10 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Sciarra

When we speak of tech entrepreneurs and great innovators, we, more often than not, refer to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, but there are several other influential personalities in the world of tech that deserve our attention. One of them is Paul Sciarra. He’s a big deal, even if his name doesn’t ring as much of a bell as his product does: Pinterest. If you have ever marveled at the unique features of Pinterest or have been overwhelmed with the site’s functionality, you have Paul Sciarra’s ingenuity to thank. However, there’s so much more to Sciarra than just being a part of Pinterest. We delve into his life, revealing some interesting facts that you may have never heard about.

1. High School Pioneer

Before Paul Sciarra even became a tech mogul, he was a pioneer of sorts in high school. He attended the prestigious Delbarton School, an all-boys private school located in Morristown, New Jersey, where he was part of the first class to go through the school’s novel laptop program.

In this program, tech-savvy Sciarra had the freedom to apply his techno-thoughts and innovative ideas, something which would shape his subsequential tech ventures. This early exposure shows that Sciarra always had an innate desire for technological advancements.

2. His Degree Doesn’t Directly Relate to his Career

What comes as a surprise to many is the fact that Sciarra, despite being a vast figure in the tech industry, graduated with an economics and political science degree from Yale University. However, he managed to successfully transform his career into an entirely different field.

Indeed, his story can inspire people who wish to make career switches. It strongly reiterates the fact that it’s never too late to follow your passion and aptitude. Even though his academic focus wasn’t aligned with his professional path, his vision and innovative mindset made him a successful entrepreneur.

3. He Co-founded Cold Brew Labs

Before creating Pinterest, Sciarra co-founded a software company called Cold Brew Labs with his Yale colleague, Ben Silbermann. At Cold Brew Labs, they initiated several projects and developed several ideas, one of which was Tote.

Tote was an app that was developed with the intention of allowing users to easily browse and buy items from their mobile devices. Although Tote did not find much success, it was a stepping stone to the development of Pinterest.

4. He’s a Partner at 8VC

After leaving Pinterest, Sciarra became a partner at 8VC, a venture capital firm. He has used his position to foster numerous tech startups, thereby showcasing his commitment and passion for technological innovation.

Being a successful entrepreneur himself, Sciarra’s mentorship and guidance have been instrumental to many startup stories, leaving a lasting footprint on the tech entrepreneurship landscape.

5. He Loves Adventure Sports

Away from the world of technology, Paul Sciarra is a lover of the outdoors. He particularly enjoys adventure sports, including sailing and skiing. This aspect of his personality indicates his thrill-seeking and risk-taking nature, traits which have greatly contributed to his entrepreneurial success.

Being a man who isn’t afraid to take risks has allowed him to venture into uncharted territories in the business world, proving that his courage extends beyond just the sporting landscape to his professional life as well.

6. He’s Private About his Personal Life

Despite his noteworthy professional success, Paul Sciarra is very private about his personal life. He likes to keep his family and personal matters away from the public eye, a modesty that is rare among influential figures in the public domain.

This sentiment extends to his social media presence as well, allowing him to maintain a relatively low-key online existence. His privacy speaks to his humility and personal integrity, qualities that are commendable and inspiring.

7. Sciarra Believes in the Power of Simplicity

When it comes to corporate success, Sciarra believes simplicity is key. His work with Pinterest – a site applauded for its simple yet practical design – is a testament to this belief. This application of simplicity also extends to his thought process and working strategy.

Instead of complex and ambiguous plans, his focus revolves around clear and simple ones, thereby ensuring efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and user-friendliness.

8. He Values Mentorship

Sciarra is a huge believer in the importance of mentorship. As someone who has been mentored by influential figures within the tech industry, he recognizes how beneficial these relationships are for career progression.

Today, he offers the same mentorship guidance to newer companies under 8VC. His experience and ingenuity act as guiding lights for many in their entrepreneurial journeys, validating his belief in mentorship as a vehicle to success.

9. He Encourages Diversity in Tech

One of Sciarra’s consistent advocacies within the tech industry is the importance of diversity. He passionately promotes the inclusion of people from various backgrounds into the technology space, citing this as a key component for crucial innovations.

This commitment illustrates Sciarra’s sense of social responsibility and vanguardism in breaking down barriers within the ever-evolving tech industry.

10. He Believes in Learning from Failures

Unanswered questions, mistakes, and failures do not deter Sciarra. Instead, he sees every failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. This is particularly evidenced by his journey with Tote leading to the eventual development of Pinterest.

This outlook is undeniably a defining aspect of Sciarra’s character, demonstrating his grit, tenacity, and persistent drive for innovation despite obstacles and setbacks.

Paul Sciarra’s story demonstrates that success rarely comes without its share of failures, and the path to innovation requires a constant drive for learning and improvement.

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