10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nina Garcia

In the world of fashion and style, the name ‘Nina Garcia’ is not one to be forgotten. Known for her role on the television show, Project Runway, as well known fashion designer Oscar de la Renta’s right-hand woman, Nina Garcia, the Colombian fashion journalist has been a significant figure in the fashion industry. But how well do you know Nina Garcia? Here are ten surprising facts about the radiant, ever stylish Nina Garcia that you may not know.

1. She was born and raised in Colombia

Nina was born on May 3, 1965, in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. She grew up in a wealthy and socially prominent family, probably why she has a well-structured sense of style. As a child, she was exposed to the fashion industry as she frequently traveled to Paris for the sole purpose of shopping with her mother.

Nina later left Colombia to chase her dreams of being in the Fashion industry in the United States. Her Colombian roots contributed significantly to her sense of fashion and style which we all admire and love.

2. Her Mother Sparked Her Interest in Fashion

Nina’s mother was a huge influencer on her fashion interest. She had a deep love of fashion and would often fly to Paris just to buy clothes. When she had grown old enough, her mother started taking her on those shopping trips which sparked her interest in fashion.

From these voyages, the young Nina Garcia was able to understand the intricacies of fashion trends and thus developed the ability to appreciate high-quality pieces. Her mother’s influence is credited to be one of the reasons for her success in the fashion industry.

3. She Studied at Prestigious Schools

Nina Garcia’s educational background is a testament to her success in the industry. She had her college education at Boston University, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. Later, she attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, marking the beginning of her journey in the fashion world.

It didn’t stop there – she also enrolled in the prestigious fashion school, Ecole Superieure de La Mode in Paris. This extensive and impressive educational background honed her talents and traits suitable for a cut-throat industry like fashion.

4. She Once Worked for Marc Jacobs

Before her rise to fame, Nina Garcia had humble beginnings. Her first job in the fashion industry was with Marc Jacobs. She worked as an assistant, gaining firsthand experience with runway shows, ads, and trends during her tenure there.

The experience set a strong foundation for her, later serving her well in her role as a judge on Project Runway. From assistant to a fashion icon, her journey proves hard work can propel you to heights beyond belief.

5. Her Job at Elle Magazine was her Breakthrough

Garcia’s tenure at Elle magazine was her true breakthrough in the fashion industry. She landed her first job at Elle as a fashion director, a position she held for thirteen tenacious years. During her time in Elle, she oversaw all the magazine’s fashion stories and covers.

Her hard work and dedication did not go without notice, as she moved on to Marie Claire in 2008. Garcia’s work in these two publications has left a mark and increased her prominence across borders.

6. She is Fluent in Four Languages

Apart from English, Nina Garcia is also fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Her bilingual ability has proven to be an advantageous tool for her in the fashion industry, making collaborations and interactions swift and easy across different cultures.

This multilingual attribute has not only flaunted her intelligence but also her dedication to her work, understanding the importance of not allowing language to be a barrier to success.

7. She is the Creative Director of Marie Claire

In an industry where dynamism is the coinage, staying at the top requires a constant evolution of skills and roles. After leaving Elle magazine, Nina Garcia moved to Marie Claire as an editor and continued to rise up to the role of Creative Director.

In her role, Garcia oversees the fashion coverage of the magazine, directing fashion shoots and contributing to fashion trend stories. The rise to the role affirmed Nina’s growth and firm footing in the industry.

8. She is an Author of Four Books

Besides her impact on the runway, Garcia is also a successful author. She has written four books, all about fashion, where she shares her knowledge and tips on personal style, perfect hair, industry secrets, and much more.

Her books, such as ‘The Little Black Book of Style’ and ‘The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart’ are widely appreciated for being fun, informative, and absolutely accessible, giving her readers an opportunity to learn from her wealth of experience.

9. She was a Judge on Project Runway

Nina Garcia was a mainstay on the hit reality fashion show, Project Runway, where she showcased her rich experience and knowledge in fashion. She was a judge on the show for a whopping 16 seasons!

This appearance catapulted her fame further as she became a household name. Her meticulous attention to detail, coupled with her constructively critical feedback, drew viewers to her, making her an indispensable member of the show.

10. She’s a Symbol of Diversity and Inclusion

As a woman of Colombian descent in an industry dominated by mostly white figures, Nina Garcia has always drawn attention to the need for more diversity and inclusion. She has used her influence to talk about this pressing issue, imploring more fashion brands to embrace diversity.

The fashion icon’s story has inspired many, especially Latinas, to pursue their dreams without being constricted by their racial or ethnic background. Garcia leads by example, showing that success is not limited by race or ethnicity.

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