10 Things You Didn’t Know About Olivier Rizzo

Known as the master of aesthetic minimalist fashion, Olivier Rizzo has captivated the fashion world with his distinct, unique styling. While many are familiar with his works, there are still intriguing facets to his persona and work history that are relatively unknown. Let’s delve into some fascinating and lesser-known facts about Olivier Rizzo, the man whose influence transcends runways and magazine covers.

1. His Early Ancestry

Olivier Rizzo’s heritage is deeply rooted in Italy, more precisely in the Apulia region. Growing up, Olivier was significantly influenced by his cultural background, which is often reflected in the bold and stylish work he creates. His family background and culture formed the foundation of his design philosophy, influencing the way he approaches fashion.

The unique blend of his cultural heritage and highly urbanized fashion scene of Brussels, where he spent the majority of his life, significantly influences Rizzo’s designs. He beautifully fuses these two diverse elements, creating an incredibly unique perspective on modern fashion.

2. He Studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Rizzo is an alumnus of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion schools, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, located in Antwerp, Belgium. His time at the academy, refining his skills and cultivating his unique design approach under the guidance of the legendary Linda Loppa, undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping his career.

His school peers included renowned fashion figures like Stephanie D’heygere and Marina Yee—part of what the fashion world calls ‘The Antwerp Six’. Being a part of this vibrant and innovative environment filled with creative peers dramatically influenced Rizzo’s work and future fashion concepts.

3. Rizzo Began His Career Assisting on Photoshoots

In the early stages of his career, Rizzo worked with renowned photographers to learn the intricate dynamics of photoshoots. Collaborating with names such as Willy Vanderperre, whose work has been featured in Vogue, Rizzo gained practical understanding and experience in styling, creating narratives, and executing compelling fashion photographs.

Throughout these initial collaborations, Rizzo began to develop his sense of aesthetic minimalism, innovating the way fashion was perceived within the realm of photography. This marked the beginning of Rizzo’s distinctive journey in the fashion arena.

4. He Is a Regular Prada Collaborator

Olivier Rizzo has had a long-standing collaboration with Prada, one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. Right from the Prada Spring/Summer collection of 2010, Rizzo has been an instrumental part of creating the brand’s narrative.

Along with Miuccia Prada and fellow creative cohorts Pat McGrath and Guido Palau, Rizzo crafted visionary runway looks that became synonymous with the Prada brand. His consistent work with Prada endorses the continuous influence and relevance of Rizzo’s vision in the global fashion sphere.

5. Rizzo’s Love For Vintage

Although his work is usually associated with modern minimalist aesthetics, Rizzo has a deep-seated love for vintage fashion. His personal collection boasts a vast array of vintage pieces, including Band T-shirts and custom-made jeans – each piece with its own unique story and inspiration.

The influence of this love for vintage can often be seen in his works. Rizzo is known for blending high fashion with vintage elements, creating a perfect juxtaposition of past and present that breathes fresh life into each of his projects.

6. He Has Worked With Supreme

Not just limited to high fashion, Olivier Rizzo was selected as the stylist for Supreme’s Spring 2019 lookbook. This collaboration showcased Rizzo’s versatility as a stylist, with each look skillfully blending streetwear with high-end fashion elements.

Rizzo’s Supreme collection was met with global acclaim, reiterating his prowess to adapt to different styles and markets successfully. It highlighted the breadth of his creativity, solidifying his reputation as one of the most versatile creative minds in the fashion industry.

7. Legacy With Document Journal

Document Journal, a semi-annual culture, art, and fashion magazine, had Olivier Rizzo’s expert hands in its inception stages. He served as the publication’s senior fashion editor alongside Nick Vogelson, contributing significantly to the aesthetic tone of the magazine.

Rizzo’s work with Document Journal is symbolic of his ability to influence various facets of the fashion industry. From driving editorial fashion content to shaping the visual identity of a publication, his versatility shines through.

8. His Meticulous Attention to Detail

Rizzo’s impeccable attention to detail sets him apart in the industry. He is known to be meticulous about each aspect of his work, continually aiming for perfection, and this is evident in the final output. His skillful control over the minutest elements have often translated into his iconic runway looks and magazine editorials.

This dedication to precision extends beyond his styling endeavours. Even when instructing a team of assistants on how to prepare and look after the wardrobe, his instructions are incredibly detailed, ensuring everything goes as per his distinctive vision.

9. He Has Personal Tie With Raf Simons

Raf Simons – the acclaimed fashion designer and creative director at Jil Sander, is a close friend of Olivier Rizzo. Their friendship dates back to their college days at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and extends to several successful professional collaborations.

The friendship between them is more than a personal bond. It’s a creative partnership that has served to revolutionize contemporary fashion – their collaborations have often resulted in collections that push the boundaries of fashion design and styling.

10. Rizzo’s Contribution to Books

Beyond his brilliance in fashion styling, Rizzo has made notable contributions to print, penning down his rare insights into fashion and style. His most renowned piece is ‘Raf Simons: Redux’, a book detailing the first ten years of Raf Simons’s career.

This dedication to share his knowledge and insights demonstrates Rizzo’s passion for fashion that extends beyond the runway. Documenting fashion history in such a profound manner, he has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of fashion culture.

In conclusion, Olivier Rizzo proves to be a multifaceted artist whose influence goes beyond fashion styling. His contribution to the fashion industry is an amalgamation of aesthetic minimalism, effortless blending of vintage and modern elements, and an exemplary ability to shape visual identities across various platforms.

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