10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ruben Vardanyan & family

Behind every successful individual lies a fascinating story waiting to be discovered. Ruben Vardanyan, along with his family, is a prominent figure in the business and philanthropic realms. Known for his significant contributions to various ventures, Vardanyan’s journey is one of inspiration and impact. Here are ten interesting things you may not know about Ruben Vardanyan and his family.

1. An Early Start:

Ruben Vardanyan’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. At just nineteen years old, he established his first company, focusing on exporting Armenian brandy. This early foray into business laid the foundation for his future achievements.

Not only did Vardanyan excel in the business world, but he also showed keen intellectual curiosity. He pursued a degree in theoretical physics at Moscow State University, an indication of his multidimensional interests and capabilities.

2. Financial Industry Trailblazer:

After completing his degree, Vardanyan embarked on a successful career in the financial sector. He played an instrumental role in the establishment of Armenia’s first investment bank, Troika Dialog, and eventually became its CEO. Vardanyan’s visionary leadership paved the way for the bank’s expansion into one of the largest investment institutions in Eastern Europe.

Additionally, Vardanyan is known for his efforts in bridging the gap between Russia and the West in terms of financial systems. His influential role as the Vice-Chairman of the International Advisory Board at the Moscow School of Management (SKOLKOVO) further demonstrates his commitment to shaping the future of finance.

3. A Strong Philanthropic Drive:

Beyond his achievements in business, Ruben Vardanyan and his family are committed to making a positive impact through philanthropy. They have established an array of initiatives aimed at improving society and fostering social change.

Vardanyan, alongside his wife Veronika, co-founded the RVVZ Foundation, which focuses on educational programs and scholarships in Russian, Armenian, and international institutions. The foundation also supports cultural and research projects, reflecting their dedication to nurturing talent and promoting cultural heritage.

4. Initiatives for Social Progress:

Ruben Vardanyan’s commitment to social progress can also be seen through his involvement in various organizations and initiatives. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, a global organization committed to addressing urgent humanitarian challenges.

In addition, Vardanyan serves as the Chairman of the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation. This foundation strives to promote economic growth, enhance tourism, support social initiatives, and preserve Armenia’s cultural heritage.

5. Championing Impact Investing:

Vardanyan is an advocate for impact investing, a concept that aligns financial returns with positive social and environmental outcomes. Through the IDeA Foundation, he actively promotes this approach to investment, aiming to create long-term value by supporting projects focused on education, healthcare, and sustainable development.

By championing impact investing, Vardanyan empowers individuals and organizations to align their financial resources with societal and environmental goals. This approach has the potential to generate lasting change and shape a more sustainable and equitable future.

6. A Commitment to Education:

Ruben Vardanyan recognizes the transformative power of education, and his efforts reflect this belief. Alongside his wife, he founded the UWC Dilijan College in Armenia. This international boarding school provides a unique educational experience, fostering global understanding and cultivating future leaders.

Moreover, Vardanyan’s philanthropic endeavors in education extend beyond the UWC Dilijan College. He has been actively involved in creating scholarships, supporting educational institutions, and promoting innovative educational initiatives globally.

7. Dedicated to Cultural Preservation:

Cultural heritage holds immense significance in Ruben Vardanyan’s philanthropic pursuits. He actively supports projects aimed at preserving and promoting cultural monuments, historical sites, and traditional crafts.

Notably, Vardanyan co-founded the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Armenian Communities Department, which contributes to the revitalization of the Armenian heritage. Through this initiative, the Vardanyan family aims to preserve the rich cultural legacy while simultaneously fostering contemporary development.

8. Champion of Sustainable Development:

Ruben Vardanyan’s commitment to sustainable development is evident through various environmental initiatives. He actively supports projects that promote renewable energy, conservation, and ecological awareness.

Vardanyan is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, where he actively contributes to research and initiatives focused on advancing sustainable practices. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Vardanyan actively works toward creating a greener and more sustainable future.

9. An Advisory Role:

Beyond his numerous achievements, Ruben Vardanyan also provides guidance and expertise in various advisory roles. He serves as an advisor to several organizations, including the World Economic Forum and the Global Philanthropists Circle.

Through these advisory positions, Vardanyan leverages his extensive experience and knowledge to shape strategies, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change on a global scale.

10. Building a Connected Community:

Ruben Vardanyan understands the importance of fostering connections and collaborations. He actively strives to build bridges between cultures, sectors, and stakeholders to facilitate positive change.

Vardanyan’s involvement as a co-founder and partner at RVVZ Capital exemplifies his dedication to building a connected community. The firm acts as a strategic hub, uniting investors, entrepreneurs, and changemakers to collectively address global challenges and opportunities.

With Ruben Vardanyan’s multifaceted accomplishments and unwavering commitment to creating positive change, his impact is truly far-reaching. From his entrepreneurial ventures to his philanthropic endeavors, Vardanyan and his family serve as an inspiration for individuals and businesses alike.

For more information about Ruben Vardanyan and his impactful work, please visit https://www.rubenvardanyan.info/.