1. Oral Sex: Where To Do It?

Oral sex can be done anywhere, as far as possible of course. You don’t necessarily need a bed, a sofa or a comfortable seat, indeed, if you surprise your partner with an unexpected fellatio, in the most unlikely place, he will never refuse it. Test yourself and let your imagination run wild.

2. Oral Sex: The Best Techniques

It is true that there are no precise techniques when it comes to oral sex, as we said at the beginning, but it is also true that to have oral sex well you will have to give it a small rule: do not be ashamed. Shyness is not allowed in the case of oral sex. You have to let go or the failure rate will skyrocket. One thing that might frighten you is the idea that he may have an orgasm inside your mouth: remember that it is not an obligation and that, if you don’t feel like giving him his own with fellatio, you can always end it in another way.

3. Oral Sex: How To Drive Him Crazy?

The secret to getting him crazy with pleasure during oral sex is not getting straight to the point. Yes, it might seem a contradiction, yet, in oral sex – as in sex in general – the emotional sphere, the words, the gestures that create expectations matter a lot. For this, do not go straight to the penis, but start by giving kisses on the neck, on the chest, going down on the belly and on the pubis. Whisper something in his ear and make him want you. In short, make your partner suffer a little: you will not regret having made him pull his neck a little and he will not regret it either.

4. Oral Sex And Testicles

Too focused on the penis, we girls often neglect the testicles which, on the other hand, are very important in foreplay and, especially, during oral sex. Remember, while you are committed to performing a perfect fellatio, following the advice we have given you so far, to reserve a few caresses and a few kisses also to your boyfriend’s testicles. He will like it.

5. Oral Sex: How To Move Your Hands And Mouth

The movement of the hands and mouth is essential for a perfect fellatio. Oral sex, in fact, cannot be something mechanical and always the same, but it must be made unique, special and creative every time. How to do? To make this possible, that is, to ensure that the partner never gets bored, that he does not already know how you will start, proceed and finish, you will have to be good with your hands and mouth (including the tongue). The hands and mouth must go up and down, while the tongue must follow rotational movements, on one side and the other. And please: pay attention to the teeth and nails that could ruin everything in the blink of an eye.

6. Oral Sex: How He Loves It

Very important in oral sex is that he feels that you like him. Yes, putting all of yourself into it, accompanying oral sex with sensual movements of the body, occasionally interrupting fellatio to look at the partner in an excited and exciting way are just some of the femme fatale weapons to be put into practice to have perfect oral sex and make it clear to your boyfriend that you enjoy doing what you are doing.

7. Oral Sex: How She Loves It

Even the partner will have to have some precautions before engaging in the so-called cunnilingus (oral sex that is done to women and which consists in licking and kissing the vulva). Dear guys, if you want to drive us crazy with oral sex, start off gradually, with kisses and cuddles, allow us to throw masks and let go of all kinds of restraints and don’t rush aggressively on us right away. Start moving your tongue, trying to perceive the points that make your partner feel the most pleasure. Don’t be monotonous, but put a little creativity into it too. If you want to completely lose our minds, while practicing cunnilingus, penetrate the vagina with your finger. Finally, if your partner feels any discomfort, do not be insistent because the consequence could be to “go blank”.

8. Oral Sex A Smell

Often what blocks many girls is the fear of bad smell and the fear that the penis in the mouth can disgust and even nauseat. Don’t worry: the solution lies in good intimate hygiene. It is enough for your partner to wash well, often and, above all, before the fellatio and the problem will be more than over.

9. Oils for fellatio

Another secret to having perfect oral sex is to always have a fairly lubricated mouth, otherwise it could create annoying friction for you and your partner. As an alternative to saliva, you can also opt for specific oils or gels. Don’t be ashamed to use them, because smooth fellatio will be much more satisfying.

10. Oral Sex: The Best Positions

Always remember that perspective is very important and that, if he can look at you while you are at work, it is much better. For this, make him lie down and place yourself on top of him from the front and not from the back, or make him stand and kneel to do fellatio, so that he, lowering his head, can observe how you move or, better still, stand in front of the mirror. Everything will be even more exciting.