10 Things You Didn’t Know About Neal Blue & Family

Whether you are already familiar with Neal Blue, the co-owner of General Atomics or not, there are likely some nuggets of information you are yet to discover. Part of an affluent family, Neal Blue’s life history involves some of the most interesting facets. In this article, we take a closer look at ten fascinating aspects of his life and his family’s. Ready to delve into the life of this billionaire? Let’s go.

1. He Co-Owns General Atomics alongside His Brother

Neal Blue along with his brother, Linden Blue, co-own General Atomics – one of the leading producers of drones for the US military. Their company, established in 1955 initially engaged in nuclear energy research and later diversified into drone tech, a profitable venture that has significantly contributed to the Blue family’s wealth.

Their popularity in the drone market is largely tied to the manufacturing of the Predator drone. Not many are aware that it was their company that developed this influential technology, shaping the course of modern warfare.

2. Neal’s Outstanding Educational Background

Before stepping into the corporate world, Neal Blue had an exceptional educational journey. He is a Yale University alumnus, where he graduated with a degree in Economics. His academic performance was exceptional, laying a solid foundation for his future as an eminent businessman.

Besides the traditional academic background, Neal Blue also developed an early interest in aviation, leading to his obtaining a pilot’s license. This addition further broadened his overall skill set, later influencing his business choices.

3. Lindon and Neal Took Ownership of General Atomics in 1986

Although General Atomics was founded in 1955, Neal Blue and his brother Linden Blue acquired it from Chevron much later, in 1986. Their acquisition marked a turning point for the company as they expanded it beyond nuclear energy and into drone technology. Part of this transformation is what lead to the creation of the iconic Predator drone.

Today, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, a branch of General Atomics, is among the top-rated firms in providing unmanned aircraft, radar, and electro-optic solutions globally.

4. The Wealth of the Blue Brothers

Given the expanding business of General Atomics, it’s no wonder that both brothers have significant wealth. Neal and his brother, Linden, are among the richest individuals in the high-tech defense sector.

Their wealth is estimated to be in billions, thanks to the profits from their diversified portfolios. Apart from the profits from General Atomics, the brothers also have investments in various other sectors, including real estate and agriculture, further swelling their fortune.

5. Family Life of Neal Blue

Despite being a public figure, particularly in the business world, Neal Blue remains relatively private about his family life. The records that do exist reveal that he is a proud father to two daughters and a son.

His brother, Linden Blue, has also maintained a similar level of privacy around his family life. He is married with children, but further details are not publicly disclosed.

6. Their Influence in the Drone Marketplace

Through General Atomics, the Blue brothers have transformed the drone marketplace. The production of the remote-controlled Predator drone revolutionized not only their company but also the entire military tech sector.

Neal and Linden have continued to be key players in the drone industry, consistently innovating and pushing boundaries. This has cemented their influence in defense tech globally.

7. Neal Blue’s Passion for Travel and Exploration

Neal’s passion for travel and exploration is unparalleled. This passion stems from his younger days and has continued into his adult life, influencing his personal and professional life. As an eloquent testimony of his ventures, Neal holds a storied adventure in South America exploring for gold and developing business interests.

His expeditions have also influenced the global ventures of General Atomics, proving him to be an ambitious explorer and entrepreneur.

8. Grape Farming Interest

It may surprise some to learn that Neal Blue’s interests lie beyond the tech industry. He and his brother Linden are said to have a passion for viticulture. They own vast vineyards and are known for producing fine-wine grapes.

Their vineyard spans several acres and encompasses parts of California. Jack Creek Cellars, a vineyard they own, is well-known among wine lovers.

9. Environmental Conservation Efforts

Neal Blue, being a nature lover and outdoorsman, is also tremendously interested in environmental conservation. He actively contributes to nature preservation organizations, ensuring he plays his part in maintaining biodiversity.

His vineyard is also acknowledged as conservation vineyards, illustrating his continuous commitment to environmental health.

10. Their Contributions to the Community

Both Neal and Linden Blue are aware of their responsibility towards their community. They have been involved in several philanthropic acts, admired for their tremendous contributions to society. They have funded different projects and initiatives geared towards assisting less fortunate community members.

The brothers have garnered immense respect and admiration for their generous acts, further showing how multifaceted they are beyond business interests.

In conclusion, Neal Blue, alongside his brother Linden, has impacted not only the drone industry but also other facets of society. If you are interested to know more about Neal Blue, General Atomics, or the Blue Family, feel free to check the following links:

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