada and other brands.

Under Bertelli’s leadership, Prada has collaborated with a number of big names. Notable among them is the Prada and Raf Simons alliance, a fashion collaboration that generated a lot of buzz in the industry. Such collaborative endeavors have helped burnish Prada’s image in the competitive world of fashion.

7. Art lover

Bertelli has a keen appreciation for art. He is often seen participating in high-profile art events and gallery openings. This passion for art has led to his significant role in showcasing Prada Foundation, an institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture that his parents created.

His love for art is not just an interest, but a strategic business approach. He made a decision to host fashion shows in art venues as part of his efforts to link fashion with high culture, thus providing a unique selling point for the brand that goes beyond product offerings.

8. Father of two

Despite his busy schedule, Bertelli is a family man. In addition to being a devoted son and professional, he’s also a loving father. He and his wife, Federica Salto, whom he married in 2018, have two children.

He is known to be private about his personal life, but it is no secret that his small family is a crucial part of his life. Epitomizing the rich blend of work-life balance, Bertelli shows that asides being an accomplished businessman, he is also a successful family man.

9. Has an estimated net worth of $1 billion

As per Forbes, Lorenzo Bertelli has an estimated net worth of $1 billion, which can be largely attributed to his role in Prada and other undisclosed personal investments.

This vast fortune is expected to grow as Bertelli continues to contribute to the growth of Prada and other ventures. His future in the fashion industry certainly looks bright, and love him or hate him, there’s no doubt that he’s an industry titan to look out for.

10. He’s named after his father

Lastly, a lesser-known fact: Lorenzo Bertelli shares his name with his father. His full name is actually Lorenzo Bertelli Prada, an identifiable tribute to both his parents.

His father, Patrizio Bertelli, is the CEO of Prada and played a crucial role in turning the brand into an iconic label of extravagance around the world. Like his mother, Lorenzo has learnt significant lessons from his father, and with such parental guidance, it’s safe to say that this heir is leaving nothing to chance in making his own exceptional mark in the fashion industry.

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