10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicolas Di Felice

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then the name Nicolas Di Felice is probably not new to you. As the current creative director of the iconic French fashion house, Courrèges, this 36-year-old Belgian designer has been making waves in the global fashion industry. In this article we dissect some unique and perhaps, not commonly known things about this incredible talent, Nicolas Di Felice.

1. Beginnings in a Small Belgian Town

Nicolas Di Felice was born and raised in Florennes, a small town in the Belgian region of Wallonia, where he nurtured his burgeoning fashion talent. His affection for fashion bore in his childhood. It was cultivated through his close relationship with his grandmother who was an accomplished seamstress. This humble beginning was a stepping stone for what would become a remarkable career in the fashion industry.

His distinct creativity and dedication to his craft, inspired by his rustic roots, have catapulted him to his present status as one of the leading designers in the global fashion scene. Despite his big-city success, he remains proud of his small-town upbringing, often attributing his success to his roots in Florennes.

2. Studied At “La Cambre”

Upon deciding to venture into the fashion scene, Nico, as he is fondly referred to by close associates, left his hometown and moved to Brussels. He enrolled at “École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre,” or simply La Cambre – one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world.

During his time at La Cambre, he honed his skills and developed his distinct style, which is celebrated today. This period was instrumental and it formed a solid foundation for his career. The influence of his training is evident in his edgy yet elegant designs.

3. An Impressive Early Career

Nicolas had a promising start to his career, working under famous designers like Raf Simons and later for Balenciaga under Nicolas Ghesquière where he served as a senior womenswear designer. This experience put him on the fashion industry roadmap and exposed him to the dynamics of the design business.

His time alongside these beloved designers was a period of growth, further nurturing his already budding talent. His work was recognized, and you can spot some of his contributions in a collection of signature pieces displayed by the respective fashion houses.

4. Creative Director For Courrèges

In 2020, Nicolas was announced as the new Creative Director for the renowned French fashion house Courrèges. This marked a significant milestone in his career. Being at the helm of such a notable brand was not only an excellent opportunity for him but also thrilling for the fans of his work.

With his appointment, he is charged with taking forward André Courrèges’ vision and spirit, known for its futuristic design approach and wraps it in his modern, fresh touch. He has already showcased his talent in the role with a series of collections acclaimed for their balance of past and future aesthetics.

5. His Love For Modern Nostalgia

Nicolas Di Felice is famous for his modern nostalgia style. He intelligently merges fashion elements from different eras, creating a unique, distinct blend that gives his creations a ‘time traveler’ vibe. This creative genius could style something from the 60s with a piece of the 90s, and the result is a timeless creation that seamlessly fits into the present day.

He carries this signature style to Courrèges, offering a new take on the brand’s iconic 60s-mod style, yet maintaining its essence. His debut collection at Courrèges flawlessly showcases this blend of past and future, making him a master of modern nostalgia.

6. A Deep Respect For Craftsmanship

The new Courrèges creative director holds an enormous respect for craftsmanship. You would often find him behind the scenes handling textiles or working closely with seasoned artisans. He believes that great fashion is anchored on the mastery of the craft, understanding the materials, and time-hardened techniques.

This ethos translates into his work, where each piece is meticulously made, highlighting perfect tailoring, quality materials, and excellent finishing. In a world that’s moving so fast towards mass-production, Di Felice reminds us of the importance of craft and time in creating truly standout fashion pieces.

7. A Believer In Sustainable Fashion

Nicolas Di Felice is a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion. Even at Courrèges, a brand known for its futuristic plastic designs, Di Felice is pushing for a more conscious approach. He has embarked on replacing PVC with organic, biodegradable materials, making a clear statement about his commitment to mindful fashion.

Coming from a generation that unequivocally demands sustainability, Di Felice’s creations not only carry his signature style but also stand as symbols of the fashion industry’s future direction. It would be interesting to see how he continues to merge his love for beautiful designs with sustainability.

8. A Regular At Paris Fashion Week

As one would expect, Nicolas is a regular face at Paris Fashion Week. His collections, particularly his debut at Courrèges, have garnered critical acclaim, making him one of the most anticipated designers during these high-fashion weeks.

He uses these platforms to showcase his creativity, his love for the craft, and his commitment to sustainability, making his runway shows much more than a display of beautiful clothes. It’s a fashion experience that leaves you thinking about nostalgia, modernity, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

9. Privately Reserved

Despite his success and popularity in the fashion industry, Nicolas Di Felice is known for keeping a low profile. He maintains a healthy balance between public and private life, keeping his private life, precisely that, private.

While he communicates with the public mainly through his work, Nicolas doesn’t crave the spotlight. He is widely known for shunning the overtly glamorous life that sometimes comes with the fashion industry, choosing to channel his energy entirely into his work.

10. A Man Who Loves Dogs

Away from fashion, Di Felice has a love for dogs. He is a dog owner and is seen during his free time enjoying walks and playtime with his furry friends. This hobby gives us a glimpse of his life away from the sketch books, design studios, and runways.

In the future, we’re excited to see where Nicolas Di Felice takes Courrèges and how he continues to make his mark in the industry. He’s proven that he’s more than worthy of his place in the upper echelons of fashion. Here’s to seeing his vision for Courrèges and his pursuit for sustainable fashion unfold!

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