When it happens that you don’t like yourself and can’t stand yourself, you have a big fish to fry. In fact, not everyone accepts themselves as they are; not everyone likes each other and gets along with their individuality. Too often it happens to miss opportunities for fear of making a mistake, or not to dare for fear of failing. You’re so stuck that looking in the mirror and trusting yourself seems like a utopia.

Most of the time you passively accept it as it is, and you almost admire the people who instead manage to look at each other with positivity. Fortunately, there are several strategies to combat this personal limit and look at each other with different eyes.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Life is made up of social systems which, in turn, are held together through interpersonal relationships. For this reason, forging bonds and relating to other people can only inevitably trigger the comparison. Despite this innate nature of the human being, observing others is right, as long as you do it correctly.

If on the one hand confronting oneself, setting examples to follow and trying to improve oneself is a sign of personal growth, on the other one must not sink into the social anxiety of never being enough. We have to learn that we are the only point of reference to take and that everyone is special, in their own way, because they are different in their individuality. 

Everyone grows up in different contexts and has different times in doing things, and above all we almost never really know what’s behind the apparent “perfection” of so many people to whom we perhaps compare ourselves by pumping our sense of inadequacy. So stop comparing yourself to others !

2. Set Goals And Try To Achieve Them

Considering that having self-confidence is essential to be successful in life and to achieve your goals, after the change of perspective, the second step is to set a small goal to pursue and achieve. Focusing on something that really matters to us will allow us to leave behind all the negative considerations we have. 

The important thing is to abandon the usual dysfunctional claims and start from small and measurable goals to be managed little by little. Overcoming them gradually will only increase our self-esteem and give us the right energy to achieve more ambitious goals.

On the contrary, if you set yourself goals that are not achievable and too ambitious, this could be counterproductive, it could lead you to feel even more blocked and with less confidence in yourself. It’s always better to proceed in small steps, respect your own times, and above all give ourselves the right recognition for every small goal achieved, even the seemingly most trivial one.

3. Treat Your Body Well

Training makes you happy, energizes and inevitably improves your physical appearance. If then, with this new habit, we associate a healthy diet that makes us feel good physically (obviously without undergoing deprivation), the game is done!

Loving yourself is something that starts with treating your body well. Which doesn’t mean embarking on a strict diet and undergoing grueling workouts every day. Rather, it is better to devote yourself to introducing new and healthy habits a little at a time that can only be good for self-esteem. Especially if these habits pertain to health and well-being.

Trying to get moving as soon as possible is still positive: sometimes a good walk is enough. In addition to the psychological factor that is modified by serotonin and endorphins, moving is always good and a good way to improve self-acceptance.

In life, dedicating yourself fully to something, and gradually seeing the results achieved, can only be a push to do better and to accept yourself more and more.

4. Change Perspectives

Surely one of the habits of the insecure is that of complaining often and only seeing the glass of one’s life completely empty. The trick to unlocking this situation is to change perspective, start noticing the positive things that happen and that we are able to do. 

Above all, we need to focus on the things we like about ourselves, what they call “strengths”. Surely there will be at least one to enhance, so come on, let’s start from this and start the climb towards personal success!

5. Always Be Grateful

Stop complaining! Of course, complaining from time to time can be comforting, and also venting to others can help us lighten the perception of problems. But it shouldn’t become a constant: always complaining can only isolate us and convince ourselves of the negativity of the things that surround us, or that happen.

Try to identify the little things that make you feel good and be grateful for them – you may be surprised at the results. The power of the mind is very strong and manages to influence our lives more than we imagine.

6. To Be Liked By Others, You Must First Like Yourself

Sometimes insecurity arises from life events that have led us to question some of our certainties. Sometimes, too many criticisms have brought us down more than necessary and the wounds have remained open without ever finding the right remedy to close them.

Despite this, there are many aphorisms, sayings and proverbs that all repeat the same concept: to be liked by others, you must first start liking yourself. Sounds so easy as a philosophy, yet, it’s so hard to apply! 

The truth is, it’s all real: as soon as you start appreciating yourself and showing it to everyone as a fact, then you’ll be able to convince others too. For this reason, set aside that needless fear of judgment from others and have some faith in yourself.