10 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Porte Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus is a renowned French fashion designer who has taken the industry by storm with his unique and innovative approach to design. While many may know him as the creative mind behind the fashion label Jacquemus, there are several intriguing facts about him that are lesser-known. In this article, we will delve into ten fascinating things you may not have known about Simon Porte Jacquemus.

1. Early Beginnings

Simon Porte Jacquemus was born on January 16, 1990, in Salon-de-Provence, a small town in the south of France. Growing up in the countryside, he developed a passion for fashion at a young age, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of the Provençal landscape. At just 19 years old, he launched his fashion label and presented his first collection titled “La Maison Jacquemus” in 2009.

Despite his lack of formal training at a prestigious fashion school, Jacquemus quickly gained recognition for his unique aesthetic and unconventional designs. He embraced his youthful spirit and became known for his unapologetic approach to fashion, breaking traditional boundaries through his daring creations.

2. Influence of His Mother

One of the key influences in Simon Porte Jacquemus’ life and career is his late mother, Valérie Jacquemus. She passed away when he was 18 years old, leaving a lasting impact on his work. In many of his collections, Jacquemus pays homage to his mother, drawing inspiration from her style and personal belongings.

Valérie’s love for the vibrant colors and patterns of the South of France is often reflected in his designs. The close relationship he shared with his mother often serves as a driving force behind his creativity and passion for fashion. He even named his brand “Jacquemus” as a way to honor her memory and perpetuate her influence in his life.

3. Lauded for His Runway Shows

Simon Porte Jacquemus is known for his captivating runway shows that transport audiences to unique settings and tell powerful stories. From fields of lavender to the sandy beaches of the French Riviera, his show locations are carefully chosen to complement and enhance the collection’s themes.

His Spring/Summer 2020 show, titled “Le Coup de Soleil,” took place in a lavender field in Provence. Models strutted down a raised pathway bordered by purple blooms, immersing the audience in the scents and colors of the French countryside. Jacquemus’ ability to create immersive experiences has garnered him widespread acclaim and solidified his reputation as an avant-garde designer.

4. Iconic Mini Bags

One of the most recognizable items from Simon Porte Jacquemus’ collections is the iconic mini bag. These tiny handbags, often adorned with his label’s logo, have become a coveted accessory among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

While the bags may seem impractical due to their small size, they have become a symbol of Jacquemus’ playful and daring approach to design. Despite the skepticism surrounding their functionality, mini bags have become a significant part of his brand’s identity and are frequently seen on the arms of trendsetters around the world.

5. Collaboration with Bulgari

In 2020, Simon Porte Jacquemus collaborated with the renowned luxury brand Bulgari for a limited-edition handbag collection. The collaboration showcased his artistic flair and Bulgari’s expertise in craftsmanship and jewelry design.

The collection featured micro handbags adorned with Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti motif, fusing Jacquemus’ distinctive aesthetic with the opulence and sophistication of Bulgari. This collaboration garnered significant attention and further solidified Jacquemus’ reputation as a designer capable of collaboration and innovation.

6. Influence on French Fashion

Simon Porte Jacquemus has made a significant impact on the French fashion scene with his fresh and experimental approach. At a time when the industry was dominated by established fashion houses, his unique perspective brought a breath of fresh air.

His designs have disrupted the traditional French fashion landscape, infusing it with a modern and youthful energy. Jacquemus’ ability to combine wearable and avant-garde elements has attracted a new generation of fashion enthusiasts and challenged the status quo of French fashion.

7. Jacquemus’ Love for The Mediterranean

The allure of the Mediterranean region has had a profound influence on Simon Porte Jacquemus’ creativity and design aesthetic. Growing up near the picturesque southern coast of France, the designer draws inspiration from the region’s landscapes, architecture, and colors.

His Spring/Summer 2021 collection, titled “L’Amour,” was a tribute to his love for the Mediterranean. The collection featured flowing dresses, vibrant hues, and breezy fabrics, capturing the essence of the region’s charm and sophistication. His creations often transport wearers to the sun-drenched coastlines and idyllic towns of the Mediterranean.

8. Sustainability Initiatives

Simon Porte Jacquemus is committed to incorporating sustainable practices into his brand. In recent years, he has taken steps to minimize the environmental impact of his collections, implementing eco-friendly materials and production methods.

Through collaborations with organizations such as Fashion Revolution, Jacquemus strives to promote transparency and ethical practices within the fashion industry. He aims to create a brand that not only produces visually stunning garments but also prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility.

9. Crossover into Menswear

Initially known for his womenswear collections, Simon Porte Jacquemus expanded his creative realm to include menswear. In 2018, he showcased his first menswear collection titled “Le Gadjo” which translates to “The Man” in the Provençal dialect.

Jacquemus’ foray into menswear was met with critical acclaim, as his designs effortlessly blended traditional masculine silhouettes with a touch of whimsy and flair. His menswear collections have since become highly anticipated events within the fashion industry, reflecting his ability to challenge gender norms and offer unique perspectives.

10. Rising Star of French Fashion

Simon Porte Jacquemus has quickly risen to become one of the most promising and influential figures in the world of French fashion. His bold and innovative designs have captivated the industry, earning him numerous accolades and a loyal following.

With his unwavering commitment to creativity and authenticity, Jacquemus continues to push boundaries and redefine the fashion industry. His meteoric rise serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers and illustrates the power of embracing one’s unique perspective within the realm of fashion and art.

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