10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Philipp Plein’

Philipp Plein is a name that resonates loudly and distinctively in the world of fashion. Revered for his audacious approach towards fashion and dynamic personality, Plein has carved a unique niche for himself in the industry. Behind this monumental success, there are several intriguing facets of his life and career that remain largely unknown to the general public. In the following lines, we delve into some of the less known but mesmerizing aspects of Philipp Plein’s life. Read on for the scoop!

1. He didn’t start in fashion

Despite his profound success in the fashion industry, it might come as a surprise that Philipp Plein didn’t start his career in fashion. He initially ventured into the world of law, studying Law at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. This means that Plein didn’t set foot into the fashion industry until a much later stage of his life.

However, his passion for designing furniture and art led him to leave his law studies unfinished. Thus, his journey began, and he established his own furnishings company in 1998. He finally moved into fashion in 2004 following a successful venture into accessories and furnishings.

2. His first fashion collection was inspired by military jackets

We can never forget Plein’s first foray into the fashion industry. Interestingly, it was not a planned event. Instead, he started by designing swanky jackets for his friend’s military jackets. Encouraged by positive feedback, he created his first fashion collection, embellishing vintage military jackets with sparkling crystals.

This collection was such a hit that it led to Plein launching his own fashion brand in 2004. Since then, he has used extravagant materials and designs to create spectacle-filled runway shows, making him a distinctive figure in the highly competitive fashion world.

3. He is a believer in rule breaking

Philipp Plein’s fashion philosophy revolves around breaking the rules. His controversial, creative and innovative designs have often defied standard fashion norms. This is reflected in one of his famous show phrases, ‘Life’s too short to be boring,’ and he believes in making a bold statement with his designs.

The controversial approach to fashion has sometimes put Plein in trouble but also led to his unique brand image. Whether it’s his runway shows, branding techniques, or the choice of materials he uses, Philipp Plein always knows how to push boundaries and stir up the fashion industry.

4. Plein is a big fan of skulls

As a follower of Plein’s fashion designs, you must have noticed his fondness for skulls. This motif has become something of an iconic symbol in his design collections, symbolizing a vibrant zest for life. Whether it’s on his clothes, furniture or accessories, he often incorporates skull designs.

The skeleton aesthetic, according to Plein, represents his preference for opulent punk styles and exceptionally bold designs. It is seen as a recurring symbol of rebellion and freedom that Plein himself cherishes and imbibes in his fashion creations.

5. Plein believes in impactful runway shows

Rather than a typical fashion show, Philipp Plein’s runway shows are usually massive spectacles. He has created larger-than-life sets on his runways, including a full-scale roller coaster, a snowy mountain, and even a boxing ring. His shows are jam-packed with celebrities and feature performances by top-notch artists. These dime-consuming extravaganzas set him apart from industry norms and further accentuate his aura of rebellion.

These outrageous shows are not just to beef up the fabric, but a means to harmonize his musical inclinations with fashion. He compares each of his shows to a rock concert, each one filled with featured performances by famous artists. This experiential approach towards presentation has earned him both critics and admirers in the fashion industry.

6. He is not afraid of criticism

There’s a saying that claims that one should always be ready to accept criticism to grow, and Philipp Plein embraces this. He unapologetically welcomes criticism, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and develop. His controversial design philosophy and extravagant runway experiences have often made him a magnet for critiques, which he accepts wholeheartedly.

Whether he’s been accused of copying designs or criticized for his extravagant spectacles show, Plein maintains a certain level of respect for his critics. He considers this as a chance to reflect, grow and strive for further innovation. This audacious approach towards criticism has played a crucial role in his rising reputation in the fashion world.

7. He established his own fashion brand “Philipp Plein”

Philipp Plein is not just the name of the designer but also the name of his fashion empire. He established his own fashion brand “Philipp Plein” in 2004, which started with the collection of military jackets that we touched upon earlier.

Under his brand, he has launched several collections and expanded his empire to include menswear, womenswear, children’s clothing, accessories, and home decor. His brand exploded in popularity and now operates in more than 70 countries around the world, making him a global fashion mogul.

8. He’s actively involved in charity work

Despite his lavish lifestyle and opulent image, Plein is actively involved in charity work. He used his fashion platform to support charities like the Joyce Foundation and Little Dream Foundation, showcasing his benevolent side.

Moreover, he has organized charity fashion shows to raise funds for various causes and organizations. His charity work extends to different parts of his business, proving that despite the glitz and glamour, he still values giving back to the community.

9. He has a fascination for fine arts

Those familiar with Plein’s initial venture might know that before garnering fame in fashion, he started with creating upscale furniture. He was deeply interested in the fine arts, which later translated into his unique approach towards designing fashion wear.

His artistic inclinations are evident in his fashion design philosophy, where he expertly infuses various forms of art into his clothing. It’s his artistic nature that has led to the formation of his unique, opulent, and bold designs that have become emblematic of the brand Philipp Plein.

10. Plein’s favorite materials are leather and crystal

Last but not least, let’s talk about the unique choice of materials that Plein adorns in his designs. He is particular about the materials he uses, and his favorites are leather and crystal. Perhaps this is why you will often see these elements incorporated into his work, signifying his fondness for the materials.

The stark contrast between soft, luxurious leather and shinny, hard crystal is a reflection of Plein’s design philosophy. The juxtaposition of these materials characterizes his bold approach towards fashion and further enhances the larger-than-life image of his brand.

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