10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margot Birmingham Perot

Margot Birmingham Perot, the wife of the late billionaire and former US presidential candidate Ross Perot, is a famous philanthropist and public figure whose contributions have made a significant impact in different areas. While much is known about her public activities, there are many things about her that have escaped public scrutiny. In this article, we aim to demystify this larger than life figure by unveiling ten things you probably didn’t know about her.

1. Her Humble Beginnings

Despite the fame and recognition that Margot Perot and her family enjoy today, she came from rather humble beginnings. Born on July 22, 1933, as Margot Birmingham, she was raised in Pennsylvania in a loving middle-class family. Encouraged to value education and community service, she attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated with a degree in sociology in 1955.

It was during her university days that she met her future husband, Ross Perot, a naval officer assigned to the base near the school. Over time, they fell in love and tied the knot in 1956.

2. Pillar of Philanthropy

Margot Birmingham Perot is well-known as a generous philanthropist. She and her late husband have donated millions of dollars to various causes, especially in education and healthcare. Their generous contributions led to the establishment of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and the Margot Perot Center for Women and Infants at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, among many others.

Margot’s philanthropic work is not limited to making financial contributions. She also actively participates in the programs and organizations she supports. She has devoted her time, energy, and expertise to serving on different Boards like the Salvation Army and the Dallas Museum of Art.

3. Entirely Devoted to her Family

One of the less publicized aspects of Margot Perot’s life is her devotion to her family. She and Ross had five children, to whom she has been immensely devoted. She managed to juggle her philanthropic endeavors, social functions, and family responsibilities effectively, raising children who are successful in their rights.

Her commitment to her family remained unwavering even after her children flew the nest. She was a loving grandmother to her nineteen grandchildren and doted on them. She regards her family as her most significant achievement, a testament to her grounded and down-to-earth personality.

4. Devoted Servant of the Public

Beyond philanthropy and family, Margot is also known for her public service. As the wife of a prominent businessman and former presidential candidate, she was often in the public eye. However, she utilized this visibility to champion causes close to her heart, notably education and healthcare.

Margot has served on various boards and committees, using her influence to effect change and progress. Examples include her service on the Board of Trustees of the University of St. Thomas and the Dallas Museum of Art.

5. Lifelong Learner

Despite her achievements, Margot is a lifelong learner. She believes in continuous growth and development, and she is known to embark on learning pursuits that interest her. For instance, after her children had grown-up, Margot went back to school and took graduate courses in theology at the University of Dallas.

This desire to keep learning demonstrates Margot’s commitment to self-growth and personal development. Whether it is philanthropy, public service, or personal development, Margot Perot has shown that she is well-rooted in her values and is dedicated to making a difference.

6. She Is a Published Author

You may not know this, but Margot Perot is also a published author. In the 1990s, she wrote a children’s book titled “Bo-Bear Island” which was a success. The book’s proceeds went to charity, further showcasing her dedication to philanthropy and service to others.

Despite not pursuing a career in writing, “Bo-Bear Island” remains a beloved children’s book. The book reflects Margot’s love for children and her commitment to providing them with educational opportunities.

7. Fitness Enthusiast

All through her life, Margot led an active lifestyle. She was an ace swimmer, avid skier, and a fitness enthusiast. Even at an older age, Margot maintained her fitness regimen and strongly advocated the importance of regular exercise for a healthy body and mind.

Her own fitness routine is proof that she practices what she preaches. Her dedication to maintaining her physical health is remarkable and inspiring.

8. Great Lover of Art

Margot vastly appreciated the Arts. She served on the board of directors for the Dallas Museum of Art. Her love for art was also reflected in the $50 million donation that she and her husband made to the museum.

She saw Art as a medium to evoke thought and inspire imagination. Her contributions and involvement in promoting the Arts have made a significant impact in conserving and advancing artistic endeavors in her community.

9. A Woman of Faith

Margot has always been a woman of deep faith. She was raised in a devout Catholic household and her faith played an important role in shaping her values and approach towards life. She has never shied away from discussing the influence of her religious beliefs on her life and philanthropy.

Her deep-rooted faith was also the reason why she chose to pursue a graduate course in theology at the University of Dallas. It shows the importance she places on spiritual growth and understanding.

10. Her private life

Despite her remarkable achievements and contributions, Margot Birmingham Perot has always maintained a low level of public exposure. In a world where fame often equates with visibility, Margot prefers to keep her private life away from the public glare, making her an intriguing personality.

Although she leads a mostly private life, her contributions and influence are omnipresent, touching many lives and making a considerable difference. Margot Perot isn’t just a philanthropist, devoted public servant, mother, wife, and author; she portrays grace, humility, and an unfaltering dedication to causes she holds dear.

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