10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mori Arkin

Mori Arkin might not be a household name, but his impact on the pharmaceutical industry is significant. In this article, we uncover 10 things you probably didn’t know about Mori Arkin, the Israeli businessman and investor, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Perrigo Company, and the owner of Arkin Holdings, an investment firm specializing in the life sciences industry.

1. He Hails from a Pharmaceutical Dynasty

Mori Arkin is the offspring of an industry titan. His father, Zvi Arkin, founded Agis Industries in 1983, one of Israel’s leading pharmaceutical companies, which grew to become an internationally acclaimed entity in the field of pharmaceuticals.

The family’s immersion in the pharmaceutical industry from such an early age likely played a critical role in shaping Mori’s understanding and approach to business, particularly within the healthcare and life sciences sector.

2. His Business Philosophy is to Partner, not Dictate

Mori Arkin places a great deal of emphasis on partnership. Rather than taking over and dictating the way companies he invests in should be run, Arkin prefers to partner with the existing management teams, providing them with necessary resources for growth.

This approach encourages innovation, allowing the invested companies to focus on their core development programs while leveraging Arkin’s vast experience and guidance.

3. He Made a Substantial Profit with the Sale of Agis

In 2005, Mori Arkin sold Agis Industries to Perrigo, a US-based global healthcare supplier, for a staggering $818 million. This transaction turned the Arkin family into one of the wealthiest in Israel and solidified Mori’s standing as a savvy businessman.

The acquisition also made Arkin the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Perrigo, a position he still holds today, showcasing his commitment to the global healthcare industry.

4. He is an Avid Art Collector

Apart from his life science and business interests, Mori Arkin has an enduring love for art. He is known to be an avid art collector, and his collection is reported to be impressive, containing pieces from various artists globally.

Arkin’s love for art doesn’t stop at personal collection. He also supports various art initiatives and exhibitions, further fostering creativity beyond the life sciences sector.

5. He Made Forbes 2018 Rich List

Mori Arkin’s savvy business moves did not go unnoticed. In 2018, he was listed among the wealthiest individuals in Israel by Forbes. His inclusion in the prestigious list further attests to his successful investment decisions and his position in the business world.

6. Arkin Holdings Funds Life Science Startups

In a bid to encourage innovation in the life sciences sector, Arkin Holdings often funds startups. The companies they support range from therapeutics to drug delivery, medical devices and digital health. This not only seeds growth in the startups but also contributes to advancements in the healthcare sector.

7. He is a Patron of the Technion

Mori Arkin is a huge supporter of the technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He financially supports the institution, solidifying his commitment to investing in scientific and technological education. His philanthropic activities underline his dedication to fostering innovation and growth within the industry, highlighting the importance of education in achieving these goals.

8. He Believes in ‘Israeliness’

Arkin is a strong believer in ‘Israeliness’, which involves encouraging entrepreneurship, fostering innovation, and promoting resilience. His dedication to these principles is evident in his investment strategies, focusing specifically on Israeli companies in the life science industry.

9. He Has Diversified Investments

While prominent in the life science industry, Arkin has also diversified his investments. He invests in sectors such as real estate and technology, highlighting his savvy in recognizing potential lucrative opportunities outside his primary industry.

10. He is a Private Individual

Despite his high-profile business dealings, Mori Arkin remains a private individual. He tends to keep his personal life away from the public eye, preferring to let his business accomplishments speak for themselves.

In conclusion, Mori Arkin is an inspirational figure and a powerful force in the life science industry. His passion, combined with his strategic and savvy business approach, contribute significantly to healthcare advancements.

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