48 Hours in Bursa, Turkey: 10 Cool Things To Absolutely Do


Located in northwestern Turkey, Bursa is a vibrant city that effortlessly combines its rich history with a progressive modern culture. Boasting stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, and a captivating atmosphere, Bursa offers an array of attractions for visitors to explore. If you find yourself with just 48 hours to experience this bustling metropolis, fear not! We have curated a list of 10 cool things to do in Bursa, ensuring an unforgettable trip filled with unique experiences.

1. Visit the Grand Mosque

One of the most iconic landmarks in Bursa is the Grand Mosque, also known as the Ulu Cami. Dating back to the 14th century, this magnificent mosque is not only an architectural marvel but also an important religious site. Its grandeur lies in its distinctive Ottoman design, highlighted by twenty domes and over two hundred interior columns. The intricate decorative tiles and stunning calligraphy further enhance the mosque’s beauty. Don’t forget to climb the mosque’s minaret for a panoramic view of the city, which is especially breathtaking during sunset.

2. Relax in the Thermal Baths

Bursa is renowned for its natural hot springs and thermal baths, providing a blissful escape from the bustling city life. One of the most popular choices is the historic Çekirge Thermal Baths, where you can soak in the natural, healing waters. The warm temperature of the water, enriched with minerals, provides therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind. Indulge in a traditional Turkish bath experience, known as a hammam, where skilled professionals will pamper you with massages and exfoliation treatments.

3. Explore the Bursa Citadel

Perched on top of a hill, the Bursa Citadel, also known as Bursa Kalesi, offers a captivating glimpse into the city’s past. The citadel’s walls, dating back to the Byzantine era, surround an ancient complex featuring numerous historical structures. Within the citadel, you’ll find the beautifully preserved Clock Tower, atmospheric gardens, and the delightful Bursa City Museum. Take a leisurely stroll along the fortress walls for stunning panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.

4. Shop at the Grand Bazaar

No visit to Turkey would be complete without experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional bazaar, and the Grand Bazaar in Bursa does not disappoint. This bustling marketplace offers an enchanting shopping experience, where you can find everything from textiles and ceramics to intricate rugs and handmade jewelry. Explore the maze-like alleys, haggle with friendly vendors, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Turkish culture that is beautifully displayed in this historic market.

5. Taste Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is renowned worldwide for its rich flavors and diverse dishes, and Bursa offers an abundance of culinary delights to indulge in. Start your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast, known as kahvaltı, featuring an array of cheeses, olives, honey, and freshly baked bread. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the famous Iskender kebab, a local specialty consisting of thin slices of juicy meat drizzled with a rich tomato sauce and melted butter on top of a bed of fluffy pide bread. End your culinary adventures with a cup of Turkish tea and a slice of mouth-watering baklava, a sweet pastry made with layers of filo dough and nuts soaked in syrup.

6. Discover the Green Mosque and Tomb

The Green Mosque, or Yeşil Cami, is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Bursa. Its name comes from the breathtaking turquoise tiles that adorn its interior, creating a tranquil and truly mesmerizing atmosphere. This mosque is a remarkable example of early Ottoman architecture and is accompanied by the beautiful Green Tomb, the final resting place of Sultan Mehmet I. Marvel at the meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details of the mosque while immersing yourself in the peaceful ambiance it offers.

7. Venture to Mount Uludağ

For outdoor enthusiasts, a visit to Mount Uludağ is an absolute must. Reaching an impressive height of 2,543 meters, Uludağ is a haven for nature lovers throughout the year. During the winter months, it transforms into a popular ski resort, offering a range of slopes suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. In the summer, the mountain becomes a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers, with scenic trails and breathtaking views at every turn. Take the cable car, known as the Teleferik, to ascend the mountain and witness the captivating landscapes below.

8. Marvel at the Muradiye Complex

The Muradiye Complex is a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Bursa. This historical site, built in the 15th century, showcases the architectural brilliance of the Ottoman Empire. Explore the expansive courtyard filled with lush gardens and beautiful fountains, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city. The complex houses the impressive Muradiye Mosque, adorned with intricate tiles and expansive gardens, as well as the tombs of Ottoman sultans. Take a moment to appreciate the stunning blend of nature and architecture while soaking in the peaceful ambiance.

9. Enjoy a Traditional Turkish Coffee

Embark on a sensory journey by indulging in the rich flavors of traditional Turkish coffee. Found in numerous charming cafes throughout Bursa, this aromatic beverage is known for its strong and intense taste. Served in small cups with a side of Turkish delight, the preparation of Turkish coffee is an art in itself. Sip slowly as you savor the unique flavors and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere that Turkish coffee culture offers. Engage in a game of backgammon, a favorite pastime among locals, and experience the true essence of Bursa’s culture.

10. Wander through Koza Han

Complete your visit to Bursa with a stroll through the historic Koza Han, a traditional silk market that dates back to the 15th century. This beautifully restored building now houses a variety of shops selling luxurious silk garments, textiles, and handmade crafts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you peruse the colorful stalls and admire the intricate designs. Take a moment to appreciate the importance of silk in Bursa’s history, as the city played a vital role in the Silk Road trade route.

With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, Bursa offers a plethora of activities and attractions to ensure an unforgettable visit. Whether you’re exploring the iconic landmarks, indulging in delicious traditional cuisine, or immersing yourself in the city’s captivating heritage, Bursa promises an experience like no other. Take the opportunity to discover this hidden gem in Turkey and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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