Mao Lixiang & Family: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Everyone loves a good family history, especially when it’s full of intricate details and fascinating moments. Today, we are going to explore the less known aspects of the influential figure, Mao Lixiang, and his family.

1. Humble Beginnings

The Mao family’s early life was entrenched in traditional Chinese culture. Mao Lixiang, born into an average family, was exposed to the rural lifestyle at a young age. The hardships faced in his early years had a significant influence on his character and principles.

His parents were small entrepreneurs who were diligent and valuable contributors to their home village. They instilled in Mao Lixiang the values of hard work, perseverance, and a love for his homeland, qualities that greatly influenced his decisions in adulthood.

2. The Unknown Scholar

What many may not know about Mao Lixiang is his deep passion for education. Against all odds, he pursued a sturdy education, demonstrating immense courage and drive. He eventually went from a village school, moved to a city high school and then onto university, demonstrating a strong determination to uplift his status through knowledge.

Mao Lixiang’s success story serves as an inspiration for many coming from underprivileged backgrounds, highlighting educations as a tool for climbing the ladder of social and economic stability.

3. Unexpected Marriage

Mao Lixiang’s marriage to his spouse, Chen Li, took everyone by surprise due to its hasty and secretive nature. They had a private ceremony in the countryside, surrounded only by close family and friends, and announced their wedding to the public only after a few months.

Despite the unusual start, their marriage has been a reflective mirror of their love and loyalty to one another. Besides, Chen Li played a pivotal role in Mao’s life, offering emotional support throughout various life stages.

4. Influence from Confucius Wisdom

One crucial influence on Mao Lixiang’s life was classic Chinese philosophy, particularly Confucius thoughts. The teachings formed the bedrock of his principles and ideologies and played a pivotal role in shaping his life.

This influence reflects in the way he raised his children, instilling in them the value of harmony, moderation, and respect, which are key ideologies in Confucian teachings.

5. Business Savvy Family

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Mao Lixiang and his family thrive in the business world. Unknown to many, they own and manage a series of successful enterprises in various niches.

Their smart investments, strategic business decisions, and thorough understanding of the market have allowed them to build a stable and successful business dynasty, continuing the family tradition.

6. Philanthropic Endeavours

Unbeknownst to many, the Mao family has a long history of generous philanthropy. They believe in giving back to society and have been key contributors to various charitable establishments and humanitarian organizations.

In particular, the Mao Lixiang scholarship, which funds the education of talented but disadvantaged students, has left a profound impression and created substantial change in many lives.

7. Love for Traditional Chinese Music

A little-known fact about the Maos is their ardent love for traditional Chinese music. Mao Lixiang, an avid Guzheng player, passed on his love for the instrument to his children. To date, the sound of the Guzheng being played is a common, much-loved background score in the Mao residence.

8. Cookery Enthusiasts

The Mao family’s love for Chinese cuisine is no secret. However, very few know that Mao Lixiang himself is quite the cook. He has passed on this culinary flair to his children, making family dinners an event to look forward to.

9. Ancestral Home Preservation

The preservation of their ancestral home is of tremendous importance to the Mao family. It isn’t just the place where Mao Lixiang was born and raised but a repository of the family’s history and traditions, which they hold dear.

10. Leaning toward the Arts

Although they are successful in business, the Maos have an inclination towards the arts. While Mao Lixiang is a lover of music and Chen Li an aficionado of literature and poetry, their children have also shown interest in various art forms, setting an example of how balance can be maintained across the contrasting areas of business and arts.

In conclusion, Mao Lixiang and his family are a vibrant, multi-faceted group, with each member bringing something unique to the table. From their successful business ventures to their love for music and arts, their philanthropic endeavors to their love for cooking, they epitomize the essence of a well-rounded family.

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