10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Massimo Giorgetti’

If you hold a penchant for fashion, chances are you’ve heard of Massimo Giorgetti. The Italian designer and founder of the famed MSGM label is revered in the fashion circuit for his bold style and innovative approach. However, there’s so much more to Giorgetti than what meets the eye. Let’s explore 10 unknown facets about Massimo Giorgetti you probably weren’t aware of.

1. Early Life

Born on 5 April 1977 in Rimini, Italy, Massimo Giorgetti had an affinity for art and design from a very young age. He nurtured his artistic instincts by spending time at his uncle’s design studio where he was exposed to various facets of fashion design.

Giorgetti’s vision was heavily influenced by the vibrant seaside town of his upbringing. The vivid colours, lively atmosphere, and diverse cultural facets of Rimini shaped the core aesthetics that Giorgetti brought to his designs later in his career.

2. Initial Career Path

Contrary to the popular belief that Giorgetti delved straight into fashion designing, he actually started his career in the sales department of notable fashion brands. Working in the sales department of brands like Energie and Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Giorgetti learned the nuances of business and commerce in the fashion world.

This early exposure to the commercial side of fashion played a crucial role in shaping Giorgetti’s approach towards design and helped him understand the balance between creativity and sales viability, a balance that is pivotal in running a successful brand.

3. Foundation of MSGM

One significant leap in Giorgetti’s career was the founding of his own label – MSGM. In 2009, he took the entrepreneurial plunge in collaboration with the Paoloni Group. Named after his own initials and that of his partners, Giorgetti wanted to create a brand that symbolised dynamic and contemporary fashion.

MSGM quickly made its mark on the Italian and international fashion scene due to its vibrant use of colour, unconventional prints, and contemporary designs. The brand’s recognition skyrocketed when it got the title of “Best Emerging Designer’ at the Milan Fashion Awards in 2010.

4. Role at Emilio Pucci

Massimo Giorgetti’s acclaim in the fashion industry led to him being appointed the creative director of the luxury brand Emilio Pucci in 2015. This was an exciting development, as he stepped into the shoes of Peter Dundas. He was quite aware of the big shoes he was filling and took on the role promising a fresh and contemporary vision for the brand.

His stint at Emilio Pucci was a learning curve in his career. Though it was met with mixed reviews, it eventually helped to shape his vision as a designer by exposing him to the world of luxury fashion.

5. Influences and Inspirations

Zesty and bold, Giorgetti’s fashion line speaks highly of his sources of inspiration. He draws heavy influences from contemporary culture, art, and music. He fuses these inspirations seamlessly with experimental fabrics, colours, and silhouettes to create a distinctive MSGM touch.

His affinity for art and pop culture is evident in his collections that often showcase art-inspired prints and motifs. This love for diversity in aesthetics helps Giorgetti set a new benchmark in contemporary fashion.

6. Passion for Music

Did you know that Giorgetti is also a music aficionado? He has confessed in various interviews on his love for music and how it influences his creative process. Specifically, indie rock music, which he believes resonates with his idea of an irreverent and lively spirit.

This influence of music is prominently visible in his collections that often echo the vivacity and unconventionality of the indie rock genre.

7. Streetwear Revolution

Giorgetti was at the forefront of the streetwear revolution in fashion. His designs were some of the first to successfully blend high-fashion aesthetics with street style, creating a new wave in the industry.

His ability to take mundane and even banal aspects of daily life and convert them into high fashion is one of his unique traits as a designer. This particular blend of high and low fashion has been a continuous theme in many of his collections.

8. Digital Expertise

One undeniable aspect of Giorgetti’s success is his understanding of digital trends. He is renowned for his expertise in leveraging digital platforms to engage with his young and trendy audience.

From active participates on Instagram and other social media platforms to being one of the first designers to adopt the see-now-buy-now retail model, Giorgetti has always adapted rapidly to digital trends, which has been integral in promoting his brand MSGM.

9. Vegan and Proud

A lesser-known fact about Giorgetti is his commitment to a Vegan lifestyle. He is often outspoken about his vegan practices and always strives to incorporate cruelty-free and responsible fashion into MSGM.

His choice to remove fur from MSGM collections was a notable step towards sustainable and ethical fashion long before it became a trend in the industry.

10. Philanthropic Ventures

Giorgetti doesn’t confine his influence to the world of design. He understands the power of his platform and regularly involves himself in philanthropic ventures. For instance, he teamed up with the charity campaign “Children in Need” to design unique T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the charitable cause.

His willingness to use his platform for charitable purposes proves that Giorgetti isn’t just a talented designer, but also a person who is acutely aware of his social responsibilities as a public figure.

To know more about Giorgetti’s journey and creative process, visit MSGM. Also, for real-time updates and sights from his eclectic world, follow him on Instagram at Massimo Giorgetti.