10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maja Oeri

Maja Oeri is a name that resonates in the art world, especially in Europe. Known for her philanthropy work and her dedicated involvement in the art scene, Oeri has had an indelible impact not just in her field, but beyond. However, aside from her significant contribution to the art world, there’s plenty more to learn about the woman herself. Let’s delve into 10 things you didn’t know about Maja Oeri.

1. Her family’s pharmaceutical lineage

Maja Oeri isn’t merely known for her passion for art and culture. She comes from a background that has played a vital role in the medical field. her family founded the pharmaceutical giant, Roche.

Founded in 1896, the company currently operates in over 100 countries and is recognized as one of the leading companies in innovative drugs worldwide. Although her family’s business boasts extraordinary achievements, Oeri’s interest has always been more inclined towards the art world.

2. Philanthropic endeavours

Oeri’s philanthropic work is widely recognized in the realm of art. One of the shining examples of her generous donations is the support provided to the Kunstmuseum Basel.

Her foundation, the Laurenz Foundation, donated funds in 2015 that enabled the museum to construct a new building. This expansion was named “The Extension Building” and is utilized for showcasing contemporary art.

3. The Shaulager Museum

Another notable establishment associated with Oeri’s name is the Schaulager Museum. This museum materialized through the collaborative efforts of Oeri and her then-husband, Christoph Schaulager.

They both conceptualized and realized the idea together resulting in an impressive data bank of art that the world can freely access and explore. It is a hybrid space, acting as a storage facility, research center and exhibition space all rolled into one.

4. Her contribution to MoMA

Maja Oeri’s reach extends past the borders of her home country, Switzerland. She is also part of the board of trustees of New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Her position proves Oeri’s dedication to offering art exposure on a global scale. This board membership shows her unceasing efforts and dedication to ensuring the expansion and conservation of artistic talent and works internationally.

5. Bachelor of Law Degree

Though art is her passion, Oeri also possesses a strong academic background. She holds a law degree from the University of Zurich, one of the leading research universities globally.

Maja’s education in law might come as a surprise to many, but it showcases her diverse interests and the breadth of her intellect.

6. Her children’s path

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like Oeri, her three daughters, Vera Oeri, Vivian Suter, and Domi Suter, are deeply involved in the artistic and cultural field.

Their collective undertakings and contributions to the art world definitely demonstrate that they have inherited their mother’s desire and dedication to support and promote art.

7. Private and out of the public eye

Despite her achievements and contributions, Maja Oeri prefers to keep a low profile and is notoriously private. She chooses to stay out of the limelight and is rarely present in social media or public gatherings.

This shows her deliberate effort to keep her personal life apart from her professional and philanthropic works.

8. Personal art collection

Maja Oeri isn’t just involved in promoting and conserving art but is an avid collector herself. She owns a significant collection of classic and contemporary art.

Her collection showcases her discerning taste and broad art horizons. Not much is known about the specifics of her collection, given her desire for privacy.

9. Collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron

The Schaulager Museum is a product of collaboration between Maja Oeri and the internationally famous Swiss architect duo Herzog & de Meuron. Their combined efforts resulted in this space that provides substantial support to researchers and students.

This collaborative architecture project propels the thoughtful conversation between art, architecture and space, promoting the integrated development of multiple artistic disciplines.

10. One of the richest women in the world

Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index listed Maja Oeri as one of the richest women in the world in 2020. Her fortune comes as no surprise, considering her lineage and involvement in various fields.

Her wealth, however, doesn’t overshadow her commitment to giving back to society, especially supporting and advocating for the art community at large.

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