10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margaretta Taylor

In the world of media, very few families have made their mark as prominently as the Cox family. One influential member of this powerhouse dynasty is Margaretta Taylor. However, she is not as well-known as some of the other high profile figures in the industry. In this post, we are shining a spotlight on Margaretta Taylor, bringing you some facts that may surprise you about this media heiress.

1. Taylor’s Staggering Net Worth

As part of the Cox family, Margaretta Taylor boasts a substantial fortune. As of 2020, Forbes estimated her net worth to be around $11.1 billion. Her wealth emanates from the media empire Cox Enterprises, a company founded by her grandfather, James M. Cox.

However, Taylor does not owe all her wealth to inheritance. Taylor and her siblings have been actively involved in the company management, contributing to its flourishing into diverse areas including communications, automobile auctions and vehicle reporting.

2. Privacy is Her Topmost Priority

Surprisingly, the billion-dollar heiress shies away from the limelight. Despite being a prominent figure in the media industry, Taylor has managed to maintain a surprisingly low profile over the years. She is not seen frequently at public events and very few interviews or public statements from her are available online.

This aura of mystery surrounding Taylor may not be standard for someone from such a powerful family, but it definitely puts her in an exclusive league of private billionaires. She belongs to this unique group of wealthy individuals who prefer to keep their personal lives out of public scrutiny.

3. Her Ancestry Includes a Presidential Nominee

Margaretta Taylor comes from a lineage of successful people. Her grandfather, James M. Cox, was not just a successful newspaper publisher but also the Democratic nominee for President in 1920. Despite losing the election to Warren Harding, James Cox went on to make strides in the media industry.

James started with the Dayton Evening News and expanded his holdings into radio stations and then television, creating the base of the Cox Enterprises empire. Taylor undoubtedly inherited her business acumen and drive from her enterprising grandfather.

4. A Shift in Philanthropy

The Cox family, including Taylor, is known for its contributions to philanthropic causes. While the family trusts have been historically making donations, Taylor and her siblings took a shift in their philanthropy in 2007. They consolidated about $5 billion from family trusts to form the James M. Cox Jr. Foundation.

The foundation works on environmental sustainability, early childhood education, empowering families and individuals for success, and health. This move made the Foundation one of the largest in the nation and also signalled a shift in the way the family’s charity work was being conducted.

5. The 25-Year Ownership Clause

One of the most interesting things about Taylor’s family company is a clause called the ’25 Year Rule’. The rule states that any family member who wants to sell their Cox Enterprises stake has to offer it to the company or other family members who, surprisingly, have 25 years to pay.

This rule, which might seem unusual to outsiders, gives the family some advantages. It discourages the selling of stakes hastily and, therefore, allows for decisions that benefit the company’s long-term growth.

6. Her Education and Career

After Margaretta Taylor graduated from college, she didn’t immediately join the family company. Instead, she chose a relatively low-profile job for a billionaire heiress: she became a school teacher.

A few years later, she joined Cox Enterprises in Atlanta and held several executive positions within the company. Today, she serves on the Cox Enterprises’ board of directors where she continues to play a strategic role in making decisions for the company.

7. The Atlanta Connection

Margaretta Taylor’s family has profound connections with the city of Atlanta, where Cox Enterprises has been based since its founding. Not only does the Cox empire’s headquarters reside in Atlanta, but the city also hosts several other family businesses including more than 80 car dealerships and automotive services.

Atlanta is also home to the majority of the family’s philanthropic initiatives. The James M. Cox Jr. Foundation has made significant contributions to Atlanta-based non-profit organizations and causes.

8. Unique Family Governance Structure

The Cox family including Taylor uses a unique governance structure for their company. Each of the three billionaire Cox cousins, including Margaretta, own an equal share, and they rotate the chairmanship among themselves every few years.

This uncommon approach emphasizes the family’s desire to maintain unity and balance in their business matters, which has contributed to the stability of Cox Enterprises over the years.

9. Passion for Cultural Venues

When not immersed in corporate responsibilities, Taylor devotes her time and resources to cultural venues. Serving as the trustree of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Taylor is passionate about promoting art and culture.

That’s not all, she has also generously donated to the Met Museum and the American Museum of Natural History in the past, revealing her philanthropic spirit and love for the arts and nature.

10. Active Involvement in Social Causes

While business keeps Taylor busy, she never turns her back on social causes. From championing for environmental sustainability to supporting education and healthcare, she is actively involved in various charities and initiatives through the James M. Cox Jr. Foundation.

Through her actions and commitments, Taylor not only sets an example for other billionaires but also uses her influence to bring about positive changes in society.

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