10 Things You Didn’t Know About Markus Persson

Markus Persson, also known as Notch, is a globally renowned Swedish video game programmer and designer. His stellar work in creating one of the most popular games in history, ‘Minecraft,’ has earned him a special place in many gamers’ hearts. Despite his fame and influence in the gaming industry, there’s a lot more to Persson than what meets the eye. Here are the 10 things you probably didn’t know about him:

1. His Introduction to Programming

Markus Persson had his first encounter with programming at just seven years old. His father, a railway employee, purchased a Commodore 128 that sparked Markus’s interest in computers. He spent countless hours experimenting and learning from typing code he found in computer magazines.

At eight, he wrote his first computer program — a text-based adventure game. This childhood experience lit the programming passion that led him to create one of the most significant video games in the world — Minecraft.

2. Not So Much a Fan of The Limelight

Even though he’s one of the most prominent figures in the gaming industry, Persson prefers to maintain a low profile. Despite his fame, he often avoids public appearances and interviews, attributing it to his introverted personality.

This characteristic is quite remarkable, considering his game influences millions of players worldwide. His choice to stay away from the limelight further mystifies his persona in the gaming industry.

3. His Opinion on Large Companies

Persson holds strong opinions about working in large corporations. He sees the flexible and free creative process in independent development as more conducive to producing quality games. This is one of the reasons he found working in established companies like King.com stifling.

His disdain for perfect corporate structure and desire for creative freedom led him to establish Mojang, where he could focus on crafting an experience gamers will love — thus birthing Minecraft.

4. Sold Mojang to Microsoft

Despite running Mojang successfully for years and turning it into a profitable venture, Persson ended up selling it to Microsoft. In 2014, he sold the company for a whopping $2.5 billion, no longer feeling the motivation to drive its growth.

This decision stunned the entire gaming community, and since the sale, Persson stepped away from active game development, focusing on personal interests and new projects.

5. Wears a Fedora Everywhere

One of the notable things about Persson is his trademark brown fedora. He’s often seen sporting it in photos and event appearances. To him, it’s more than just a fashion preference — it’s a symbol of his unique style and persona in the gaming world.

The iconic fedora is so synonymous with him that it’s even included as a wearable item in Minecraft — a cool nod to its creator.

6. Struggles With Mental Health Issues

Persson has been open about his mental health struggles, particularly his battles with depression. He has been candid on social media about how his sudden wealth and fame have contributed to his mental health challenges.

While critics have dismissed his issues due to his wealth, many fans appreciate his transparency, humanizing him beyond his status as a game developer.

7. His Ban from the Elite Dangerous Games

In a quite amusing twist of events, Markus got banned from the Elite Dangerous game for attempting to sabotage the in-game economy. This incident resulted in a ban that Persson took humorously, even tweeting about it.

It not only highlighted his mischievous side but also proved just how much he enjoys immersing himself in the world of gaming — sometimes at any cost.

8. Has a Thing For High Stakes

Persson is known for his love for indulging in high stakes — be it in gaming or his personal life. His $70 million mansion purchase in Beverly Hills, acquired after outbidding celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé, is a testament to this love for the extravagant.

The luxurious house not only features a candy room but also mirrored walls, a car lift, and, understandably, an impressive gaming room. It’s a clear showcase of his willingness to leap into outlandish ventures.

9. An Active Twitter User

Despite shunning the limelight, Persson actively tweets and communicates with fans on Twitter. He maintains an open approach on the platform, often sharing candid perspectives about life, gaming, and his mental health.

More controversially, he’s been known to make critical comments about politics and social issues, often sparking significant debates amongst his followers.

10. Published Multiple Games Before Minecraft

While Persson is globally identified with Minecraft, many don’t know he had published several games before it. His previous creations, though not as successful as Minecraft, set the stage for the masterpiece that came later.

Games like ‘Wurm Online’, ‘Legend of the Chambered’, and ‘RubyDung’ are all products of Persson’s fertile creative mind. Each of these games shows his evolving understanding of the gaming industry and his unyielding passion for game development.

In conclusion, Markus Persson is a living testament to the limitless boundaries of creativity, resilience, and passion. Beyond his creation of Minecraft, his love for his craft, his outspoken personality, and his willingness to confront his struggles offers insights that reverberate far beyond the gaming world.

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