10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Maluma’

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, best known by his stage name Maluma, is a Colombian singer and songwriter who has taken the world by storm with his vivacious reggaeton beats, soulful voice, and undeniable charisma. But while you may sing along to his catchy tunes and watch his notable performances, there’s a lot more to this Latin superstar than meets the eye. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Maluma.

1. His Stage Name Has A Sentimental Significance

Maluma may have a catchy stage name that rolls off the tongue beautifully, but few fans know that it holds a deep, personal meaning. The name is actually a tribute to his family, derived from the first two letters of the names of his mother Marlli, his father Luis, and his sister Manuela. This subtle nod serves as a constant reminder of his roots and the family support that has helped him reach the heights he has.

For him, it’s not just a stage name, it’s a symbol of his unending gratitude towards his family, who played an essential role in shaping his character and values. It proves that despite his global fame, Maluma remains anchored by his love for his family.

2. Soccer Could Have Been His Career

Before his singing career took off, Maluma was actually a very promising soccer player. He played two years with the lower divisions of Atletico National and Equidad Sports Club and had a chance to pursue it professionally. However, the pull of music was stronger, and he decided to follow this path instead. Yet he still occasionally showcases his soccer skills, reminding fans of the path he could have taken.

His love for soccer often reflects in his music work, and he also mentions how the discipline, teamwork, and perseverance he learnt on the field have helped mold his music career. Maluma shows that it’s still possible to live your passion, even if it isn’t your primary career.

3. He’s A Philanthropist

While Maluma’s music takes center stage, his humanitarian efforts aren’t talked about enough. He founded the “El Arte de los Sueños” foundation that works to support youth at risk in Colombia. His foundation helps children and adolescents express themselves through art and music, acting as an escape from difficult social environments.

His devoted efforts to give back to his community demonstrate his dedication to improving society and the lives of the less fortunate. It shows that beyond being an artist, Maluma is also a compassionate human being devoted to humanitarian causes.

4. He’s a Fashion Icon

Maluma doesn’t just impress with his music; the artist also has a significant impact on global men’s fashion. With his adventurous, bordering on aggressive, style choices, he has undoubtedly influenced fashion trends. His daring fashion choices reflect his exciting blend of hip-hop, streetwear, and Latin flair and demonstrate his inclination to challenge norms.

Whether it’s his graffiti-inspired streetwear or his high-end fashion appearances, Maluma’s style is always turning heads. His bold and vibrant fashion sense radiates his unique personality and denotes his love for self-expression through clothing.

5. He’s into Meditation

Despite his fast-paced life and skyrocketing career, Maluma finds his center in meditation. The Colombian singer often talks about his spiritual side, mentioning that meditation became a vital part of his routine. He finds it important to pause, especially in his line of work, showcasing the importance of mental health and self-care.

He often shares his introspective moments with his fans, hoping to inspire them to also prioritize their mental wellness. Maluma’s dedication to mindfulness and meditation reveals his depth and showcases the importance of balance in life.

6. Honored At Madame Tussauds

In 2021, Maluma made history by becoming the first Latin male singer of his generation to get a wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York. The wax figure was unveiled in his 7-day Maluma Week, proving the magnitude of his growing influence. This milestone represents the international recognition of his talent and the mainstream acceptance of Latin music.

This achievement not only puts Maluma in a coveted spotlight but also inspires aspiring Latin artists to dream big. It shows that with talent and persistence, one can break barriers and create history.

7. Maluma and the Art of Horsemanship

Maluma has often revealed his love for horses, stating that it keeps him connected to his roots. He maintains a stable of horses back in Colombia and often participates in horse shows. He also posts frequent pictures with his horses on social media, showcasing his equestrian skills to his fans.

For him, horseback riding serves as a sanctuary against the hustle and tension of his music career. It exhibits that amid stardom, Maluma finds joy in simple pleasures and maintains a bond with nature.

8. He can Speak Two Languages Fluently

Beyond his native Spanish, Maluma can communicate fluently in English. He often showcases his English skills in interviews, impressing fans with his command of language. Despite singing mostly in Spanish, he’s able to effortlessly connect with his international fans through his English proficiency.

His bilingualism not only enhances his global appeal but also proves his commitment to reaching a broader audience. It underlines that Maluma is an artist who constantly seeks to evolve and adapt in his career.

9. He’s a Record-Breaker

Maluma’s countless hits have broken multiple records. His hit single “Hawai” topped the Billboard Global Ex-US chart for nine weeks becoming the longest-running Latin number one song in the chart’s history! Records like these attest to Maluma’s extensive musical impact, and his presence in the international music scene.

These records not only affirm his musical success but also mark the rise and acceptance of the Latin music genre in the global music industry. Maluma’s hits have contributed significantly to the globalization of Latin music.

10. He’s Collaborated with Madonna

In a dazzling career highlight, Maluma collaborated with pop legend Madonna on two songs for her album Madame X. The collaboration was a huge achievement for Maluma and a testament to his international recognition. Their work together presents a fascinating blend of their styles and voices.

This significant milestone underlines Maluma’s musical versatility and his ability to blend with artists of varied genres. It affirms his widespread appeal and grand stature in world music.

Learning more about Maluma beyond his music can give fans a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artist. So next time you listen to one of his record-breaking hits, remember the man behind the music — a philanthropist, an ex-soccer player, a fashion icon, and a dedicated family man who loves his horses.

You can see more of Maluma by following him on his social media accounts, or better yet, catching one of his high-energy performances live. Happy listening!

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