Nathan Westling: 10 Things You Didn’t Know


Echoing the chic corridors of the high fashion world, Nathan Westling’s name rings a bold yet angelic bell. This bright-red-haired top model has worked with magnificent brands like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. As a person, Westling resonates beauty, strength, and courage both on and off the runway. But there is more to Nathan than what meets the eye. Here’s an intriguing look at ten facets of Nathan Westling that you may not know.

1. Arizona Native

Nathan Westling was born in the Sonoran desert city, Scottsdale, Arizona. Who would have thought that this mellow suburban place would birth such a vibrant personality in the fashion stage!

While his career may have taken him to New York and beyond, Nathan’s roots lie in the tranquil and warm landscapes of Arizona, whereto he still holds a significant connection.

2. Roller Skating Enthusiast

Before the runaway stages and high-profile photoshoots, Nathan’s first love was roller skating. Yes, you heard that right! Nathan is a hardcore skating enthusiast and a natural at it.

Spending most of his childhood at the local skate parks, Nathan explored and mastered the art of skateboarding tricks, acquiring skills that later pushed him toward the grand arenas of life.

3. Transgender Journey

In a monumental stride towards individuality and self-expression, Nathan bravely stepped into his truth as a man. Opening up about his transgender journey in 2019, he has since become an icon of LGBT+ representation in the high-fashion world.

Truly embodying the essence of courage and authenticity in personal life, Nathan garners massive respect for his choice of speaking out and standing tall in his identity.

4. Debut with Marc Jacobs

The spectacular world of fashion first saw Nathan Westling in the Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2013 show. With fiery red hair, sharp features, and an undeniable charisma, Nathan soon became a muse for Jacobs and many others in the industry.

His debut marked the commencement of a robust and awe-inspiring career, serving as an influential figure on international runways, and a confident, gorgeous representation in printed campaigns.

5. High-Profile Relationships

Despite being fiercely private about his personal life, Nathan’s high-profile relationships have often been a point of curiosity. He was previously linked with fellow model Binx Walton.

In their shared walks on the ramp or noticeable companionship, both models secure immense appreciation from audiences worldwide. However, as of now, Nathan prefers keeping his romantic life under wraps.

6. Tattoo Enthusiast

Nathan shows an undeniable passion for body art and has a number of visible tattoos. His left arm boasts an impressive sleeve, showcasing his fearless penchant for expression.

Each intricate design sheds light on a part of Nathan’s personal journey or simply showcases art he resonates with— making him a walking canvas of stories, adventures, and profound expression.

7. Struggles with Mental Health

Just like many of us, Nathan also faced his share of mental health struggles. Throughout his transition, he battled depression and anxiety, partly stemming from dysphoria.

Despite the challenges, he never shied away from discussing his battles, hoping to destigmatize mental health conversations and inspire others facing similar struggles.

8. Enjoys Drawing

When he isn’t slaying the runway or posing for glossy editorials, Nathan often finds solace in art. He enjoys drawing and finds it therapeutic.

His love for art extends to his tattoos and his skateboarding background, representing his layered and creative personality.

9. Vogue’s Model of the Year 2013

Nathan experienced a significant breakthrough when he was named Vogue’s ‘Model of the Year’ in 2013. This towering victory marked just the commencement of his eventful journey in the high-fashion world.

With this accolade under his belt, Westling stamped his name as an undeniable fashion force, joining the ranks of the best in the industry.

10. Advocate for Trans Rights

Through his own journey, Nathan has become a prominent advocate for transgender rights. His openness about his transformation has aided in removing the taboo around it in the fashion business and beyond.

His courage to lead an authentic life serves as an inspiration to many, with him emerging not just as a top model, but also as a beacon of strength and resilience.

We hope this article has given you a glimpse into the captivating life and journey of Nathan Westling. Always remember, you don’t only wear your fashion, but you carry your truth as boldly as Nathan does.

Click here to view the New York Times’ article on Nathan’s revelation about his transition. You can also follow his Instagram to keep up with his latest endeavors.