10 Things You Didn’t Know About Omoyemi Akerele

Omoyemi Akerele is a name that resonates powerfully in the Nigerian, and indeed, the African fashion industry. As the founder of Lagos Fashion Week and Style House Files, Akerele has single-handedly pushed Nigerian design and creativity into the international spotlight. But beyond her iconic status as a fashion promoter, what else do we know about this phenomenal woman? This article delves into ten intricate aspects about Omoyemi Akerele’s life and her journey in building fashion empires.

1. She Was Initially A Lawyer

Before her foray into the world of fashion, Omoyemi Akerele was a distinguished lawyer. After acquiring her LLB Degree from the University of Lagos and BL from the Nigerian Law School, she went on to practice law for several years.

With a successful career in a venerated profession, one may wonder what lured her into the fashion industry. Manifesting an inherent passion and the urge to address gaps in the fashion sector, Akerele eventually channeled her organizational prowess into founding Lagos Fashion Week and Style House Files.

2. She Was Inspired by Her Mother’s Fashion Sense

Omoyemi Akerele’s interest in fashion was inspired by her mother at an early age. She recalls how her mother’s outfit choices and style had a strong influence on her.

This early exposure to the world of fashion provided the groundwork for Akerele’s future passion. Even as a lawyer, she always found herself drawn to fashion and its business aspect. Today, her mother’s knack for style continues to reflect in Akerele’s own fashion disposition.

3. She Founded Style House Files (SHF) In 2010

Yearning to create a robust platform for African designers to showcase their creations globally, Akerele founded SHF in 2010. SHF, a fashion business development agency, has positioned itself as a launchpad for African designers and their brands.

The agency is dedicated to providing designers with the necessary business acumen to succeed in the globalised world of fashion. Under Akerele’s leadership, SHF continues to foster sustainable growth in Africa’s fashion ecosystem.

4. She Organizes ‘Lagos Fashion Week’ every year

In her mission to position Africa as a home of thriving fashion brands, Akerele spearheads the Lagos Fashion Week – a highly anticipated annual event that has played an integral role in reshaping Africa’s fashion narrative.

Every year since 2011, the event has provided a platform for African designers to display their work to a global audience. Lagos Fashion Week has increased the visibility of African brands and has significantly contributed to making Lagos a thriving hub for fashion.

5. She Is Vogue’s “driving force” in Nigerian fashion

Omoyemi Akerele’s contributions to Nigerian Fashion have gathered acclaim from various international outlets. She was named by Vogue as the “driving force” behind Nigeria’s burgeoning fashion industry.

The recognition from such a prestigious outlet underscores her influence and achievements in pushing African fashion into the global style conversation. She has truly earned her place as a powerful voice in the international fashion community.

6. She Was Featured in BOF 500 most influential people in global fashion

Akerele’s game-changing approach has not gone unnoticed. The Business of Fashion (BoF) recognized her as one of the 500 most influential figures shaping the global fashion industry in 2013.

Being called out among thousands of industry contemporaries is no small feat. And the recognition spotlights Akerele’s commitment to evolution and exponential growth.

7. She Believes in Sustainability

Omoyemi Akerele vigorously upholds the idea of sustainability in the fashion industry, particularly in Africa. Her platforms, such as SHF and Lagos Fashion Week, are geared towards nurturing talent and innovative brands.

She promotes environmentally friendly design concepts and encourages her designers to think outside the box using locally sourced materials to keep the industry going in a sustainable way.

8. She Was A Panelist At International Fashion Forums

Due to her extensive and pioneering role in the African fashion industry, Akerele is often invited guest as a panelist in international fashion forums. She graces forums like We Connect International, Global Fashion Agenda’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, among others.

These invitations offer her a platform to share her insights on Africa’s fashion narrative and foster international fashion collaborations.

9. She’s Passionate About Mentorship

Omoyemi Akerele is fervently invested in nurturing the next generation of fashion prodigies. Through SHF, she mentors and paves the way for budding designers to establish thriving careers of their own.

It’s a testament to her dedication to ensuring that the future of African fashion is bold, innovative, and creatively charged.

10. She Values Authenticity

Throughout her fashion journey, authenticity has been Akerele’s asked for advice. She consistently encourages designers to embrace their individual styles and stay true to their African roots.

This has lead to a surge of culturally-rich and distinctive designs in the industry, making African fashion increasingly memorable in the global scene.

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