We may be the most positive people in the world but if we surround ourselves with negativity inevitably some of these emotions will eat us; that’s why it would be advisable to surround yourself with those who emanate a positive aura and those who face life with more enthusiasm. 

But sometimes we have to face and deal with negative people. But how can you do? We want to provide you with 7 smart ways to recognize them and deal with them in the right way.

How To Recognize Negative People?

Before addressing them, it is important to recognize them; psychology is teaching us to label many types of problems: from the narcissist to those who assume passive aggressive attitudes , from toxic individuals to those who exploit victimhood. Today, however, we want to focus on those who acquire negative behaviors. Before being able to deal with them correctly, it is important to recognize them; clearly we are not referring to close friendships who are facing occasional bad moments and therefore have moments of discomfort.

Negative people are those who cling to the moment of pain, stressing it as if there is no way out. They tend to isolate themselves and never (or almost never) see a bright side; on the contrary, they are able to find the dark element in a situation right away.

Among the other elements that identify these subjects we find the desire to belittle, constantly discouraging people who achieve successes, anger at seeing that things do not go exactly as they wish but above all a suspicion towards others so as to think that everyone speaks ill of They. Now that you have some elements to recognize them, let’s see how you can deal with negative people.

1. Don’t Talk About Your Accomplishments

Telling about your goals and your successes means exposing yourself to envy: if you want to rejoice in a goal achieved, avoid telling it in front of anyone who has this type of attitude because it could put you down.

An excellent remedy is therefore to shelter and protect these moments of joy of yours, preventing unjustified attacks from reaching you and hurting you.

2. Don’t Give Too Much Time And Attention

A negative person often tends to wallow in their pain; he almost seems to be basking in a bath of suffering and in a certain sense the fault lies with those who give him a lot of attention. For example, those who exploit emotional blackmail by falling into a pattern of manipulative victimization know they are at the center of the attention of people who want to “save” them. 

By stopping giving the attention they seek, by diverting attention, you have the hope that they will change their attitude or in any case you will have the opportunity to save yourself from this cycle of negative energies that generate stress until you shut down.

Not getting involved is clearly one of the best ways to deal with this type of personality; being able to prevent them from exceeding the limits and being able to resist the idea of ​​saving them from their moment cannot shelter you.

3. Define Your Limits

Especially for those who are more empathetic , taking this step can be difficult. Yet setting your boundaries is undoubtedly a great way to deal with negative people. Even more if the negative person knows he can play with guilt feelings; think about your well-being though and how much this attitude can destroy it instead. If you can’t, or don’t want to, push away those who are too negative around you, you can try to define your limits.

Once you’ve established hard lines, you’ll be able to protect yourself, and you’ll also know how and where to stop people who try to go too far. It could be a good way not to abandon these ties, while also managing to protect yourself.

4. Drive Them Away

This is a drastic remedy and not always possible since sometimes it concerns close friendships, colleagues with whom you have daily contact or family members. 

However, in some cases these people turn into real energy vampires, and in addition to unloading their negativity on the people around them, they don’t really give anything in return, bending the relationship solely to their convenience. Trying to limit their presence, however, can protect you from their emotions, making them have less and less influence on your life. So make sure they can’t ruin your environment, try to protect your happiness and your free time from this type of people and emotions.

5. Don’t Hang Out With Them Alone

Sometimes these people are in your close circle of friends or relatives; for this reason cutting them out of your life is not possible. A good way to balance and deal with negative people is not to hang out with them alone.

Make sure that other friends or family members with a more cheerful, lively and positive mood are present so as to fight the energy that will be created with jokes and positive emotions.

6. Be Mindful

Being mindful is another trick to trying to deal more positively with those with a hostile attitude. If you know your emotional state and work on your safety, people who interact from the outside won’t be able to break your balance.

7. Know And Defend Yourself

A negative person often has a strong insecurity that affects not only himself but also the people around him. She spreads resentment, anxiety and insecurity giving the effect that her cloud of negativity is toxic and contagious. You must know that there are patterns of people more prone to becoming victims: those who suffer from insecurity will soon be absorbed, so it’s up to you to know and defend yourself.