Canadian-born actor Ryan Gosling is best known for his immersive performances and irresistible charm. From his heart-wrenching role in “The Notebook” to his foot-tapping appearance in “La La Land,” Gosling has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. Despite his high-profile status, there’s a lot more to this talented star than what meets the eye. This article invites you to delve beyond the silver screen and explore ten things you might not know about Ryan Gosling — a journey that uncovers fascinating facets of his life and personality.

1. He was a Mouseketeer

Before he became a heartthrob on the big screen, Ryan Gosling got his start on Disney Channel’s “The Mickey Mouse Club.” He was part of the 1993-1995 cast that also included future stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake.

The experience gave Gosling an early taste of performing and set the stage for his future career. It also introduced him to some of the people who would become his lifelong friends and collaborators in the entertainment industry.

2. He’s a Jazz Enthusiast

Gosling has a deep appreciation for jazz music. This passion was fully displayed in his role in “La La Land,” where he plays a jazz pianist. Gosling did all the piano playing himself, dedicating several months to learning jazz piano.

His love for jazz highlights his broad artistic interests and his dedication to fully embodying his characters. It also showcases his ability to learn new skills and challenge himself, traits that have contributed to his success as an actor.

3. He Was Homeschooled

Gosling was homeschooled by his mother for a year during his fifth grade. He credits this experience for giving him a unique perspective and fostering his creativity.

This unconventional schooling experience likely contributed to Gosling’s ability to think outside the box and approach his roles with a fresh perspective. It underscores the importance of nurturing creativity from a young age and the impact this can have on an individual’s future success.

4. He Co-Owns a Moroccan Restaurant

Alongside his acting career, Gosling ventured into the restaurant business. He co-owns Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant located in Beverly Hills, which he opened with his friends in 2004.

His involvement in the restaurant business demonstrates Gosling’s entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to explore diverse interests. It also gives fans a glimpse into his personal tastes and the things he values outside of his acting career.

5. He Saved a Woman’s Life

In 2012, Gosling saved a British journalist from being hit by a taxi in New York City. The journalist took to Twitter to share her story, and the news quickly spread, adding another chapter to Gosling’s real-life heroics.

This incident is a testament to Gosling’s quick thinking and his willingness to step in and help others. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, life can imitate art, with Gosling embodying the heroic roles he often plays on screen.

6. He’s an Animal Lover

Gosling is a known animal lover and has a dog named George. He has often been spotted taking George to his movie sets, and the dog has even appeared with Gosling on late-night talk shows.

His love for animals showcases a softer side to his personality and provides a glimpse into his personal life. It’s a testament to his compassionate nature, a trait that is reflected in many of his on-screen roles.

7. He’s a Musician

In addition to his acting talents, Gosling is also a musician. He is part of a two-man band called Dead Man’s Bones, where he sings, plays the piano, and the guitar. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2009.

His musical endeavors highlight Gosling’s wide range of artistic talents. It also underscores his passion for creativity and expression, whether it be through acting or music.

8. He was Cast in “The Notebook” for Being ‘Uncool’

Gosling was cast in his breakout role in “The Notebook” because director Nick Cassavetes thought he wasn’t cool or handsome like other actors, which made him perfect for the role of Noah. The film ended up being a huge success and catapulted Gosling to stardom.

This casting choice underscores Gosling’s unconventional appeal and his ability to bring depth and complexity to his roles. It also highlights his versatility as an actor, as he’s able to portray a wide range of characters convincingly.

9. He Lived in a Haunted House

Gosling once lived in what he believed was a haunted house. He’s told stories of hearing a ghostly choir singing in the house and other mysterious happenings.

These ghostly encounters add a layer of intrigue to Gosling’s off-screen life. They also reflect his open-mindedness and his willingness to embrace the unknown, traits that likely serve him well in his acting career.

10. He Built the Car He Drove in “Drive”

For the film “Drive,” Gosling helped to build the 1973 Chevy Malibu that his character drives. He worked with the film’s mechanic and stunt driver to assemble the car.

This behind-the-scenes fact demonstrates Gosling’s commitment to his roles and his hands-on approach to filmmaking. It’s a testament to his dedication and his willingness to go the extra mile to make his performances as authentic as possible.