10 Things You Didn’t Know About Oei Hong Leong

Oei Hong Leong is a prominent figure in the world of business and philanthropy. Despite his high-profile nature, there is still much that people do not know about this intriguing individual. Here are 10 things you might not know about Oei Hong Leong.

1. Early Life

Oei Hong Leong, born in 1949, was raised in one of the wealthiest families in Indonesia. He is the son of Sudono Salim and brother to Anthoni Salim, both prominent figures in the Indonesian business landscape. Despite being born into wealth and privilege, Oei has consistently worked to forge his own path and create his own success.

Despite his family’s prominence within the business community of Indonesia, Oei was largely educated abroad. In his early years, he received education in Canada which has greatly informed his global mindset and approach to business.

2. Business Interests

Oei’s interests span across several business sectors, including shipping, real estate, and telecoms. Through his holdings company, Ciptadana, Oei has investments in diverse areas such as property and telecommunications.

He has also shown significant interest in the tech industry, investing in several technology-based companies. He is an established venture capitalist and holds a position on Singapore’s New Economic Policy Committee, driving financial and business innovation within the country.

3. Philanthropy

Oei has been heavily engaged in philanthropic work throughout his lifetime. In 2011, he donated $17 million to fund the set-up of the Oei Hong Leong Art Centre in Singapore. This contribution was a testament to his commitment to promoting arts and culture within the country.

In addition to his contributions to the arts, Oei has consistently given to charitable causes related to healthcare and education. He sees philanthropy as an integral part of his life, and his work within this area reflects this.

4. Art Collector

Oei is an avid art collector and has amassed quite the collection over the years. His collection consists of an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional artworks hailing from all corners of the globe.

Through his art center, Oei has managed to share his fantastic collection with the world. The center offers exhibitions, auctions and residency programs, cultivating an active and vibrant arts scene in his native Singapore.

5. Litigation

Oei has been involved in several high-profile legal proceedings. Notably, he won a case against global banking giant, Bank of America, for misleading him into purchasing financial products.

Despite the complexity and adverseness of some of these proceedings, Oei has remained steadfast. He believes in the value of justice and owns his actions, regardless of the circumstances or potential setbacks.

6. Investment in Canada

Oei has extensive investment in Canada, particularly in the real estate sector. He has been residing part-time in Vancouver since the 1980s and is considered one of the city’s most influential foreign investors.

His notable investments in Canada include his acquisition of the Ritz-Carlton hotel project in downtown Vancouver. Despite his many business endeavours around the globe, his investments in Canada represent a significant portion of his portfolio.

7. Personal Luxuries

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Oei possesses an impressive collection of personal luxuries. With a luxurious home in Singapore and multiple properties in Vancouver, he truly understands the art of living well.

His impressive collection of sports cars is another testament to his lifestyle. With one car even featuring in the Hollywood blockbuster “Crazy Rich Asians”, Oei truly embodies an elite social status.

8. Buddhism

Despite his busy lifestyle, Oei maintains a deep commitment to his spiritual beliefs. As a devout Buddhist, he applies his religious philosophies to every aspect of his life including his business decisions.

His belief in karma and the transiency of wealth significantly influence his attitude towards money. This unique perspective perhaps differentiates him from many of his peers in the global business landscape.

9. Challenges with Son

Oei’s relationship with his son, Evan, has been difficult and marked by legal disputes. The disputes stem from disagreements on business matters, shed light on the complexities of navigating family and business.

Despite the challenges, Oei remains dedicated to his family, an aspect of his life that he cherishes deeply. He continues to work towards restoring the bond between him and his son.

10. Connection with Healthcare

Oei has a strong connection with the healthcare sector. He has made significant donations to hospitals and healthcare research in Singapore and Canada.

His commitment to healthcare perhaps stems from personal experiences and a broader worldview that values giving back to society. His philanthropic work in this sector has left a lasting impact on both the healthcare community and the general populace.

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