10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Odile Gilbert’

In the world of hairstyling for the fashion industry, few names are as iconic as Odile Gilbert. As the first woman to win the Professional Hairstyling Award at the Globes de la Beauté, Gilbert has defined and reshaped our understanding of hair as a medium of artistic expression for over 30 years. Here are 10 things you might not know about her.

1. Odile Started Her Career In France

Odile Gilbert was born and raised in France. She grew up in the region of Brittany, where she nurtured her artistic talents from a young age. She later moved to Paris to pursue her education in hairstyling and makeup, where her talent was noticed by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

In Paris, she joined the world-famous Bruno Pittini salon, which later turned out to be her proving ground. Here she caught the attention of a number of fashion designers and photographers who soon began to commission her for their projects.

2. She Takes Inspiration From Art and Cinema

One might believe hairstyling inspiration comes from the latest trends or fashion shows, but for Odile, it is art and cinema. She is known to have said, “I’m inspired by art, cinema and by nature. You can do a hairdo with a tree. You can do a hairdo with anything.”

Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Mugler, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, have sought her signature touch. It’s always marked by a dreamlike inventiveness shaped by the worlds of Film Noir, The Nouvelle Vague and the Surrealists – interpretations of which we can see in her hair designs.

3. Odile’s Artistry Transcends Fashion Shows and Editorials

While Gilbert’s work is best known on fashion runways and in the pages of Vogue, she has also lent her artistry to Hollywood. Her work includes creating whimsical hairstyles for films. In fact, she’s worked with Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin on the flamboyantly styled movie, “Moulin Rouge.”

In addition to editorial and runways, her work also includes advertisements and music videos. Her versatility and ability to work across different mediums in the fashion and entertainment industry have solidified her reputation as a dynamic and multi-faceted artist.

4. Her Work Philosophy: Less is More

Despite working in a highly extravagant and flamboyant industry, Odile’s work philosophy veers towards minimalism. She believes in the power of simplicity and efficiency and her mantra is – “Less is more”. Her purpose is to enhance the essence of a person’s natural beauty, rather than imposing an artificial style on them.

She is known for creating clean looks that are effortless and versatile. This has earned her favor among fashion designers, who appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to create styles that complement their pieces without overpowering them.

5. She has Her Own Hair Product Line

In 2013, Gilbert launched her own line of hair products: Odile Gilbert Creations. The line features high-quality hairpins, combs, and other accessories. Each piece is handcrafted in France, showcasing Gilbert’s dedication not only to beauty and fashion, but craftsmanship as well.

Her product line is quite popular among hairstylists and fashion-forward individuals worldwide. Crafted from durable materials and available in an array of chic designs, her creations are as enduring and aesthetically pleasing as her famed hairstyles.

6. Gilbert is the First Woman to win the Globes de la Beauté

Apart from her various achievements, this is one of the highlights of Odile’s career. The Globes de la Beauté recognizes individuals in the world of beauty for their exceptional talent and contributions. Gilbert won this prestigious award, making her the first woman to do so.

This award cemented her place in the beauty world, not just as an incredibly talented hairstylist but also as a trailblazer and a role model for many aspiring hairstylists around the world.

7. She often Collaborates with Top Designers

It’s not just the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or Dolce & Gabbana who seek Gilbert’s craft; she regularly collaborates with other top fashion designers. Her work has influenced many fashion collections, from creating voluminous hairdos for Jean Paul Gaultier to sleek styles for Chanel.

For every designer, Odile creates unique styles that enhance the clothes rather than distracting from them. Her ability to understand a designer’s vision and bring it to life through hairstyles is unparalleled.

8. She’s a Long-time Collaborator with John Galliano

One of the most fruitful and ongoing relationships in Gilbert’s career is her partnership with British fashion designer John Galliano. Their creative relationship spans over three decades, starting when they first worked together for Dior’s Haute Couture shows.

Their mutual appreciation for history, culture, and art led to some of the most iconic looks in fashion. Gilbert helped Galliano’s whimsical and extravagant designs come to life by creating unique, eye-catching hairstyles that perfectly complemented his creations.

9. She Considers Herself an Artist

In Gilbert’s perspective, hairstyling is not just a profession, but an art form. She views her work as a way of expressing herself creatively, using hair as her canvas. She is known for saying, “Hair is a material, and you can do a sculpture with hair.”

It’s this mindset that enables her to create such unique and innovative hairstyles. Whether she’s crafting a hairstyle for a runway show or a Hollywood film, she approaches each project with a keen artistic eye that has established her as one of the most in-demand hairstylists in the fashion industry.

10. Her Work Ethic is Admired in the Industry

Gilbert’s creativity and vision are not the only things that have earned her praise. Her work ethic is also highly respected in the fashion industry. She is known for her attention to detail, her commitment to excellence, and her dedication to making sure every hairstyle is perfect.

Even when working under tight schedules and high-pressure situations common in the fashion industry, Gilbert remains focused and professional. It’s this relentless passion for her craft that continues to inspire the next generation of hairstylists.

Now you know Odile Gilbert, not just as a hairstylist but as an artist, a trailblazer, and an inspiration. Explore more about Odile Gilbert and her work at the following links:

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