An Exploration of Nick Caporella: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

You’re likely familiar with the renowned sparkling beverage, LaCroix, but how much do you know about the man behind it all? Nick Caporella is the face of National Beverage Corp, the company that owns the popular carbonated drink. Described as a self-made man, Caporella’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acuity have made him a major player in the beverage industry. Here’s a look into the life and success of Caporella through these little-known facts.

1. Caporella’s Early Days as a Contractor

Before he began to build his own empire, Nick Caporella started his professional journey in construction. He worked as a contractor in his earlier years, a profession far removed from the beverage industry. This was essentially where he began learning the rudiments of running a business, handling clients, and managing a team.

Over the years, he utilized his learning to run his companies more efficiently and effectively. It’s intriguing to witness how someone whose career took off from a distinctly different industry, managed to cement his name in the beverage realm.

2. Acquiring the Failing National Beverage Corp

Caporella’s journey to success was undeniably marked by taking risks. One of his most significant moves was the acquisition of the then-failing National Beverage Corp in 1985, a step that led him into an unfamiliar territory. Despite minimal experience in the beverage industry, he selled his construction company, Burnup & Sims Inc., and courageously ventured forward.

This brave and strategic move eventually paid off as he used his business acumen to revive the failing corporation, steering it to become a noteworthy competitor in the fiercely contested soft drinks industry.

3. The Birth of LaCroix

A pivotal development in Caporella’s success is the creation of LaCroix. The sparkling water brand was created as a response to the industry’s evolving demand for healthier drink alternatives. Recognizing this shift, Caporella made a daring and innovative move to launch a sparkling water commodity amidst the numerous soft drink products.

First introduced in 1992 under the corporate umbrella, LaCroix has escalated to become one of the leading sparkling water brands in the U.S, and played a vital role in positioning National Beverage Corp. as a desirable investment venture.

4. Nick Caporella: A Self-Made Billionaire

It’s known that Caporella is a self-made billionaire, but the magnitude of his accomplishments is often understated. As the sole owner of National Beverage Corp, Caporella’s net worth substantially increased over the years. Forbes recognized him on their list of billionaires in 2014 as his estimated net worth reached the billion-dollar landmark.

A majority of Caporella’s wealth emanates from his investments in the beverage industry, particularly his intelligent risk of entering the industry through National Beverage Corp’s purchase and later creating LaCroix. His consistent determination and perseverance attributed to most of his wealth accumulation.

5. Caporella’s Unique Business Approach

One significant element of Caporella’s success can be attributed to his distinct approach to business. Despite the rapid advancement of technology, he has managed to steer clear of the wave. National Beverage Corp. doesn’t utilize machine automation for its production process. Caporella believes in keeping jobs human, and thus, aids in maintaining an extensive workforce.

Furthermore, unlike many businesses that resort to loans and financing for expansion, Caporella believes in keeping the company debt-free. This unconventional approach has served him well, as it often shielded the company from economic downturns and allowed for greater, sustainable growth.

6. A Philanthropic Soul

Caporella isn’t just about making wealth; he’s also known for his generous giving. He has been involved in numerous philanthropic gestures to support education and research. In one of the noted contributions, Caporella and his wife made a donation of $1 million to Florida Gulf Coast University.

The Caporella family has routinely donated to universities and causes, demonstrating an admirable commitment to the betterment of society. Their continued philanthropy speaks volumes about Caporella’s character beyond the realm of business.

7. Legal Controversies

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Caporella’s journey has not been without a fair share of challenges. He has faced numerous legal controversies, including a recent sexual harassment lawsuit. Although this certainly puts a damper on his reputation, it underscores that success often comes with its own set of complexities.

Caporella has consistently and staunchly denied all allegations against him. Still, the controversies serve to paint a more multi-faceted depiction of the man famously associated with LaCroix.

8. Passion for Aviation

Beyond the world of beverages, Caporella fosters a passion for flying. He holds a pilot’s license and owns a private jet. Despite his schedule, he often finds time to fly his Falcon 900 jet around Florida.

This passion for aviation goes beyond a hobby. Caporella has been known to take business calls while at the helm of the aircraft. He seamlessly combines work and play, showing a unique balance that few can master.

9. Aging with Vigour

At 85 years old, Caporella is proof that age is just a number. He actively oversees National Beverage Corp. as the CEO and shows no signs of slowing down. He often shares that he plans to die with his ‘boots on’— a testament to his enduring perseverance and unyielding enthusiasm for his work.

Caporella’s vigor illustrates that success isn’t solely restricted to youth. Rather, it emphasizes the importance of persistence, passion, and experience in leading a successful business venture.

10. His Unique Work Ethic

Though a billionaire, Caporella is famously known for his humble and eccentric work ethic. He follows an early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine. He starts work at 4:30 a.m, operates from an office that reportedly hasn’t changed in 20 years, and often overlooks formalities for a more straightforward, hands-on approach to management.

Holding onto this work ethic for years, Caporella personifies the principle of simplicity and persistence. His unique approach undeniably plays a significant role in his overall success story.

In conclusion, Nick Caporella’s journey offers unique insights into resilience, determination, and the courage to venture into uncharted territories. Above all, his story is a testament to the fact that success isn’t necessarily confined to certain industries or predictable paths. It’s about recognizing opportunities, taking risks, persevering through challenges and staying true to one’s values.

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