The Unseen Side of Peter Copping: ’10 Things You Didn’t Know’

As one of the most respected figures in the global fashion industry, Peter Copping has been the talk of many fashion enthusiasts. He has not only dazzled runways with his spectacular creations but also led some of the world-leading fashion houses such as Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta. Even as his works continue to be celebrated worldwide, there’s far more to know about him. Beyond the glare of the spotlight, Copping has a personal side few people are familiar with. Here are 10 surprising things about Peter Copping you probably didn’t know.

1. Early Passion for Fashion

Peter Copping’s fascination for fashion traces back to his childhood. As a young boy, he showed interest in arts and creativity, having spent considerable time sketching clothes on his school notebooks rather than focusing on the theories and calculations. This passion birthed an unyielding desire to join the fashion industry, which he later fulfilled.

Copping’s interest aroused further when he discovered a book of historical clothing in his grandmother’s house. This book played a huge role in Copping’s life and defined his path towards fashion design. It was his first introduction to the world of fashion and the beginning of his remarkable journey.

2. Fond of Antiques

Copping has an unending love for antiques. Over the years, he has been collecting and restoring antique furniture and has quite a collection at his home in France. This love is reflected in his fashion designs, which embody a compelling blend of classic and contemporary styles.

His fondness for antiques is not limited to furniture; it extends to owning and restoring historical homes. He owns a 15th-century house in France which he painstakingly restored alongside his partner, Rambert Rigaud. Copping’s love for antiques truly demonstrates his appreciation for history and heritage.

3. He Studied at Royal College of Art

Copping chose to refine his raw talent by attending some of the best fashion schools in the world. He first studied fashion design and marketing at the Central Saint Martins. This was followed by a master’s degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. It was during these formative years he honed his skills and began to make a name for himself.

Despite having the option to study in French fashion schools, Copping made the unconventional choice to study in London. This choice exposed him to a broader perspective of fashion that went beyond the Parisian glamour.

4. Long tenure at Louis Vuitton

Before joining Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta, Copping spent a significant part of his career working for Louis Vuitton. For 12 years, he served as the legendary French fashion house’s Studio Director.

Under the stewardship of Marc Jacobs, Copping played an integral part in crafting some of Louis Vuitton’s iconic collections. His stint at the fashion house provided invaluable insights into the global luxury market and high fashion, contributing massively to his successful career in the industry.

5. Attention to Detail

Despite being in an industry that prioritizes trends and rapid change, Copping is a staunch advocate of attention to detail. His work process is characterized by meticulousness, ensuring each piece is as close to perfection as possible. This is particularly evident in his designs for Oscar de la Renta, where each garment embodies a classic style with a twist.

In addition to this, Copping is well renowned for his embroidery and embellishment designs, earning acclaim from critics and fans alike. His devotion to detail and fine artistry makes each of his design pieces unique and timeless.

6. Loves Gardening

When not sketching or directing top-notch fashion creations, Copping enjoys getting his hands dirty in the garden. Gardening is his way of unwinding and connecting with nature. Moreover, gardens and their floral variety provide endless inspiration for his floral designs and prints.

His extensive knowledge on plants and gardening is well apparent in his Instagram posts where he shares photos of his own garden and the rare plants it houses. This newfound discovery of his green thumb reflects a deeper connection between his art and nature.

7. His Move to Nina Ricci was Unexpected

Copping’s decision to join Nina Ricci as Creative Director in 2009 was rather surprising. He had spent many years working for leading fashion houses known for their ornate and theatrical designs, while Nina Ricci was less flamboyant and focused more on a feminine and romantic approach.

However, this move enabled him to demonstrate his versatility as a designer, proving that he could gracefully transpose from the elaborate to the understated. His tenure at Nina Ricci transformed the brand’s image, enhancing its romantic aura while maintaining its modern relevance.

8. Bond with Oscar de la Renta

Contrary to what many may think, the relationship between Copping and Oscar de la Renta was more than just professional. The pair bonded over their similar design aesthetics and love for gardening, forming a friendship that went beyond their work.

When Oscar de la Renta chose Copping as his successor, it was because he saw in Copping a brilliant artist who could carry forward his design heritage. Their bond and mutual respect for each other’s work demonstrate the heart and passion behind their successful fashion line.

9. His Brief Career as Creative Director at Oscar de la Renta

Copping’s tenure at Oscar de la Renta was relatively brief, lasting only about two years. He started in 2014 and departed in 2016 due to personal circumstances. Although his time with the brand was short-lived, he made a significant impact and contribution during his tenure.

Despite his short stint, Copping managed to incorporate his elegant touch into the brand’s designs. His designs for the brand beautifully married his romantic sensibilities with the high fashion reputation of Oscar de la Renta.

10. He is Very Private

Despite his global recognition, Copping largely prefers to keep his personal life private. He rarely gives interviews about his personal life and is careful about what he shares on social media. This privacy often earns him the tag of being ‘enigmatic’, making his personality all the more intriguing.

Although he may seem reserved, his designs speak volumes about his creativity, personality and his unparalleled passion for art and beauty. His adoration for romantic designs, antique objects, and English gardens give us a glimpse into his fascinating but private world.

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