Nancy Walton Laurie – The Heiress Behind The Walton Fortune

Unveiling the life of one of the world’s wealthiest women, Nancy Walton Laurie. Being an heir to the colossal Walmart fortune, she has chosen to live life differently from many of her contemporaries. Let’s uncover some little-known facts about the life and legacy of this enigmatic figure.

1. One Of The Richest Women Globally

The Walton family is one of the wealthiest in the world, thanks to their ownership of Walmart. Nancy Walton Laurie, being the daughter of Bud Walton – co-founder of Walmart – is an heiress to part of this impressive wealth. As of this writing, she ranks as the 270th richest person globally courtesy of her inherited Walmart stocks and other investments.

Her wealth, however, isn’t just about numbers for Nancy. She believes in living responsibly and philanthropically, making significant contributions to various causes and philanthropic endeavors throughout her life.

2. Firm Believer In Charity

Nancy Walton Laurie is deeply committed to charitable activities. Believing in the power of giving back, she has channelized a considerable part of her wealth towards philanthropy. She, along with her husband Bill, established the Walmart Museum to preserve the legacy of the retail giant and its founders.

The Lauries have also focused on charities that house and support less fortunate children. They have created resources to enhance the quality of school education and offer scholarships for deserving students to pursue higher education.

3. An Equestrian Lover

Nancy’s love for horses is well-known. She owns numerous horse barns and has a deep interest in show jumping. She has often financed young and promising equestrian athletes, focusing on encouraging their talents and passion for the sport.

Nancy’s daughter, Paige Laurie, is also an accomplished equestrian who has won at several international competitions. Sharing her mother’s passion for horses, she too is an active supporter of the sport.

4. Matter of a Controversial Documentary

Nancy Walton Laurie was a subject of controversy in 2020, with the release of ‘The One Percent,’ a revealing documentary by Jamie Johnson. The documentary dissects the lifestyle of America’s wealthiest echelons and critiques their handling of wealth. It portrays Nancy as living a life of extravagance while being oblivious to broader social issues.

However, Nancy and her adherents have refuted these claims stating that her philanthropic efforts and investments in the community speak volumes of her sensitivity towards societal issues.

5. Listed On Forbes Wealthiest List

Thanks to her inherited wealth and wise investment decisions, Nancy Walton Laurie has consistently featured on the Forbes list of wealthiest individuals. She has made it to the ‘America’s Richest Self-Made Women’ list by Forbes as well, showcasing the power of her financial intelligence along with her heavy inheritance.

It’s not just Forbes; Nancy and her family are regular features in several wealth ranking lists across various platforms, highlighting their financial prowess.

6. Passion For Dance

Besides her indulgence in philanthropy and equestrian pursuits, Laurie has a passion for ballet. She founded the Columbia Performing Arts Centre (CPAC), a dance studio that grooms young talents. She also supports the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York City and the Los Angeles Ballet.

Through her patronage, Nancy has been instrumental in supporting and enhancing the dancing landscape in Columbia and beyond, helping young artists nurture their talent.

7. Risk-Taking & Entrepreneurial Streak

Nancy doesn’t just rest on her inherited wealth; she has taken several entrepreneurial risks to increase her fortune. She owns several businesses, including a cruise line operation in Hawaii, which shows her entrepreneurial spirit and knack for diversification.

This willingness to take risks and start new ventures sets her apart from her contemporaries and attests to her business acumen and sharp investment sense.

8. An Ensconced Private Life

Nancy Walton Laurie maintains an extremely private life. Despite being a public figure due to her enormous wealth, she chooses to stay away from public scrutiny and media attention. She prefers staying ensconced within the confines of her luxurious mansions most of the time.

Nevertheless, she does make public appearances while attending charity events or supporting her favorite sports teams, giving the world a glimpse of her lifestyle.

9. Lavish Real Estate Portfolio

Laurie’s enormous wealth and love for luxury are reflected in her extensive real estate portfolio. She owns a slew of properties all across the United States, from Beverly Hills to the Grand Lakefront Estate in Lake Tahoe.

These properties, with their splendid architecture and expensive interiors, are a reflection of Nancy’s lifestyle and her innate love for beautiful spaces.

10. Education Matters

Nancy’s interest in promoting education has been evident through her significant donations towards the cause. She established the E.L. Wiegand Early Learning Center in Las Vegas, serving as a resource center for local schools and offering an innovative learning environment for young children.

Moreover, she funded a library at the University of Southern California, showing her commitment towards academic prosperity and progress.


There’s more to Nancy Walton than just her remarkable inherited wealth. She is a woman of many fronts; a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an equestrian lover, and a dance enthusiast. Despite the controversies, her charitable endeavors and support to several causes underscore her dedication towards giving back to society.

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