The Mystique and Legacy of Pat McGrath in 10 Revelations

Pat McGrath is a global beauty legend and revered figure across the fashion industry. Despite her high profile, much about her remains a mystery. Get ready to be enlightened with 10 things you probably didn’t know about this beauty titan.

1. Self-Taught Makeup Talent

Many may find it surprising that Pat McGrath never attended a professional makeup school. Raised by her Jamaican-immigrant mother in 1960s Northampton, England, she honed her skills through her mum’s obsession with beauty and fashion. This unconventional start set the bedrock for her distinct approach that has revolutionized the beauty landscape.

Pat McGrath spent hours watching classic cinema and recreating makeup styles from the films, teaching herself the artistry of makeup. Her innate talent was quickly recognized leading to her debut in the world of fashion.

2. Diversity Advocate

Pat McGrath has always been a strong advocate for diversity within the beauty industry. She believes in celebrating all kinds of beauty, a passion that stems from the difficulty she faced growing up finding makeup suitable for her skin tone.

This passion has been visible throughout her career – from fighting for more diverse models in fashion shows, to creating an inclusive range of shades in her beauty line, Pat McGrath Labs. She believes makeup should be for everyone.

3. Runs Pat McGrath Labs

In 2015, Pat McGrath launched her own makeup line – Pat McGrath Labs. What started as a limited edition product release has blossomed into a full-fledged premium makeup line.

Pat McGrath Labs is renowned for its innovative products and unique packaging. This venture embodies the same creativity and excellence McGrath brings to her makeup artistry on the runways.

4. She’s the Most Influential Make-Up Artist in the World

Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has declared McGrath “the most influential make-up artist in the world”. This title is not just an empty plaudit, her work has defined the beauty standards and trends of our time.

With her dynamic artistry gracing the faces of every supermodel and gracing the pages of every high-fashion magazine, it’s no stretch to state that McGrath has dominated the makeup industry like no other.

5. The Use of Unconventional Products Comes Naturally

Notorious for using unconventional products in her work, McGrath isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box. She has been known to use materials such as feathers, leather, gold leaf, and even sequins to create her signature avant-garde makeovers.

Despite the fame and access to luxury brands, McGrath maintains her maverick approach. She believes in the power of creativity and can turn any material into a stunning piece of art.

6. Staunchly Private

While her work speaks volumes, McGrath remains strictly private. She rarely gives interviews and is notably media-shy, preferring to channel her energy into her creative work.

Despite the industry’s constant spotlight, Pat has managed to keep her personal life discreet. This has only served to enhance the allure surrounding this intriguing woman.

7. Appointed Dame by Queen Elizabeth II

In the 2021 New Year Honours, Queen Elizabeth II granted McGrath the title of Dame. This is the highest accolade awarded in British society. The recognition acknowledged her services to the fashion and beauty industry and her commitment to diversity.

Her Damehood further solidifies her position as one of the industry’s brightest stars, making it clear that her influence extends well beyond the realm of beauty.

8. She’s Not A Fan of Makeup Brushes

In a shocking revelation, Pat McGrath is known for favouring her fingers over makeup brushes. She believes her hands give her a sense of control and precision that brushes can’t deliver.

McGrath’s humble toolkit reflects her belief that it’s one’s talent and creativity that truly transforms a face into an extraordinary canvas, not merely the tools used.

9. Inspiration From Old Hollywood Glamour

McGrath draws much of her creative inspiration from classic Hollywood films. Known for her elaborate, fantastical runway looks, it’s surprising to learn that subtle glamour from days gone by is a regular source of ideas for her.

She translates the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age into modern avant-garde looks that continue to redefine beauty standards across the globe.

10. She Nearly Became A Fashion Designer

Before ruling the makeup world, McGrath considered a career in fashion design. But her love for makeup won over and she chose the path of a makeup artist instead, altering the course of fashion history forever.

Though the fashion world may have lost a potential designer, they have gained a makeup authority that has redefined industry standards and championed diversity at every turn.


Pat McGrath’s story is a testament to talent, creativity, and the power of individualism in crafting a successful career. Be it the numerous awards or the transformative makeup techniques, Pat McGrath’s legacy surpasses her achievements, celebrating the spirit of diversity and individuality.

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