10 Things You Didn’t Know About Micky Jagtiani

When people list successful entrepreneurs, the name Micky Jagtiani rarely tops the list. However, his story of rags to billions holds its own against those of more publicized business tycoons. Here are 10 things you might not have known about Micky Jagtiani, a retail legend who defied the odds to build an empire out of virtually nothing.

1. He Started from the Bottom

Before we delve into Jagtiani’s success story, his humble beginnings must not be forgotten. Micky was born in Kuwait to Indian parents but lost his entire immediate family by the age of 21. His father passed away when he was just a teenager and his mother and siblings died within the span of a few years after. Micky was left completely alone in the world, instigating his self-made journey.

After their deaths, Micky found himself in Bombay with a small inheritance. Being a young man at the time with little knowledge on how to manage his small fortune, he squandered it and ended up broke and destitute.

2. He Worked as a Taxi Driver and a Hotel Cleaner

With what little money he had, Micky bought a one-way ticket to London with hopes of a better future. When he arrived in London, the only jobs available to him were menial labor. His desperation led him to work as a taxi driver and a hotel cleaner. These difficult jobs taught him invaluable lessons about work ethic and financial management, which would later prove instrumental in his road to success.

Despite the tough circumstances, Jagtiani never lost sight of his goals. His resilience during this period can be linked to his formative years, during which he developed a hard-knock survival instinct from his experiences.

3. He is a Self-educated Businessman

Micky Jagtiani did not have any formal business education. He claimed his business acumen was built through practical experience and self-education. This included listening to audio tapes on business and management during his cab driving shifts in London.

This form of self-education helped him develop a raw intuitive sense of business that served him well in his later enterprises. His story is a testament to the power of knowledge and the fact that it can be attained outside traditional classrooms.

4. He Faced Bankruptcy before Becoming a Billionaire

Jagtiani’s early entrepreneurial efforts were far from successful. He nearly filed for bankruptcy after running a food import business into the ground. With his back against the wall, Jagtiani used the last of his money to buy his family’s baby products shop in Bahrain.

Despite its decrepit state and bleak future prospects, he managed to revive the business and transform it into the retail giant ‘Landmark Group’. Today, Landmark has ventures across the Middle East, Africa, and India; a far cry from its humble beginnings.

5. He is Known as the Retail King of the Middle East

After salvaging his family’s store, Micky grew it exponentially within a few decades. He began opening multiple stores and started dealing in various product lines. His stores became known for their diversity, offering everything from fashion to electronics, furniture to food.

Such success has won him the moniker of ‘Retail King’ in the Middle East. Landmark Group has over 2,300 outlets and employs 50,000 people, making it one of the biggest retail conglomerates in the region.

6. He is a Billionaire but Deeply Respects the Value of Money

Micky Jagtiani’s net worth is estimated to be over $5.1 Billion as of 2021. That said, his experiences with poverty have taught him to respect the value of money deeply. This mindset has kept him grounded, despite his astronomical wealth.

He treats every penny as important and continues to reinvest profits back into his business. This attitude has been a significant factor contributing to Landmark Group’s impressive growth.

7. He is a Big Supporter of Education and Healthcare

Jagtiani’s benevolence has seen him generously donate towards education and healthcare. In 2000, he launched the Landmark International Foundation of Empowerment (LIFE), which is dedicated to reducing illiteracy and providing access to quality healthcare.

He also supports numerous non-profit organizations working in these fields, utilizing his wealth for the benefit of people less fortunate. His philanthropy shows a side to him often overshadowed by his entrepreneurial achievements.

8. He Believes in Women Empowerment

Micky has shown his commitment to promoting women’s empowerment within his business. Landmark Group has a significant percentage of women in leadership roles, demonstrating his commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

This extends to the company’s customer base, with female-focused brands like Centrepoint, Max, and Splash. By promoting women’s empowerment within his business, Jagtiani challenges gender norms within a traditionally male-dominant business environment.

9. He Received the ‘Retail Personality of the Year’ Award

In 2008, Jagtiani was awarded the prestigious ‘Retail Personality of the Year’ at the Retail Middle East Awards. The honor was in recognition of his significant contributions to the region’s retail sector, which he transformed tremendously.

This award is proof of Jagtiani’s visionary leadership and his ability to transform his struggling family business into a retail powerhouse.

10. He Ranks Among the Richest Indians in the Gulf Region

From humble beginnings to a billionaire status, Micky Jagtiani’s successful entrepreneurial journey has landed him among the richest Indians in the Gulf Region. However, he is not one to flaunt his wealth and prefers to keep a low-profile, focusing on his business and philanthropic endeavors.

Jagtiani’s wealth has not estranged him from reality. It has, instead, fueled his devotion to philanthropy and his commitment to positively impacting society, making him a truly noble figure.

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