10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Jarislowsky

Stephen Jarislowsky is a prominent Canadian investor, philanthropist, and co-founder of investment management firm Jarislowsky Fraser. Known for his expertise in the field of finance, he has had a significant impact on the Canadian investment landscape. While his financial achievements are well-documented, there are several lesser-known aspects of his life and career that are worth exploring. Here are ten things you might not know about Stephen Jarislowsky.

1. His Early Life

Stephen Jarislowsky was born in Berlin, Germany, on September 26, 1925. At the age of eight, he moved to Canada with his family to escape the rising influence of Nazi Germany. He grew up in Quebec and attended school in Montreal. Despite facing challenges as a newcomer, he excelled academically and displayed a keen interest in economics and finance from a young age.

After completing his education at McGill University, Jarislowsky pursued a career in the financial sector, eventually founding his own firm, Jarislowsky Fraser, in 1955. The company quickly gained recognition for its conservative investment philosophy, which emphasized long-term growth and preservation of capital.

2. A Passion for Philanthropy

In addition to his successful investment career, Stephen Jarislowsky is known for his generous philanthropy and commitment to various causes. He has donated millions of dollars to educational institutions and organizations that promote environmental conservation, healthcare, and the arts. He firmly believes in giving back to society and has established numerous scholarships and endowments to support future generations.

Throughout his life, Jarislowsky has advocated for responsible investing and corporate governance. He served as a trustee for the International Corporate Governance Network and has been actively involved in promoting sustainable practices among companies. His philanthropic activities have left an indelible mark on Canadian society and continue to shape the country’s cultural, educational, and environmental landscape.

For more information on Stephen Jarislowsky’s philanthropic endeavors, visit his official foundation website.

3. Extensive Investment Portfolio

As a pioneer in the investment industry, Stephen Jarislowsky has built an extensive portfolio over his career. His investment philosophy places a strong emphasis on analyzing the long-term prospects of a company before making any investment decisions. He believes in investing in quality businesses that demonstrate sustainable growth potential.

Jarislowsky Fraser’s investment strategies have consistently delivered impressive results, outperforming benchmark indices and generating substantial returns for its clients. Stephen Jarislowsky’s investment acumen and disciplined approach have garnered him widespread recognition and respect from the finance community.

For a detailed overview of Jarislowsky Fraser’s investment services and portfolio, visit the firm’s official website.

4. An Accomplished Author

Beyond his career in finance, Stephen Jarislowsky is also a talented author. He has penned several books offering valuable insights into the world of investing, personal finance, and economic development. His publications, including “The Investment Zoo” and “The Investment Zoo II,” aim to educate readers on the principles of sound investing and the importance of ethical business practices.

Jarislowsky’s books provide practical advice for investors, blending personal anecdotes with valuable wisdom gained from his successful career. They serve as a valuable resource for both experienced investors and those new to the world of finance.

To explore Stephen Jarislowsky’s books, they are available for purchase on major online retailers like Amazon and can often be found in local bookstores.

5. An Advocate for Corporate Ethics

Throughout his career, Stephen Jarislowsky has been an outspoken advocate for ethical business practices and corporate governance. He believes that companies should be held accountable for their actions and that transparency and accountability are crucial for sustainable growth.

Jarislowsky Fraser has been actively engaged in influencing corporate governance reforms and has long advocated for practices that prioritize the interests of shareholders. Stephen Jarislowsky has gained recognition for his efforts to improve the behavior and responsibility of corporations, earning him a reputation as a dedicated advocate for ethical investing.

For more information on ethical investing and corporate governance, you can explore resources provided by organizations such as the Global Alliance for Banking on Values and the International Corporate Governance Network.

6. Impressive Investment Experience

Stephen Jarislowsky’s career in investment management spans over seven decades, making him one of the longest-serving professionals in the industry. His unparalleled experience has allowed him to weather various economic cycles and develop a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jarislowsky has made several prescient investment decisions, including foreseeing the 1987 stock market crash. His ability to analyze market trends and identify opportunities has contributed to the long-term success of his investment firm.

7. A Focus on Value Investing

Value investing lies at the core of Stephen Jarislowsky’s investment approach. He believes that by investing in undervalued companies with strong fundamentals, investors can achieve superior returns over time. His focus on value has proven to be a successful long-term strategy, enabling him to build wealth for his clients and himself.

Jarislowsky’s dedication to value investing has made him a proponent of Warren Buffett’s investment principles and earned him comparisons to the legendary investor. He emphasizes the importance of patience, discipline, and comprehensive analysis when choosing investments.

To explore more about value investing, investors can refer to the GuruFocus website, which offers extensive resources on this investment philosophy.

8. Art Enthusiast

Stephen Jarislowsky’s passion for art is another lesser-known aspect of his life. He has amassed an impressive art collection over the years, focusing on Canadian and European works. His deep appreciation for art’s cultural and historical significance has led him to support various art institutions and initiatives.

Jarislowsky has made substantial donations to museums, galleries, and art schools, with the aim of fostering artistic excellence and preserving cultural heritage. His support has had a lasting impact on the growth and accessibility of Canada’s art scene.

For a virtual tour of the art collection housed at the Stephen Jarislowsky Foundation, visit their official website.

9. Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

Throughout his career, Stephen Jarislowsky has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to the financial industry and philanthropy. He has been named to the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest individuals in Canada and is a member of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.

Jarislowsky’s dedication to ethical investing and philanthropy has garnered him respect and admiration from both his peers and the wider public. His achievements continue to inspire future generations of investors and philanthropists.

10. The Jarislowsky Fraser Legacy

Stephen Jarislowsky’s legacy extends beyond his own achievements. The investment management firm he co-founded, Jarislowsky Fraser, has grown into one of Canada’s most respected and influential investment firms. It maintains a commitment to his founding principles, focusing on long-term investing and preserving client capital.

To learn more about Jarislowsky Fraser’s history and investment philosophy, visit their official website.

Stephen Jarislowsky’s life and career are a testament to the power of ethical investing and philanthropy. His impact on Canadian society, both in the financial realm and through his philanthropic efforts, has left an enduring mark. By sharing these lesser-known facets of his life, we gain a deeper appreciation for Stephen Jarislowsky’s remarkable journey and his significant contributions to the fields of finance and philanthropy.

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