10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pascal Morand


Pascal Morand, a prominent figure in the fashion and luxury industries, is a man of many talents and achievements. As the Executive President of the French Institute of Fashion (IFM) and the Global Fashion Institute Paris, Morand has played a significant role in shaping the industry and promoting innovation and creativity. While his influence is undeniable, there are still many fascinating aspects of Morand’s life and career that remain unknown to most. In this article, we will uncover ten lesser-known facts about Pascal Morand that will give you a deeper insight into his remarkable journey.

1. Pioneer of Combining Fashion and Technology

Before the integration of technology became a global trend within the fashion industry, Pascal Morand had already recognized its potential. He played a pivotal role in fostering collaborations between fashion and technology companies, encouraging designers to experiment with new digital tools and interactive experiences. Morand’s vision helped bridge the gap between fashion and technology, ensuring the sector’s continued growth in a rapidly changing world.

2. International Career

In addition to his roles at IFM and Global Fashion Institute Paris, Pascal Morand has had an impressive international career. He has held various positions around the world, including being a professor at ESCP Europe and a visiting professor at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and the University of Geneva. Morand’s international experiences have provided him with a global perspective on the fashion industry and valuable insights into different cultural approaches to fashion.

3. Literary Pursuits

Morand’s passion for literature is evident in his various written works. He has authored numerous books exploring the intersection of fashion, culture, and entrepreneurship. One of his most notable titles, “Luxury: How to Surround Yourself with the Most Beautiful Things in the World,” delves into the concept of luxury and its significance in contemporary society. Through his literary endeavors, Morand expands the discourse around the fashion industry and establishes himself as a thought leader in the field.

4. Initiating Sustainable Fashion Practices

Pascal Morand has been a strong advocate for sustainable practices within the fashion industry. He has actively promoted sustainable fashion and encouraged designers to adopt environmentally friendly methods in their creations. Morand’s commitment to sustainability has led to collaborations with organizations such as the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat and initiatives that promote responsible fashion consumption.

5. Fashion Diplomacy

Beyond his involvement in the fashion industry, Pascal Morand has also played a significant role in fashion diplomacy. He has actively participated in fostering cultural exchange through fashion, serving as a cultural advisor to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collaborating with international organizations to promote French fashion on a global scale. Morand’s efforts in fashion diplomacy have helped strengthen relationships between countries and cultures through the universal language of fashion.

6. Contribution to the Legacy of French Fashion

As a French national, Morand has made substantial contributions to the legacy of French fashion. He has worked closely with French luxury brands, designers, and industry experts to uphold and promote the essence of French fashion worldwide. Morand’s deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his passion for the cultural heritage of France, has positioned him as a key figure in preserving and evolving the country’s fashion legacy.

7. Academic Excellence

Pascal Morand’s academic credentials are nothing short of impressive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, and a Habilitation to Supervise Research. His educational background provides him with a solid foundation in both quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding and managing the fashion industry.

8. Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have long been focal points in Pascal Morand’s work. He has continually championed diversity within the fashion industry, encouraging inclusivity in all aspects, from runway models to behind-the-scenes professionals. Morand firmly believes that fashion should reflect the richness and diversity of the world’s population and actively advocates for change within the industry to achieve this goal.

9. Championing Entrepreneurship

Morand’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship within the fashion industry is admirable. He has nurtured countless young talents through mentorship programs and initiatives that support emerging designers and fashion startups. Morand believes in the power of creativity and innovation and guides aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful and sustainable fashion businesses.

10. Contributing to Fashion Education

Lastly, Pascal Morand’s commitment to fashion education is unwavering. As the Executive President of IFM and the Global Fashion Institute Paris, he actively shapes fashion education programs and ensures they remain relevant and ahead of industry trends. Morand’s efforts have paved the way for countless students to thrive in the fashion industry and have a lasting impact on its future.

In conclusion, Pascal Morand is a dynamic figure in the fashion industry, leaving an indelible mark through his diverse pursuits and tireless endeavors. From pioneering fashion’s integration with technology to promoting sustainability and advocating for diversity, Morand continues to shape the industry’s course and inspire the next generation of fashion professionals.

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