10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pooja Mor

Pooja Mor is a name that has risen to the top echelons of the fashion industry, notable for her distinctive features and charismatic presence. Established as a top model, Mor has made strides on international runways and global campaign photoshoots alike, becoming an inspiring figure in the fashion industry. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Pooja Mor.

1. A Spontaneous beginning

The modelling journey of Pooja Mor was spontaneous and filled with interesting turns. Born and raised in Uttar Pradesh, India, Mor was studying to get an engineering degree. However, upon winning a university beauty pageant, which she had joined on an impromptu basis, Mor’s career path drastically shifted.

This win led to her signing her first modeling contract with Elite, showcasing that sometimes, destiny has its unique plans. Had it not been for her spontaneous decision to participate in the beauty pageant, the world might not have had a chance to appreciate her beauty and talent.

2. From India to international fame

On a regular day at the university, Mor was spotted by Mr. Gunit Chopra, who was amazed by her unique beauty and potential. With his guidance, Mor took part in the Elite Model Look India competition and won the title.

This win rocketed her to international fame as it provided her with opportunities to work with labels such as Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, and Tory Burch. Increased recognition translated into her status as an established international model, transitioning her from the rural landscapes of India to the glitz and glamour of the international fashion industry.

3. Versatility in walking the runway

Mor is renowned for her talent to fluidly translate fashion designer’s visions. She has worked with various leading fashion designers and walked in numerous fashion weeks across the world.

Pooja Mor’s versatility extends beyond her ability to stunningly display the works of designers like Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Elie Saab. It encompasses her ability to connect with diverse audiences around the world, to become a textile tableau that brings cloth to life.

4. Featured in top magazines

One of the hallmarks of a successful model is their presence in leading fashion magazines. Pooja Mor has made multiple appearances in a plethora of these, such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

She has been shot by renowned photographers and has been featured on covers, editorials, and high-fashion spreads, further consolidating her status as a top model. Her success trajectory serves as an inspiration for many young aspiring models worldwide.

5. Successful representation of South Asian Models

Pooja Mor is one of the handfuls of South Asian models who are making it big in the fashion industry. This makes her an inspirational figure and a role model, particularly for South Asian aspirants.

Mor’s notable achievements have shone a light on the potential of South Asian models in an industry often dominated by Western beauty standards. Her perseverance and success symbolize a new era of diversity and inclusivity in the modeling world.

6. A return to her roots

Despite her international fame, Mor still shows a strong connection to her homeland, which is reflected in her choice of projects. She was part of Vogue India’s “Sari 24/7” project, in which she adorned different styles of the iconic Indian textile.

This was not just a fashion endeavor but also a nod to her cultural heritage. Mor’s successful artistic fusion of traditional attire in modern fashion scenes is a testament to her depth and versatility as a model.

7. She advocates for mental health

Despite luxurious lifestyle often associated with modeling, Mor has proven that models face their fair share of mental health struggles. From anxiety, depression, stress to identity crisis, models often bear the brunt of an industry steeped in intense scrutiny and high-pressure stakes.

In 2016, Mor bravely spoke about her experiences with depression, surging as a voice of advocacy in the industry. Her candid acknowledgement and her ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the importance of mental health have been highly applauded.

8. An inspiration to aspiring models

Pooja Mor’s journey from a small town in India to international runways is one of hard work, perseverance, and courage. It serves as an inspiration for aspiring models who dream of making it big in the fashion industry.

Her story resonates with courage, humility, and relentless dedication, making her a beacon of hope for those yearning to achieve their dreams. She has demonstrated that with confidence and determination, you can reach the pinnacles of your desired field.

9. Recognition as a top model

Mor’s modeling prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed. Models.com, a reputed industry platform, placed Mor on their “Top 50” models list, an immense recognition of her talent and presence in the fashion industry.

She has earned her place among other globally recognized models. This validation from an acclaimed platform like Models.com smears the credibility of her position in the modeling industry.

10. She’s a modest personality

Amidst all the glamour and glitz, Pooja Mor remains grounded. Her humility, despite her success, is a trait that is most admired about her. She handles her fame sensibly and believes in always staying true to herself.

Away from the limelight, Pooja, like her name suggests (colorful in her local language), loves spending quality time painting, exploring different forms of music, and reading motivational books.

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