Yoga offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. By helping the body to train in a different way and managing to release emotional tensions, it is a discipline that contributes to improving sexual performance and, consequently, to having a more satisfying sex life. niood lists the 4 Best Yoga Positions To Make Love:

1. Half Cobra Position

A perfect yoga poses for lovemaking that can be practiced easily. With this position, the woman will stand on top, but the man from below determines the rhythm of the penetration, lifting the pubis.

To put it into practice, the man will have to lie on his bed. The woman will have to lie on top of him on her stomach, keeping her legs together and lifting her trunk slightly, using her forearms as a point of support. It is a position that a woman can also use to give her partner oral sex. With this yoga asana, the back and spine are strengthened and also improves the flexibility of the chest and neck muscles.

2. Lotus Position

Among the best yoga positions for making love, the so-called lotus position is one of the best. If you want to experience something new in bed with your or your partner, put it into practice and find out how romantic, sensual and enjoyable it can be.

For the lotus position, it is necessary for the man to sit with his legs crossed and the woman to sit on his lap, wrapping her legs and placing her feet on her buttocks. In this way, the woman can initiate the penetration and control the rhythm and intensity of the movements. Being face to face, this yoga position allows you to experience great physical contact, giving you the opportunity to exchange caresses and kisses. It is perfect for experiencing an incredible synchronized orgasm and for improving sexual intercourse as it increases the flexibility of both legs and hips.

3. Apanasana Position

The Apanasana position is another yoga position for lovemaking in which the man stands on top, determining rhythm and movements during coitus. It is a very pleasant position for both of them, as it also allows for deep penetration.

To put it into practice, the woman must lie on her stomach, bend her knees towards her abdomen and hold her feet with her hands to maintain the position. The man will have to get on top of the woman by leaning on her knees and her hands, and then start the penetration. To make the position more comfortable, the woman can rest her heels on the man’s shoulders.

During intercourse, the clitoris is stimulated in this position, making the woman feel even more pleasure and reach orgasm faster. It is not a recommended position for men with a large penis, as it could hurt the woman.

4. Frog Position

Last but not least, the Frog Position. Do you want to achieve much deeper penetration? Then the frog position is for you. It is not the easiest yoga poses to make love if you are not very flexible, but you can still try to practice it.

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The woman should lie on her stomach, turning her back to the man, leaning on her elbows and knees and lifting her butt. Then the man will have to kneel between the woman’s legs, take her delusions and lean forward slightly to initiate the relationship. If you want to experience more contact, the woman can cross her legs behind the man and he too will feel even more pressure that will drive him crazy.

Thanks to the position of the frog, it is possible to obtain a deep penetration with which to stimulate the G-spot of the woman, stimulation that will certainly accelerate the moment of climax and make the orgasm more intense. Also, those who enjoy anal sex can experiment with this position to make this practice different.