10 Things You Didn’t Know About Slick Woods

Slick Woods

When it comes to the modeling industry, Slick Woods is a name that cannot be overlooked. Known for her striking looks, fearless attitude, and unique style, Slick Woods has made a significant impact in the fashion world. However, there are still many fascinating facts about this remarkable model that are lesser-known. In this article, we will uncover 10 things you didn’t know about Slick Woods.

1. Her Real Name is Simone Thompson

While the world knows her as Slick Woods, her birth name is actually Simone Thompson. She adopted the name Slick Woods during her early modeling days as it perfectly represented her edgy and unconventional personality. The name “Slick” was inspired by her slicked-back hairstyle, and “Woods” symbolizes her connection to nature and her desire to stay grounded.

Slick Woods’ unique name perfectly encapsulates her originality and fearlessness in the world of fashion. It has become an iconic name associated with her vibrant persona and unforgettable presence on the runway.

2. She Was Homeless Before Becoming a Model

Before her rise to fame, Slick Woods faced a challenging period in her life. She was homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles. However, her resilience and determination helped her overcome this difficult situation. It was during this time that she was discovered by British stylist and Love magazine editor, Katie Grand. Grand became a mentor to Woods, and this pivotal meeting changed the course of her life forever.

Since then, Slick Woods has become a symbol of strength and resilience for many individuals. Her inspiring journey from homelessness to international success serves as a reminder that one’s circumstances do not define their future.

3. She Has a Close Bond with Designer Rihanna

Another surprising fact about Slick Woods is her close relationship with renowned designer and musician, Rihanna. The two first met during a casting call for Rihanna’s fashion brand, Fenty. Woods immediately caught Rihanna’s attention with her unique and fearless look.

Since then, Slick Woods has become one of Rihanna’s muses and has played a pivotal role in the success of Fenty. Woods has walked in numerous runway shows for the brand and has been featured in various campaigns. Their strong bond goes beyond the fashion industry, as Woods has publicly expressed her admiration and gratitude for Rihanna’s support and friendship.

4. Slick Woods’ Iconic Gap Tooth

One of Slick Woods’ most striking and recognizable features is her iconic gap tooth. While many individuals might have considered it a flaw, Woods embraced her unique smile and turned it into a signature part of her look. Her gap tooth has become an empowering symbol for self-acceptance and breaking traditional beauty standards in the fashion industry.

The gap tooth trend gained such popularity that it inspired people around the world to embrace their own dental characteristics. Woods’ confidence in showcasing her natural beauty has had a significant impact on the fashion and beauty industry, promoting inclusivity and celebrating individuality.

5. She is an Advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights

As someone who identifies as bisexual, Slick Woods is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. She actively uses her platform to raise awareness and promote equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Through her public appearances, interviews, and social media presence, Woods has become a voice for marginalized individuals.

Her efforts to spread love, acceptance, and understanding have helped initiate important conversations and challenge societal norms. Slick Woods’ advocacy work serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of equality and embracing diversity in all its forms.

6. She Modeled While Pregnant

Slick Woods made headlines in 2018 when she walked the runway for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie show at New York Fashion Week while pregnant. This groundbreaking moment challenged the conventional standards of beauty and demonstrated the beauty of pregnancy in all its forms.

Woods proudly displayed her baby bump with confidence and grace, inspiring pregnant individuals around the world to embrace their bodies and feel empowered during pregnancy. This iconic moment further solidified Woods’ status as a trailblazer in the modeling industry.

7. She Has Worked with Numerous High-End Fashion Brands

Throughout her career, Slick Woods has collaborated with some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the industry. From walking in runway shows for Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and Moschino to gracing the covers of major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle, Woods’ impact and influence are undeniable.

Her distinctive look and fearless attitude have captured the attention of designers and photographers worldwide. Slick Woods’ ability to effortlessly embody various styles and capture the essence of a brand has made her a highly sought-after model.

8. She Has Her Own Beauty Line

In addition to her successful modeling career, Slick Woods has ventured into the world of beauty. She launched her own cosmetics line called “The Woods” in collaboration with The Lip Bar in 2019. The line features a range of vibrant and inclusive lip products designed to empower individuals through self-expression.

By creating her own beauty line, Slick Woods has further expanded her influence and provided a platform for individuals to embrace their own unique beauty. The Woods’ cosmetics line encourages self-love and acceptance while celebrating diversity and individuality.

9. She Is a Mother

While Slick Woods has accomplished incredible feats in her career, her most significant role is that of a mother. In 2018, she welcomed her son, Saphir, into the world. Becoming a mother has brought newfound meaning and purpose to Woods’ life, and she has been vocal about the joy and challenges of motherhood.

Woods continues to inspire working moms around the globe, proving that with passion, determination, and a strong support system, it is possible to pursue dreams while raising a family.

10. Slick Woods’ Legacy

Slick Woods’ impact on the fashion industry and beyond cannot be overstated. From her unique style choices to her unwavering confidence, Woods has redefined beauty standards and challenged societal norms. Her fearless attitude, authenticity, and dedication to promoting inclusivity and self-expression continue to resonate with individuals worldwide.

As Slick Woods’ career evolves and she continues to break barriers, she leaves behind a lasting legacy. Her inspiring story serves as a reminder to embrace our differences, celebrate individuality, and fearlessly pursue our dreams.

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