Pleasing a man is something that many women would like to be able to do with ease. Some of these may be the positions that will allow you to discover or rediscover male sexual pleasure.

We assume that men and women are different from a sexual point of view: a man needs much less to get aroused and feel good. Men are much more inclined to feel pleasure even from a visual point of view. So this immediately puts you in a position to get what you want more easily. It can also be a thought that becomes a belief and that will allow you to let yourself go more easily, and also to be calmer. It also doesn’t matter that you turn into a gymnast or a super flexible woman in order for him to have an orgasm. So do not worry!

1. Doggy Style

Traditional positions never tire. This is definitely one of the best ways to drive a man crazy in bed. It is undoubtedly one of men’s favorites for several reasons: the dominant role of the woman and the broad male view of the female body. Moreover, it is a very exciting position that gives pleasant sensations due to the deep rear penetration.

In addition, it allows the man to stimulate his woman’s breasts, clitoris and anus during penetration. This definitely makes the moment a lot more enjoyable and exciting for both of you. And if you want to make this position even more exciting, there is nothing better than practicing it in front of a mirror so that your man can see your face and your gestures of pleasure.

2. Tabletop Position

When it comes to performing a new and creative position out of bed, a table is one of the first options. First of all because we all have one, if not several, and secondly because the possibilities on this piece of furniture are many. Plus, let’s face it, table sex is not only a fun way to change your bed routine, it also allows, especially with the missionary position, deeper and more enjoyable penetration.

3. Spooning, With Her Leg Up

It’s perfect for neck and ear kisses. If you are a woman or have a woman who is particularly sensitive in the ear and neck region, this position is perfect. Man has direct access to stimulate the erogenous zones in the perfect way.

4. Seesaw Sex Position

This relatively easy sex position is a great fix up for women looking to feel a new kind of pleasure. With the seesaw position, rock and ride, just like when you were kids, until you both hit that sweet G spot.

5. Nirvana Sex Position

As the man slides into the woman, she holds all the muscles in tension, squeezes her legs and pushes her arms against the bed. This will increase the penetration space and allow natural stimulation of the clitoris. Let yourself be tempted by the unique sensations of bondage If you don’t feel like dominating, let yourself be carried away by the rush of your he Guaranteed orgasm A great position if he has a small penis One of the best positions for romantic sex

6. Jackhammer Sex Position

Get down on the floor on your butt. Spread your legs slightly and bend your knees to stabilize yourself. Put your man’s member into your mouth as he stands over you and plays with his other jewels.

The jackhammer sex position is comfortable for her and oh so much fun for him! No more creak in your neck while you give your man a BJ, and he’ll love it because you’ll be pleasuring all his favorite parts!

7. CEO Sex Position

Face away from your man and bend your abdomen to a 45-degree angle. Allow him to grab you from behind and position himself perfectly, hanging onto your waist throughout the experience. The CEO Sex Position is incredibly easy to perform and requires little strength or agility from both parties. It can be easily done in a bathroom, office, or bedroom, making it one of those dirty little secrets that many a CEO has performed in their office behind closed doors.

8. The Big L

Lay on your side and get as comfortable as possible. Brace yourself with one arm under your neck and your other arm holding onto your partner. Lift one of your legs as high as possible, dropping onto his shoulder if you can. Let him do most of the thrusting, but don’t be afraid to get groovy with it.