10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lorraine Candy

Known for her prowess in journalism, Lorraine Candy is a name that stands out in the media industry. Despite being very public about her life, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Candy. In this article, we reveal 10 surprising things you probably didn’t know about Lorraine Candy.

1. Her Rise to the Top

Lorraine Candy is a powerhouse in the world of journalism, but her rise to the top wasn’t a straight path. Candy began her career as a staff writer for the now-defunct IPC Media, and would eventually rise through the ranks to become an Editor-in-Chief. But, it was not always an easy journey.

She worked at several outlets before landing at ELLE UK, where she served as Editor-in-Chief for 12 years. Her determination and hard work played a vital role in getting her to where she is today, proving that success is not an overnight achievement.

2. Her Book – Mum, What’s Wrong With You?

Not only is Candy a successful journalist, but she’s also a published author. She wrote a book titled “Mum, What’s Wrong With You? 101 Things Only Mothers of Teenage Girls Know” which was published in May 2021. This book is a humorous and insightful guide for mothers navigating the teenage years with their daughters.

Based on her experiences as a mother of four, Candy wrote this book to provide practical advice and encouragement for mothers in all stages of their parenting journey. Her book has received rave reviews, further extending her influence outside of journalism.

3. Her Family Life

Candy is a proud mother of four children: two boys and two girls. Her Instagram feed is filled with candid photos and anecdotes about her family. Despite her busy schedule, she has successfully balanced her career and family life.

In addition, she has also been open about her struggles with parenting and often offers advice and relatable stories to her followers. She believes in the importance of mental health and uses her platform to raise awareness and provide support for other parents.

4. Her Favorite Fashion Label

Candy has a stellar fashion sense, which is not surprising given her background with ELLE. However, few people know that her all-time favorite fashion label is Prada. Over the years, she has not only been spotted wearing designer outfits, but she’s also given fans a glimpse of her home that features a touch of her favorite fashion label.

Her love for this brand demonstrates her classic and trendy fashion style. Although she has a deep understanding of fashion, she takes a practical approach to dressing, often choosing outfits that are both chic and comfortable.

5. Her Contributions to Journalism

During her tenure at ELLE, Lorraine Candy was instrumental in revamping the magazine’s online presence. She’s recognized for pioneering the shift of traditional print journalism to digital media. Her innovation in this field has certainly changed the future of the industry.

Candy’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, even receiving several awards in recognition of her work. She has been instrumental in making journalism more adaptable and relatable in the digital age.

6. She’s an Avid Skier

Apart from her busy career, Candy has a love for skiing. She often shares snapshots of her family on ski holidays. Skiing is a pastime she enjoys, but it’s also one of the ways she stays fit and healthy.

Despite her hectic schedule, Candy ensures that she has time to hit the slopes. It is a testament to her belief in work-life balance, reminding everyone that enjoying life is equally important as working hard.

7. Her Love for the Sea

In contrast to her love for snow, Candy is also fond of the sea. She loves beach holidays and is an avid sea swimmer. The contrasts in her preferences mirror her multifaceted personality and her ability to find joy in different environments.

Whether it’s soaking in the sun or swimming in the cold sea, Candy embraces and enjoys life’s experiences. She is a believer of mindfulness and appreciates the refreshing qualities of being close to nature.

8. Her Philosophy on Leadership

Lorraine Candy is not just an accomplished leader in the newsroom; she’s also a mentor to many writers and journalists. Her leadership philosophy can be summed up in her strong belief in empathy and understanding.

She is known for her nurturing approach towards her team. Many credit her leadership style as a key reason for their professional growth. She often emphasises on the importance of soft skills, viewing them as quintessential for creating a successful work environment.

9. She’s a Motivational Speaker

Beyond her roles in journalism and authorship, Lorraine Candy is also a motivational speaker. She has spoken at a number of high-profile events, sharing her life lessons and professional journey. Her speeches are known to be engaging and impactful.

She uses her experiences in overcoming challenges and stresses the importance of resilience. Her valuable insights make her an excellent source of inspiration for many aspiring professionals.

10. Her Role at The Sunday Times

After her successful stint at ELLE UK, Lorraine Candy joined The Sunday Times. As the current Luxury Content Director, Candy remarkebly elevated the paper’s luxury content section, further cementing her prowess in the field.

Her wealth of experience and knowledge in the fashion and luxury industry played a crucial role in curating a dynamic platform for luxury brands and readers. Her role at The Sunday Times has not only enriched the newspaper but also boosted its image.

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