10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maria Del Pino

The name Maria Del Pino might ring a bell, especially if you’re conversant with the world of entrepreneurship and education in Spain. Known as a leading figure in corporate training and skill development, Maria is an entrepreneur and businesswoman whose extensive experiences have put her in the spotlight of Spain’s business sector. However, beyond her professional life, there’s so much more about Maria that isn’t commonly known. This article shines a light on 10 facts about Maria Del Pino that might surprise you.

1. Maria Del Pino Comes From a Wealthy Background

Maria Del Pino hails from one of the wealthiest families in Spain, the Del Pino family. The family’s wealth primarily stems from their ownership and management of Ferrovial, a multinational construction company. As the second eldest of five siblings, Maria inherited a considerable portion of the family business.

That said, Maria’s affluent background didn’t make her complacent. She worked hard to carve out her own identity and establish herself as a successful businesswoman, separate from her family’s reputation.

2. She is the Founder of Unir University

Maria founded Unir University, an online university, in 2008. The university was established with the aim of making education more accessible to everyone by leveraging digital technology. With just a computer and internet connection, students from all over can enroll and pursue their academic goals.

In addition to being a huge step towards education modernization, Unir University’s establishment also showcases Maria’s dedication to resolving societal challenges through innovative solutions.

3. Maria Del Pino Holds a Degree in Law

Despite being known for her business ventures, Maria’s academic background is in Law. She holds a degree in Law from Complutense University of Madrid, one of Spain’s most prestigious universities.

Her legal background has clearly influenced her entrepreneurial journey, shaping her decisions and infusing robust regulatory compliance into her business ethos.

4. She is Actively Involved in Philanthropy Works

In 1998, Maria, alongside her family, founded the ‘Fundación Rafael Del Pino’ in memory of her father, a renowned Spanish entrepreneur. The foundation focuses on creating future leaders by offering scholarship programs and hosting leadership seminars with world-renowned speakers.

Through this foundation, Maria’s love for giving back to society and her dedication to fostering leadership and education is evident.

5. She Prioritizes Corporate Training

Maria founded NEBRIJA Business School as an initiative to adapt to the business world’s dynamic needs. The school emphasizes training students in the practicalities of decision-making, leadership and teamwork.

Maria believes that upskilling employees and training new recruits is as significant as academic training for students, a belief evident in her commitment to corporate training through NEBRIJA.

6. Maria is the vice president of Link Securities

In addition to her roles in education and philanthropy, Maria serves as the Vice President of Link Securities, an independent financial entity. Her work in this role evidences her diverse career interests and multi-sector experience.

Despite the demanding nature of financial services, Maria has maintained her exemplary performance in this role while keeping her other business ventures running efficiently.

7. She Shies Away From Publicity

Unlike most successful individuals, Maria prefers to keep a low profile. Rather than basking in the fame and social recognition her achievements could fetch, she would rather let her work speak for itself.

This humility, coupled with her exceptional entrepreneurial skillset, further sets Maria apart as an influential business figure in Spain.

8. Maria Holds Several Honorary Awards

Acknowledging her contributions to business and education, Maria has received several awards. Notable among them is the ‘Gold Medal for Merit at Work,’ a prestigious recognition given by the Spanish Government for her exceptional commitment to work and contribution to the country’s development.

Despite her humility, such recognition underscores the far-reaching impact of Maria’s work in business, education, and philanthropy.

9. Maria Believes in Lifelong Learning

Reflecting her passion for education, Maria fully embraces the concept of lifelong learning – the ongoing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. She maintains that constant learning and updating oneself with emerging trends is key for anyone to stay relevant and successful in today’s dynamic world.

Her passion for lifelong learning manifests through her continuous involvement in the education sector, and her commitment to expanding her knowledge.

10. Maria Del Pino’s Impact Transcends Spain

Though based in Spain, Maria’s work and initiatives carry global significance. Numerous students worldwide are enrolled with UNIR, and the influence of her philanthropic initiatives spans across continents.

Through her persistent work, Maria Del Pino continues to make an indelible mark on business and education sectors far beyond her home country.

Now that you’ve learned more about Maria Del Pino’s journey, influence, and successes, you can draw inspiration from her commitment to continuous learning, societal improvement, and leadership. To learn more about her work and initiatives, refer to the links below.

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