10 Things You Didn’t Know About Miroslava Duma

From style icon to influential entrepreneur, Miroslava Duma took the international fashion industry by storm with her impeccable style and innovative entrepreneurial skills. Although she is well known, there are some intriguing aspects about her that remain relatively untapped. Here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about Miroslava Duma.

1. She is of a noble heritage

Our understanding of Miroslava Duma’s life wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging her impressive lineage. Born into a highly distinguished family in Russia, Miroslava Duma is the daughter of former Russian senator Vasily Duma. Her mother, Elena Duma, is a renowned scientist in Russia.

She was raised under the guidance and rules of nobility – a factor that has significantly influenced her career and personal life, contributing significantly to her unique sense of style and etiquette. It certainly explains her classic and timeless fashion choices.

2. Her first step into the fashion industry was as a journalist

Having graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Miroslava Duma embarked on a career in journalism. She initially worked for prominent publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Russia and Elle Russia, thus gaining treasured experience in the fashion industry.

Over the years, she also worked as a freelance writer for numerous magazines internationally, broadening her fashion knowledge and journalistic prowess. This helped to shape her future endeavors, bridging a link between journalism and the fashion industry.

3. She is an influential figure in online fashion

After gaining experience in the world of traditional journalism, Miroslava soon established herself as a significant influencer in digital fashion. She was one of the earliest champions of digital fashion platforms, and in 2011, she founded her own website, Buro 24/7.

With a focus on lifestyle, fashion, contemporary society, and digital culture, Buro 24/7 rapidly became a leading online platform. This amplified Miroslava’s influence in the online fashion world, causing her to be recognized as one of the most prominent figures in the industry.

4. She is a style icon known for her eclectic style

Miroslava is a recognized fashion icon noted for her unique, eclectic style. She frequently graces the front rows of international fashion shows, and her outfits have attracted international attention and acclaim.

Her unique blend of high-altitude chic and multicultural influences has led to her being profiled in leading fashion magazines. Fashion photographers around the globe are intrigued by her picturesque looks, and she consistently features on best-dressed lists.

5. Miroslava Duma was instrumental in giving Russian fashion international recognition

Aside from being a style icon, Miroslava has contributed significantly to bringing Russian fashion to the international arena. Through her work with Harper’s Bazaar Russia, for example, she helped popularize Russian designers and shine a light on the creativity within her country.

Her global success has also opened doors for aspiring Russian designers, providing them the exposure they need in the international fashion scene. As a result, both her style and professional work have played a vital role in placing Russian fashion on the world map.

6. She is a champion for sustainable fashion

While most know Miroslava for her role in the fashion industry, many might not know that she is a passionate supporter of sustainable fashion. In recent years, she has shifted her focus towards promoting sustainability and ecological consciousness in the fashion industry through her venture Future Tech Lab.

Future Tech Lab is an investment company that values sustainable transformation of the fashion industry. The firm invests in emerging technologies and businesses that can drive positive change, particularly those that promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Miroslava’s work in this sector is widely regarded as groundbreaking.

7. She is a public speaker

Apart from her notable ventures, Miroslava is also a public speaker who shares her insights on various platforms. She frequently speaks at international conferences, including the World Economic Forum on sustainable fashion, technological innovation, and circular economy.

Her words bear weight, not only due to her success in the industry but also because of her intellectual approach to fashion and flair for identifying potential industry trends. Her ability to discuss industry opportunities has solidified her as a respected speaker and thought leader.

8. She is a mother of three

Despite her demanding career, Miroslava is also a dedicated mother to her three children. She often shares about the joy of motherhood and how it has influenced her outlook and approach to work and fashion.

She uses her status in the fashion industry to teach her children the importance of sustainability and individuality. Her children also give her the inspiration to create a better world through her professional endeavors.

9. She was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in Art and Style

Her role in the fashion industry and sustainable fashion has earned her international acclaim. Miroslava made the Forbes “30 Under 30” list in the Art & Style category in 2014, solidifying her position as a global influencer.

The list celebrates top young leaders, creative entrepreneurs, and game changers in their respective industries who are under 30. The recognition boosted Miroslava’s influence and showed that she is a significant player in the field.

10. She recognizes the power of technology in the fashion industry

Throughout her career, Miroslava has identified and harnessed the power of technology. She strongly believes that technology can be harnessed to reshape the fashion industry and encourage sustainability.

Her faith in technology is mirrored in Future Tech Lab, where she encourages the development and application of technology in the fashion industry. She acknowledges that digital evolution can generate a more positive and sustainable fashion industry.

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