10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Mickey Drexler’

Millard “Mickey” Drexler, fondly known as Mickey, is hailed as one of the iconic titans in American retail. His transformative ideas and relentless pursuit of quality have placed companies like Gap Inc., J.Crew, and Madewell on the global map. Despite his well-known status in the industry, there remain fascinating aspects of his life and career that are not common knowledge. Here, we delve into ten lesser-known nuggets about this remarkable business leader.

1. He Wasn’t Born Into Wealth

Contrary to what one might assume, given his success, Mickey Drexler didn’t come from a wealthy background. He was born to a Jewish family in the Bronx, New York. His mother was a homemaker, and his father was a garment industry worker. His family’s meager financial status served as a driving force for Drexler. He worked several jobs while attending Bronx High School of Science, laying down his foundation of relentless hard work.

This humble upbringing instilled in him the value of money and a relentless dedication to providing better quality for customers. His rise to success stands as a testament to his ability to elevate himself from his circumstances and serves as a message that your present circumstances do not limit your future.

2. He began His Career Selling Women’s Coats

In the early days of his career, Drexler started on the retail floor, working as a salesperson in a department store. His initial post was in the women’s coats section of a department store, Bloomingdale’s. Far removed from the executive desk, this was the place where he honed his customer skills, attention to detail, and understanding of consumer demand.

His time on the floor was not just about selling coats; it was also a crucial learning experience. The hands-on approach to understanding customer preferences and demands has been cited by Drexler as formative in his future retail strategies. He has always emphasized the value of getting hands-on experience and truly understanding the customer’s needs.

3. He Oversaw Gap’s Rise to Global Prominence

Mickey Drexler is best known globally for his transformative role as CEO of Gap Inc. When he took the helm in 1983, Gap was a small American retail brand with little international recognition. Over his two-decade tenure, Drexler transformed the company into a global powerhouse.

He tapped into a niche market, making practical and casual clothing fashionable. He popularized the khaki pants and denim trend and expanded the brand to include Banana Republic and Old Navy, equally successful subsidiaries.

4. He Played a Significant Role in the Success of Apple

Most people would associate Mickey Drexler with clothing and retail, but remarkably, his mastery has extended beyond these realms. In 1999, Steve Jobs appointed him to Apple’s board. During his tenure, he contributed significantly to the iconic Apple Store’s design and concept, which set a new standard in electronics retail.

Drexler oversaw the conceptualization and implementation of the Genius Bar, a tech support station found in Apple stores. His experience in retail navigation contributed significantly to shaping the unique customer experience for which the Apple Stores are renowned.

5. He Led J.Crew to Unanticipated Heights

After Gap, Mickey would take his transformative touch to J.Crew. After joining in 2003, he revolutionized the company and set it on a path to high profits and a loyal customer base. He focused on offering unique, high-quality products that weren’t being offered by competitors.

Under his leadership, J.Crew saw a turnaround in its fortunes, launched successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2006, and quickly became a respected brand for its thoughtful clothing collection. Drexler remained CEO of J.Crew till 2017.

6. He is Known as the “Merchant Prince”

Drexler’s knack for predicting shopper’s desires and significantly impacting the retail industry earned him the nickname “Merchant Prince”. This title was bestowed upon him because of his impeccable understanding of customer preferences and willingness to place risky bets in the market. These daring moves alongside an uncompromised push for quality altered the course for each company he worked for.

His retail instincts paired with his attention to customer service and innovation, have indeed made him a ‘Prince’ in the retail sector. Even after retirement, his legacy continues in every brand he touched.

7. He’s Not Technologically Inclined

Despite his role in the revolution of Apple stores and understanding the power of e-commerce in fashion, Drexler has confessed that he isn’t particularly tech-savvy. He considers himself “old school” and prefers to interact with products, see them, and feel them.

This physical interaction with merchandise, he believes, gives a more organic understanding of what works and what doesn’t. It’s this philosophy, combined with his consumer-centric attitude, that has translated into such massive success.

8. He is an Outspoken CEO

Mickey Drexler didn’t shy away from speaking his mind, gaining him a reputation as one of the most open and outspoken CEOs in retail. Whether critiquing the business model of Amazon or admitting mistakes made while leading J.Crew, Drexler has always stood by his words and actions.

His transparent approach is refreshing in an era where CEOs often hide behind corporate platitudes. It reflects his deep commitment to his work—that he personally feels each success or setback on a profoundly personal level.

9. He Turned Down a Job with Steve Jobs

In the early 2000s, Steve Jobs offered Drexler the role of CEO at Apple. However, Drexler turned down the offer to stay with J. Crew. Some might see this as a missed opportunity, but by staying at J.Crew, Drexler was able to rejuvenate the brand and lead it to new heights.

It’s a testament to his dedication and focus. His choice highlights his keenness to fulfill commitments and achieve the set objectives before jumping onto new opportunities.

10. He Has a Penchant for Real Estate

Outside of his famed career in retail, Drexler has a deep interest in real estate, which he refers to as his hobby. He believes in personally investing in all his homes and reportedly enjoys the process of house hunting, buying, and renovating properties.

Several of his homes have been featured prominently in architectural and design magazines, reflecting his vision for aesthetics and quality not just limited to clothing, but extending to his personal habitat.

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