10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Platt

Michael Platt, an extraordinary teenager, has made quite a mark on the world, especially in the realm of baking and charity. But there’s so much more to his story. Here are 10 enlightening things that you probably didn’t know about this young philanthropist.

1. He was Born in 2005

Michael Platt’s journey started on December 9, 2005. His incredible character and motivation to make a change made heads turn at a very young age. Based in Washington, D.C., his actions provoked widespread interest, ultimately placing him in the global spotlight.

As a December baby, he shares his birth month with many notable figures from various walks of life. Yet, considering his achievements at such a tender age, Michael’s dedication and purpose set him apart from his contemporaries.

2. He Began Baking at a Young Age

Michael’s love for baking blossomed while he was just in elementary school. At the tender age of 9, he took to baking as his hobby. Initially, baking was a recreational engagement for him, but it later became a platform that would instigate social change.

Fascinatingly, he learned to bake all by himself, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s passions and talents. His curiosity and eagerness to learn can inspire other children to venture beyond their comfort zones and explore their abilities.

3. His Business – Michael’s Desserts – Operates on a One for One Model

Michael’s Desserts is not a standard baking business. It operates on the exceptional model of ‘one for one’. For each dessert sold, Michael donates one to homeless and underprivileged individuals.

This innovative approach combines his love for baking with his passion for giving back to the community. His one for one model is not only commendable but is also a harbinger of hope for those less fortunate.

4. He is Inspired by Rosa Parks

Famous civil rights activist Rosa Parks is a prominent source of inspiration for young Michael. He has candidly expressed how stories of Rosa’s courage and resilience moved him profoundly.

To pay homage to inspirational figures like her, Michael creates and names special cupcakes in their honor every month. As well as satisfying a sweet tooth, his Rosa Parks-inspired cupcakes have also raised awareness about the civil rights movement.

5. He Won the First Time Award at the Unilever Awards

In 2019, Michael won the Unilever First Time Award, bringing international recognition to his social entrepreneurship. His acceptance speech at the Unilever Awards acknowledged his baking talents and philanthropic pursuits.

The award not only recognized his exceptional efforts but also amplified his message. It underscored the belief that passion truly has the potential to bring about positive changes.

6. He was Diagnosed with Epilepsy

Michael’s journey has not been entirely smooth. He was diagnosed with epilepsy, a neurological disorder that can cause seizures. Despite this challenging health condition, he hasn’t let it stop him from following his dreams.

His resilience in the face of adversity is truly admirable. As he continues to create change through his baking, he also spotlights the importance of not letting personal hurdles hinder one’s passions and pursuits.

7. He’s also a Co-Host on Baketopia

Apart from his entrepreneurial journey, Michael has also graced the television industry as a host on HBO Max’s Baketopia. Along with professional baker Rosanna Pansino, Michael brought his charm and baking talents to a whole new platform.

His warm personality and exceptional baking skills have made him a favorite among the show’s viewers, expanding his platform and allowing him to inspire a larger audience.

8. He Does Not Focus on Profits

Michael’s business ethos mainly revolves around charity rather than making profits. He told The Washington Post that, for him, the primary aim of his business is to help people. His perspective sheds light on the philosophy that the success of a business isn’t merely measured by its profits but also its positive impacts.

His business strategy may be unconventional, but it has been incredibly effective in achieving the dual goals of satisfying his customers and doing his bit for society.

9. He’s a Dedicated Locavore

Michael’s baking philosophy doesn’t just stop at giving; it also includes the use of local, sustainable ingredients. The young baker believes in sourcing his ingredients as close to home as possible, supporting local farmers, and boosting his community’s economy.

This commitment to sustainable and local practices is another aspect of Michael’s entrepreneurial journey that often goes underappreciated, yet proves his commitment to doing good extends beyond his charity work.

10. He’s an Advocate for Equal Education

In addition to feeding the homeless, Michael is also an advocate for equal education. He firmly believes that every child, regardless of their background, deserves an opportunity to learn. He reinforces this belief by donating a portion of his earnings to organizations that support equal education.

By utilizing his business for social change, he strives to play an active part in shaping a just and equitable society.

There is so much more that we can learn from Michael’s journey. Despite his young age, he continues to be an example for many worldwide. His dedication, tenacity, and compassion prove that we can make significant changes, no matter how small our beginnings might seem.

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