10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Herz

Michael Herz is a name that resonates profoundly in the fashion industry. Known as the co-owner and art director of prominent fashion houses, Herz is a man brimming with creative prowess and business acumen. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. Here are ten aspects of Michael Herz’s life and career that most may not know about.

1. He Had No Formal Fashion Training

Despite being one of the most influential people in the world of fashion, Michael Herz had no formal fashion training. Born and raised in London, Herz began his career in the fashion industry by accident. He did have artistic inclination but not exactly towards fashion designing. His keen eye for detail and aesthetics, however, helped him carve out a career in a field that was completely new to him.

Herz often attributes his success in the industry to his stubbornness and sheer determination. He suggests his lack of formal fashion training actually allowed him to bring a fresh and unconstrained perspective to the industry.

2. He is a Big Collector of Vintage Fashion Magazines

Beyond being a creative director and designer, Herz is an avid enthusiast for vintage fashion magazines. He holds a vast collection of publications spanning decades. His collection includes copies of Vogues and Harper’s Bazaars dating back to the 1920s, all of which serve as a valuable source of inspiration for Herz.

The delicate illustrations and timeless styles captured in these vintage prints have played a large part in shaping Herz’s aesthetic vision. They have helped him appreciate the evolution of fashion and have often served as a stimulus for his collections overtime.

3. He Co-Owned Aquascutum

One of Michael Herz’s most significant achievements in the fashion industry is his tenure as co-owner of the British luxury fashion brand Aquascutum. Herz, along with his partner Graeme Fidler, took stewardship of the brand in 2009, hoping to revive its dwindling fortunes.

During their brief stint with Aquascutum, the duo brought about a modern sophistication to the age-old brand, striving to bridge the gap between its rich heritage and the demands of contemporary fashion.

4. Herz was Creative Director at Diane Von Furstenberg

In 2014 Herz took up the banner as Artistic Director for Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), one of the most highly esteemed brands in the fashion industry. Working directly under Diane herself, Herz developed critical collections that were key to the growth of the brand.

Herz’s directional vision was instrumental in steering DVF towards further success, with his intricate designs earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike. His stewardship of the DVF brand marks a highlight in his decorated career in fashion.

5. He Styled Shows for Bally

Another pivotal moment in Herz’s career was when he was appointed as the design director for the Swiss luxury brand, Bally. Together with his partner Graeme Fidler, they were responsible for styling shows and designing important collections for the brand.

During their tenure, Herz and Fidler helped to invigorate and modernise Bally’s product lines. Their masterful implementation of practicality and luxury was particularly noteworthy, encapsulating the Bally ethos while maintaining their own unique creative flair.

6. He is Not Active on Social Media

Unlike many of his peers in the fashion industry, Herz keeps a low profile on social media. Despite the popularity and significance of social media in today’s world, Herz prefers to stay aloof.

Herz believes in the importance of personal interaction and engagement over virtual communication. He likes to connect with people in a more traditional sense rather than through tweets or Instagram posts.

7. He Had a Cameo in ‘The Intern’

Beyond the ramps and glitzy shows, Michael Herz made a brief silver screen appearance in the movie ‘The Intern’. Directed by Nancy Meyers, the movie features Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in lead roles with Herz in a cameo.

Considered as a hidden little trivia about Michael Herz, this cameo was a fun little departure from his habitual fashion work. Nevertheless, he didn’t deviate too far from his realm – he portrayed a fashion director in the movie.

8. Herz Loves Vintage Cars

When he is not creating inspiring designs or admiring vintage fashion magazines, Herz indulges his love for vintage cars. He is especially fond of old Jaguars, considering them a work of art.

Herz sees parallels between classic vehicles and fashion. According to him, both require extraordinary foresight and creativity to envisage something that is not just beautiful, but also functional.

9. He Believes in Sustainability

Like many others in the fashion industry today, Herz is conscientious about the urgent need for sustainability. He emphasizes the importance of sustainability in his work and champions the cause whenever he can.

Herz is an advocate for less waste, more recycling and greater longevity in fashion. He believes in taking steps towards creating an industry that is far more considerate of the environment.

10. His Early Work was Inspired by Prison Uniforms

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Michael Herz is that one of his first fashion collections was inspired by prison uniforms. His interest in the structure and monotony of these outfits sparked a creativity in him that propelled his unique fashion career.

The rigid design of these uniforms intrigued Herz and posed a challenge: how could he claim this space within fashion that was rarely explored? This unconventional inspiration set the tone for Herz’s innovative and boundary-pushing approach in the fashion world.

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