10 Things You Didn’t Know About Patrick Grant

Famed British fashion designer Patrick Grant is known for his innovative approach to traditional tailoring, as well as his appearances on popular television shows like “The Great British Sewing Bee”. However, there are many facets to this talented individual that often go unnoticed. Let’s explore ten aspects of Patrick Grant’s life and career that may surprise you.

1. Patrick Grant’s Early Life

Patrick Grant’s early years weren’t filled with high fashion and style. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1st May 1972. He was educated at a comprehensive school in Edinburgh, after which he joined the University of Edinburgh. As a teenager, his initial interest was in the field of materials science, not fashion.

Patrick Grant moved to England to earn a degree in Material Science and Engineering from Leeds University in 1996. After that, instead of joining fashion school, he completed his MBA from the Said Business School, Oxford University.

2. Career Switch

It was only later in his life that Patrick Grant switched his career. He worked as an Engineer at a tech company in London. He later realized his passion for fashion and took a loan from a bank to buy a bespoke tailoring company named E. Tautz, founded in 1867.

Patrick Grant revamped the company by introducing ready-to-wear collections and he later bought Norton & Sons. He was awarded British Menswear Designer at the British Fashion Awards in 2010, marking his esteemed ascendancy in the fashion world.

3. Book Lover

One surprising fact about Patrick Grant is his love for books. He is a self-proclaimed voracious reader, with a diverse range of interests that span not just fashion, but also history, philosophy, and biographies.

In numerous interviews, Patrick has expressed how his reading habit has influenced his work in the fashion industry, fueling his imagination and helping him contextualize his designs in the greater sweep of history and societal trends.

4. Views on Fashion Industry

Patrick Grant is known for his critical views on the fast-fashion industry. He believes it is not sustainable and also doesn’t value the skills of the craftsmen. He campaigns for a slow fashion movement, where clothes are produced with care, quality, and longevity in mind.

An advocate of ethical and sustainable fashion, Patrick believes that the fashion industry needs to change its business model which currently is based on overproduction. He follows and promotes these principles in his businesses as well.

5. His Appearances on TV

Patrick Grant is well known for being one of the judges of the BBC show, ‘The Great British Sewing Bee.’ It made him a household name in the UK. He is admired for his charm, wit, and extensive knowledge in the field of fashion.

Patrick has also appeared on other TV shows such as ‘This Old Thing’ on Channel 4 where he promoted vintage fashion over fast fashion, asserting that classic, high-quality clothing can last a lifetime.

6. Patrick’s Personal Style

Patrick Grant’s style can be described as classic and timeless. He is almost always seen in well-tailored suits. His personal wardrobe predominantly consists of E.Tautz, the label he owns and designs for. His reputable style, however, extends beyond the runway and is integrated into his daily personal life.

His beard has become a trademark look for him. He believes in dressing well not just for events or work but also claims that dressing well for oneself is a form of self-respect. His style, which merges classic and contemporary, has made him a style icon in the British fashion industry.

7. He Began Sewing at 40

It might come as a surprise that Patrick Grant began his sewing journey a bit late in life. He learned to sew at the age of 40 while he was the judge on The Great British Sewing Bee. Being surrounded by passionate sewers on the show inspired him to develop this skill.

He slaves that it has given him a newfound appreciation for the art of sewing and has deepened his understanding of the craft. This revelation also makes him a great ambassador for challenging the idea that it’s ever too late to learn new skills.

8. Cook and a Baker

In addition to fashion, Patrick also has an interesting relationship with cooking and baking. It was during the lockdown when he got a chance to experiment with his culinary skills and turned into quite the proficient cook and a baker.

He even shared several recipes tried during the lockdown on his social media platforms. He believes cooking is a form of creative expression, much like fashion designing, with the ability to bring comfort and joy.

9. More Than Just a Designer

Patrick Grant is not just a celebrated fashion designer but he is additionally a keen entrepreneur. He recognizes and wholeheartedly embraces the business side of the fashion industry, an aspect not all designers are comfortable with.

From rebranding E.Tautz to launching Community Clothing – a cooperative type social enterprise aimed to promote and encourage British fashion manufacturers during their off-peak seasons, Patrick’s initiatives reflect his entrepreneurial spirit.

10. Advocate for Change

The most profound thing about Patrick Grant is his quest for change in the fashion industry. He believes, above all else, in the power of fashion to positively transform lives. This extends beyond the notion of simply dressing well—it’s about providing fair and equal opportunities to everyone involved in the production process.

Through Community Clothing, Patrick aims to provide sustainable employment in the UK-based manufacturing sector. His work continuously emphasizes the importance of community, social responsibility, and ethical consumption in the fashion industry.

Wrapping up, Patrick Grant is an individual who has broken the norms and made a name for himself in the fashion industry. His journey is unique and is an inspiration to many.

You can follow Patrick’s fascinating journey or learn his thought process through his social media platforms. Find him on Twitter @paddygrant and on Instagram at @paddygrant.