10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marco Squinzi

Marco Squinzi, a figure that stands out in the global business platform, is an influential individual whose life achievements and work ethic are commendable. His greatest achievement lies in expanding and steering Mapei Group, a family business, into global stardom. To honor his great contributions, let’s take a look at ten things you may not know about Marco Squinzi.

1. His Early Life and Family

Marco Squinzi was born in Milan, Italy, evolving in a family where business was a common discourse. His father, Rodolfo Squinzi, was the founder of Mapei Group. From an early age, Marco was involved in the family business and worked hard to familiarize himself with the technical and managerial aspects of the industry.

Guided by his father, Squinzi carved an outstanding path for himself within the company. The experience he gained while working closely with his father prepared him early for the top position, which he eventually assumed. His leadership has since transformed the company into one of the world’s leading construction and adhesive producers.

2. Education Background

Marco Squinzi was educated in Milan where he earned a degree in chemistry from University of Milan. His education in chemistry has played an integral role in his successful management of Mapei Group, a company heavily rooted in the chemical industry.

After completing his education, Marco Squinzi didn’t divert from the family business. Instead, he employed his academic knowledge to improve the company’s efficiency and create innovative products that boosted the company’s global reach. His education remains one of his crucial tools in his process of transforming the organization to its current status.

3. Leading Mapei Group

Marco Squinzi became the CEO of Mapei Group after the demise of his father, Rodolfo Squinzi. Under Squinzi’s leadership, Mapei Group underwent a phenomenal transformation, expanding its outlets to more than 150 countries.

His knack for innovation drove Mapei to produce unique adhesive and sealant products that have dominated the global market. Today, Mapei is a renowned global brand with more than 80 manufacturing plants worldwide. Squinzi’s leadership skills are undeniably a significant factor in Mapei’s global success.

4. Football Enthusiast

Like many Italians, Marco Squinzi has a deep passion for football. As a firm believer in teamwork and the spirit of sports, he is the proud President of the top-tier Italian football club, Sassuolo.

Under Squinzi’s stewardship, Sassuolo has seen significant improvements, securing a place in the Italian Serie A. His love for sport extends beyond being just a spectator, as he actively contributes to the growth and development of the team.

5. Philanthropy

Marco Squinzi is a noted philanthropist, dedicating a chunk of his wealth to better the societal needs. His charitable contributions are often focused on education, health, and culture.

The Squinzi family runs the ISMA Foundation, aimed at improving education and promoting culture. Numerous students and cultural enthusiasts have benefited significantly from the Foundation, showcasing Squinzi’s dedication to giving back to society.

6. An Award-winning Leader

Recognition has followed Marco Squinzi due to his exemplary leadership and immense contributions to the business industry. His efforts have earned him notable awards like the “Ambrogino d’Oro,” tax-awarded to outstanding Milanese businessmen.

These awards not only recognize Marco Squinzi’s professional achievements but also his role as a leading figure in society, who promotes responsible business culture. It is therefore no surprise that his work continues to amass recognition and respect globally.

7. Eco-friendly Approach

Marco Squinzi is not just a successful businessman; he is also an active advocate of eco-friendly practices in the manufacturing industry. Under his leadership, Mapei has initiated several green projects aimed at reducing its ecological footprint.

Mapei’s commitment to the environment is evident in the number of eco-friendly products it manufactures and the sustainable methods it employs. Squinzi’s advocacy for sustainable business practices is indicative of his foresight and social responsibility.

8. A Family Man

Despite his demanding professional roles, Marco Squinzi prioritizes his family. He is married to Laura, and together they have two children. His family often accompanies him during important events, a testament to his close-knit family ties.

His daughter, Veronica Squinzi, has taken after her father and plays an active role in the company. His family’s involvement in Mapei clearly shows that Marco believes in nurturing a strong and supportive family unit.

9. Research Enthusiast

Under Squinzi’s leadership, Mapei has continually invested in research and development, leading to industry-changing products. His keen interest in R&D has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and the creation of innovative solutions.

This dedication to continuous improvement and innovation has helped Mapei stay ahead of the curve within the construction industry and position Marco Squinzi as a leader in pushing boundaries.

10. Lover of Culture and Art

Besides football, Squinzi also has a deep appreciation for art and culture. He often invests in cultural events and promotes the appreciation of art. His love for culture is also reflected in ISMA Foundation’s initiatives, where he fosters cultural understanding and preservation.

This love for art and culture further underscores the depth of Marco Squinzi’s character, showing him not just as a successful businessman, but also an appreciator and promoter of cultural heritage.

As we unravel these lesser-known facts about Marco Squinzi, we come to appreciate the depth of this remarkable individual – a business leader, football enthusiast, philanthropist, environmental advocate, family man, and patron of arts and culture. Marco Squinzi continues to inspire and make significant contributions to society.

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