10 Things You Didn’t Know About Piergiorgio Del Moro

Piergiorgio Del Moro might not be a household name to many, but for those in the fashion industry, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His iconic eye for detail has landed him major roles at prestigious fashion houses and earned him a renowned reputation as a leading casting director. Here, we reveal 10 things you likely didn’t know about this fashion industry maestro.

1. His Childhood in Italy

Piergiorgio Del Moro was actually born and raised in Italy, in a charming little town known as Asolo. Growing up in Italy had a significant impact on his aesthetic sense, outlook towards life, and his trajectory in the fashion industry.

Being surrounded by Italian culture and the vibrant, energetic lifestyle molded his creative abilities and sensitivities towards fashion. From a young age, he learned to appreciate the finer aspects of art, design, and style.

2. His Training in Architecture

Before Del Moro made a big name in the fashion industry, he was actually studying architecture. Holding a graduated degree in architecture, he has used his understanding of space, form, and aesthetics to shape his work in model casting.

His architecture background is clearly evident in his work. Just as architects build structures with precision and flair, Del Moro casts models with an intricate understanding of form, structure, and appeal.

3. His Start in the Fashion Industry

Piergiorgio Del Moro entered the fashion industry quite by accident. After finishing his studies in architecture and working in this field for a few years, he dabbled into the fashion industry through freelance fashion styling.

His knack for recognizing beauty and his trained eye for detail eventually led him to the world of casting, where he began working with Vogue Italia for their editorial stories. From then onwards, there was no looking back.

4. His Work with Some Top Designers

Throughout his career, Del Moro has worked with some of the most iconic designers in the world. With a client list that includes names likes Versace, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and many more, it is safe to say Del Moro has one foot firmly planted in the highest tier of fashion.

He’s managed casting and styling for shows of these maestros during major fashion weeks globally, earning a seat at the table of fashion’s most celebrated artists.

5. His Success in Film Industry

Del Moro’s extraordinary abilities as a casting director have not been limited to the fashion world. He has successfully transitioned his skills to the big screen, working in the casting department for films such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

In fact, it was Del Moro’s eye for talent that is credited with selecting unknown Anne Hathaway for the lead role, skyrocketing her career in Hollywood. His contributions have been a major factor in the commercial and critical success of the films he has worked on.

6. His Passion for Photography

Like many other creative souls, Del Moro is passionate about photography – a hobby he picked up during his early days in the world of fashion. He believes the art of photography helps him sharpen his skills as a casting director.

Del Moro often shares his works on his personal Instagram page, showcasing his personal style and shedding light upon his iconic eye for detail and beauty.

7. His Love for Travelling

Quite expectedly, Del Moro loves to travel. Not just for work and model scouting, but also for leisure and exploring different cultures. He believes travelling opens up your mind and introduces you to new ideas and findings.

His travels around Europe, especially, have a great influence on his work. From the elegant Parisian fashion to the flamboyant Italian couture, a lot of his casting choices reflect his love for European aesthetics.

8. His Involvement in Charity Work

Piergiorgio Del Moro is not just about fashion and glamour. Behind the scenes, he’s an active participant in several charity events, as he advocates for better working conditions in the industry, and also supports various social causes.

He believes in giving back to the community and has been involved with organizations like amfAR in the fight against AIDS and Fashion 4 Development which aims to use fashion as a vehicle for change and development.

9. His Environment-Friendly Attitude

Del Moro is serious about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. He has been a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion practices and a vocal critic of the industry’s throwaway culture.

He has been at the forefront of promoting models who endorse eco-friendly fashion and has diligently encouraged practices that are less harmful to the environment, within his sphere of influence in the industry.

10. His Recognition and Awards

Given his impeccable credentials and noteworthy contribution to fashion, it’s no surprise that Piergiorgio Del Moro has been recognized for his work. He received the prestigious CFDA Award for his casting work in the fashion industry.

This recognition solidified his position in the industry as a leading casting director, its echoes resonating throughout the world of fashion. His journey has truly been one of achieving excellence and setting new standards in fashion.

For more details about Piergiorgio Del Moro’s career, visit his website at Piergiorgio Del Moro. For glimpses of his personal style and candid shots from his travels, check out his Instagram handle at @piergiorgiodelmoro. For full-length interviews and dive into the mind of the man himself, check this.