Mary Alice Dorrance Malone: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

You’re likely familiar with the name Campbell’s Soup Company, but how much do you really know about one of its largest shareholders, Mary Alice Dorrance Malone? She is the granddaughter of the co-founder of the food company, John T. Dorrance, and controls a significant portion of the famous brand. Yet, despite her affluence, there’s much more to know about this intriguing individual. Read on to discover 10 little-known facts about Mary Alice Dorrance Malone.

1. She Is one of the Richest Women in America

According to Forbes, Mary Alice Dorrance Malone is not just rich, but one of the richest women in America. As a major shareholder in Campbell’s Soup Company, she is reported to own a 17.2% stake in the company, equating to a phenomenal net worth believed to be in the billions.

Despite the widespread recognition of the Campbell’s brand, it may surprise many that it has generated such wealth. But the company, famous for its iconic soup cans, also encompasses an extensive product line that ranges from sauces and snacks to beverages and healthy dining options. It’s this diversity that has helped drive the accumulation of Malone’s wealth.

2. She Desires Privacy

Regardless of her tremendous wealth, Malone is known for her desire to maintain a low profile. Unlike other billionaires who are often in the public eye, she keeps her personal life private. She rarely gives interviews or appears in the media, with much of her life under wraps away from the glare of the public eye.

This desire for privacy extends to her philanthropic work. Although contributing significantly to various causes, she tends to do so quietly without seeking media attention. This characteristic sets her apart from many other uber-wealthy individuals whose charitable activities are often well-publicized.

3. She’s A Devoted Equestrian

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone’s interests don’t just lie in soup cans; she also has a strong passion for horses. She owns a massive farm in Pennsylvania called Iron Spring Farm. Boasting some 200 acres, the farm is dedicated to breeding top quality horses for various disciplines, including dressage and jumping.

The depth of her love for horses is clear from the efforts she puts into her farm. The facility is home to world-renowned stallions from diverse bloodlines, providing extensive breeding options. The farm is also deeply involved in promoting equestrian sports, showcasing its horses in international competitions and contributing to the growth of equestrian activities.

4. Her Father Played A Pivotal Role In Campbell’s Growth

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone owes a significant part of her fortune to her father, John T. Dorrance Jr. He was Campbell’s president for several decades, transitioning the company from a canned soup manufacturer to a comprehensive food business. His vision set the stage for the company’s subsequent expansion, contributing ultimately to Malone’s fortune.

Dorrance Jr.’s leadership at Campbell’s was marked by his belief in continuous innovation. He introduced several new product lines and was instrumental in broadening the company’s reach to international markets. His influence is still felt today through the continued success and evolution of the Campbell’s brand.

5. She Has A Brother, Bennett Dorrance

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone is not an only child; her brother, Bennett Dorrance, also shares the family fortune. Like his sister, Bennett is a major shareholder of the Campbell’s Soup Company, retaining an equal stake in the company.

Despite the mutual stakes they hold, the siblings reportedly have differing views regarding their shares in Campbell’s. While Malone is apparently content to retain her shares, her brother is said to advocate for the selling of the company. Nevertheless, their shared heritage and joint control over such a vast fortune make their relationship intriguing.

6. She’s A Philanthropist

Despite keeping a low profile, Malone is active in various charitable endeavors. She leverages her wealth to contribute towards causes she believes in. In 1996, she established the Mary Alice D. Malone Foundation, which supports educational, human service and other non-profit efforts.

In keeping with her love for horses, Malone’s philanthropy extends to the equestrian realm as well. Reports suggest that she supports a therapeutic riding center for individuals with disabilities. It’s clear her giving is wide-ranging, supporting a variety of causes that align with her personal passions.

7. She’s A Member of The Campbell’s Board of Directors

Malone plays an active role in the Campbell’s business beyond just being a shareholder. She has served on the company’s Board of Directors, contributing directly to the decision-making process for the company’s future. Her involvement ensures a continued family influence on the company’s operations and direction.

However, Malone stepped down from the board in 2009, apparently due to her disagreement with her brother over the company’s future. Despite this, her influence and the imprint of her family’s legacy remain palpable within the company.

8. Her Love for Horses Began in Her Childhood

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone’s passion for horses began in her early years. It was during her childhood that she developed a love for riding, leading her to participate in several equestrian activities. Her lifelong love of horses has even led her to own a significant herd of her own.

This early passion underpinned her establishment of Iron Spring Farm, her investment in breeding world-class horses, and her notable contributions to equestrian sports. Indeed, Malone has transformed her childhood affection for horses into an integral part of her adult life and success.

9. She Was Once A Competitive Rider

Not only did Malone develop a love of horses during her childhood, but she also honed her riding skills, becoming a competitive equestrian herself. She competed in several equestrian events, which no doubt further fueled her love for the sport and horses.

Although Malone no longer competes herself, her legacy in the sport continues via Iron Spring Farm. The farm regularly participates in and sponsors equestrian events, and many of the horses it breeds have become champions in their own right.

10. She Astoundingly Inherited the Campbell Fortune at Age 20

Mary Alice Dorrance Malone inherited her fortune at the young age of 20 when her grandfather, the founder of Campbell’s Soup Company, passed away. This positioned her as one of the youngest billionaire heiresses in history, thrusting her into a world of wealth and responsibility remarkably early in life.

Despite this early acquisition of wealth, Malone, along with her brother, has managed her share of the Campbell’s legacy astutely. Even as they’ve grown their wealth, they’ve also continued to influence the family company and engage in philanthropic pursuits. Clearly, they’ve both made their own significant marks in the world beyond their inherited fortune.

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